The Rebirth of an Ill-Fated Consort

Chapter 200

Chapter 200 : Realizing Lao Lin’s Dream

Trigger Warning: Sex under the influence of drugs.

After Jiang Ruan finished the medicine, she wanted to lie down on the couch to rest, but instead found herself feeling restless and unable to sleep for some inexplicable reason. It was a cold winter’s day but she did not feel cold at all. Instead, a thin sheen of sweat appeared on her forehead.

She initially thought that this was due to the medicine and ignored it by simply turning over and pushing off the blanket. Yet, after a while, unexpectedly she grew increasingly hotter. Not only that, a strange, unfamiliar emotion started to surge within her. She vaguely guessed what it might be, but at the same time, thought it was too incredible to be true. She wanted to sit up, but one move was all it took for her to realize that her body was incredibly weak.

“Xiao Shao,” Jiang Ruan could not stop herself from calling out. The voice that emerged from her mouth startled even Jiang Ruan herself – it was sweet and charming, gentle and tender.

Hearing this, Xiao Shao looked up, and was slightly taken aback by Jiang Ruan’s appearance. He put down his book and walked over to sit by the bed. Although his face remained cold, he was unable to mask his deep concern as he asked, “What is it?”

He observed that Jiang Ruan’s face was exceedingly red. Frowning, he reached out to touch her forehead. When Xiao Shao’s icy-cold, long and elegant hand touched Jiang Ruan’s forehead, she could not help but sigh with contentment. However, this feeling startled her, and she felt too embarrassed to look at him but in the end, her body was more honest than her rational sense. Right now, her entire body was burning up, and she was really reluctant to give up Xiao Shao’s ice-cold body. Thus, she subconsciously moved to snuggle next to him.

“You . . .” Xiao Shao abruptly withdrew his hand, and felt for her pulse at her wrist. Jiang Ruan’s body trembled, and Xiao Shao’s movements halted for an imperceptible second, as if he had suddenly realized something, and his pitch-black eyes stared at Jiang Ruan. Seeing his expression, Jiang Ruan more or less knew what had happened. For a moment, she felt both flustered and distressed, but was unable to restrain her urge to rub against Xiao Shao’s body, and could only grit her teeth to try and control the fire within her.

Xiao Shao retracted his hand and said, in a firm, cold voice, “I’ll go and call Xia Qing to come.” At the moment, anger was faintly discernible in his voice. Even if it was a prank, no matter who was responsible for the current situation, to treat Jiang Ruan’s body so carelessly was simply too much.

“Xiao Shao.” Jiang Ruan immediately grabbed him. She did not actually use much force, as her entire being was focussed on fighting the flames which were rising within her – she really had no excess energy to spare. Xiao Shao halted momentarily, turned, and said, “It’s all right, it’s just that the prescription is wrong.”

He was probably still trying to console her. Jiang Ruan half-opened her eyes in a daze. At this point, she seemed to be split into two people: one was throbbing from head to toe with unfamiliar feelings and was not in control of herself, the other was observing everything that was happening with crystal-clear clarity. The young man in front of her was always clad in black, and this added an aura of icy strictness to his usual cold and detached temperament, as if he had renounced all manner of desires. It was indeed hard to imagine that there was such a coldly indifferent person in this world. And yet, at this moment, his handsome face, his tightly pursed thin lips, his minutely frowning brows, all combined to make him look extremely delectable.

Delectable? Jiang Ruan gripped the corner of his clothes and eked out with difficulty, “Don’t go.”

“There’s no need to be anxious.” Xiao Shao seemed unable to understand her meaning. Seeing that she was persistent, and fearing that she would fall down, he sat down on the bed and said softly, “I will be back very soon.”

Jiang Ruan felt somewhat enraged. She had already said everything clearly, but Xiao Shao was still so stupid. Right now, her entire body was as hot as a branding iron, and now that she was so close to Xiao Shao and his cold body, and she smelled his raw male scent, she was almost unable to control the urge to plaster herself against him. Thereupon, Jiang Ruan acted. She wound her arms around Xiao Shao’s neck, and began rubbing against him with some impatience.

A faint flush immediately appeared on Xiao Shao’s pale, handsome countenance. He considered pushing her away, but simply said, “Listen to me, and let me go.” But in the very next moment, he felt her lean heavily against him. Then, taken off guard, he found himself being pushed flat on the bed, and shortly thereafter, a soft body threw itself on top of him.

