The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

Chapter 1430 - Chapter 1430: Must Fight

Chapter 1430: Must Fight

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Gu Qingyin was also conflicted about what Gu Qingfeng had said. She was hesitating about whether to attack.

It was indeed good to be related to the Nine Nether Holy Land, but that Xue Fanxin was not a good person. Offending her might not be a good thing.

“Let’s take a look first.” Gu Qingyin still had not made a decision.

The monkey-faced man had been attacked too fiercely by the spirit butterflies. His body already had countless injuries and blood was flowing non-stop, but he still refused to admit defeat and was still struggling on the verge of death. Even if he had already started to feel a little afraid, he did not compromise at all. Instead, he thought of other countermeasures. Seeing the Gu siblings standing motionless by the side, he said to them, “Gu Qingfeng, Gu Qingyin, aren’t you going to help? If you save me, you will be the benefactor of the Nine Nether Holy Land. At that time, you will benefit.’

Xue Fanxin had actually been secretly observing the Gu siblings. She saw the hesitant and unpredictable expressions on their faces, especially Gu Qingfeng. It was obvious that he wanted to attack.

If the Gu siblings really attacked, she did not mind blacklisting them.

Everyone would encounter some decisive choices. As for whether it was a good choice or a bad choice, that would depend on their own luck.

Even if the monkey-faced man asked for help, Gu Qingyin was still hesitating.

However, Gu Qingfeng could no longer bear with it. Before his sister could speak, he had already attacked. “Bitch, I, Gu Qingfeng, am here. You can’t act recklessly.”

“Qingfeng…” Gu Qingyin still had not made a decision. Seeing that her younger brother had already rushed out and attacked Xue Fanxin, no matter how hesitant she was, she had to make a decision.

It did not matter who Xue Fanxin was now. Since she had already offended her, she should quickly abandon her and capture the Nine Nether Holy Land.

Gu Qingyin had long seen that Xue Fanxin’s strength was extraordinary, so she showed no mercy when she attacked. She took out a guqin from her interspatial ring and played it on the spot.

The sound of the guqin had the effect of disturbing people’s minds, making them inexplicably distraught and dizzy.

Sound technique?

When Xue Fanxin was disturbed by Gu Qingyin’s guqin, Gu Qingfeng attacked fiercely. Every move wanted to kill, and he attacked mercilessly.

Because Xue Fanxin wanted to resist Gu Qingyin’s Musical Assassination Technique and deal with Gu Qingfeng, she could not care less about the monkey-faced man for a moment.

The monkey-faced man obtained a little space and immediately escaped from the spirit butterflies. Even if he was covered in injuries, he did not care and rushed over to attack Xue Fanxin.

“Bitch, I’ll definitely make you die miserably.”

One against three. The current situation seemed to be very bad for Xue Fanxin.

However, in Xue Fanxin’s opinion, there was actually no suspense in this battle. With her peak Martial Monarch Realm cultivation, she could easily torture these scums to death.

However, just as she was about to kill them, she suddenly sensed that the pattern on the stone pillar was a little different. Hence, she immediately retracted her aura and did not kill them. Instead, she continued to deal with Gu Qingfeng, Gu Qingyin, and the monkey-faced man, observing the stone pillar as she fought.

After fifteen minutes, she finally discovered the mystery of the stone pillars and smiled in her heart.

The patterns on the stone pillars could only be activated with battle intent. In other words, if she wanted to figure out the mystery of the pattern, she had to fight and keep fighting.

This was really strange.

She really did not know why the Star Abyss Emperor had done this.

Could it be that he wanted her to fight?

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