Jiang Ruan struggled to prop herself up and stared fiercely at him. Her face was already rosy as a result of the medicine, charm was simply oozing from her eyes, and her voice had been as soft as silk. But in the next moment, and with ample vigour, she practically yelled, “I told you not to go!”

However, no matter how loud her voice was, what Xiao Shao heard was the voice of a spoilt child throwing a tantrum.

Xiao Shao quietly gazed at Jiang Ruan, who was lying on his body, and coolly asked, “Do you know what you’re doing?”

Jiang Ruan’s eyes were as fierce as a hungry wolf’s, yet she had a face so beautiful and alluring that it could stop the earth from turning on its axis, and her eyes were as limpid and lustrous as those of a little fox in the forest. Only saints could stop themselves from being moved by her. Xiao Shao’s body was truly icy-cold, and draping herself over him was like lying on a block of ice; Jiang Ruan sighed in satisfaction. Of course she knew what signals she was sending out with her present actions. After the poison had been removed, her relationship with Xiao Shao had begun to change into something different. She had always taken a long time to warm up to someone, and if things were left to her natural disposition, who knew how long a wait it would be. She and Xiao Shao were husband and wife, and more importantly, she was not against having an intimate relationship with him.

Xiao Shao was a man of honour through and through. Unless he had her consent, he would never take the initiative to suggest they sleep together. Moreover, with her temperament, she would probably also never speak of it. Hence, why not make use of this opportunity, which almost seemed as if it was presenting itself as a way out of an embarrassing situation. Therefore, if she missed this moment, she did not know if she would again have the courage to be so proactive in making her attitude clear to Xiao Shao.

With such a rare chance, her mind was absolutely clear, but when she looked into Xiao Shao’s calm, pitch-black eyes, for a split second, she felt as though she was being sucked into them. Jiang Ruan’s mind and heart were all in chaos. But finally, she smiled and answered, “Doing this.” At the same time, she raised her hand and pulled off Xiao Shao’s waist sash with all her strength.

Xiao Shao froze, and a hint of a blush on his face became more obvious. Now, for whatever reason, his previously icy-cold body under hers was no longer so cold. Jiang Ruan sat up on him and looked down on him from her commanding position to say, “You and I are husband and wife, I’m doing what a wife ought to do.”

Xiao Shao’s long eyelashes fluttered slightly. His eyes were bright and penetrating but his tone was soft as he said, “Ah Ruan, you won’t regret this?”

Jiang Ruan said nothing. Very slowly, she lowered her body, and gathered her courage to nibble at his neck. She had always been able to exercise control, and, in truth, this medicine was not as strong as expected; at the very least, it was not as strong as the medicine which had previously been given to her. She was simply making use of this convenient opportunity and half-pretending to be under the influence. It was a good thing that her face was already red, so no one would notice her unusual state of mind.

Xiao Shao narrowed his eyes. His entire body was coiled as tightly as a spring, but Jiang Ruan was arching around his neck like a cat. Although Jiang Ruan had no experience, in her previous life, she had gained instruction from a pamphlet she had read before entering the palace. So, she kissed him at random, and was thinking about where she should place her hand when, to her surprise, it was encased in an icy grip.

Jiang Ruan pulled herself up slightly, a little puzzled. She had never considered the picture she presented as she supported herself over Xiao Shao’s body to look at him: her snow-white skin and beauty, a head of crow-black hair flowing down her back, with one mischievous lock of hair dangling in front, eyes like silk, and delectable cherry lips. It was as if an alluring spirit had fallen into the human realm and was attempting to seduce his soul with every movement.

Jiang Ruan had always known that she was a natural beauty, and she presumed that she ought to look quite good at present. However, she had not accounted for Xiao Shao’s actions. Xiao Shao focussed all his attention on her; his gaze was exceedingly deep, and the affection those pitch-black eyes harboured almost engulfed her. Jiang Ruan paused, and abruptly, provocatively pinched Xiao Shao’s waist. Immediately, she felt Xiao Shao’s body tense and felt secretly satisfied, when suddenly her world was turned on its head and she found herself exchanging positions with Xiao Shao. He looked down at her, having taken the position of dominance, with one hand next to her pillow propping himself up. His face was cold, and his pitch-black eyes were like a deep pool of billowing waves as unfamiliar emotions caused an internal maelstrom; his breath was hot, and the scent of danger was palpable.

Jiang Ruan was astute enough to perceive that something was not quite right. She felt that Xiao Shao, at present, was very different from his usual self. Under such an intense stare, she found herself wavering momentarily. Intending to push Xiao Shao away, she struggled, but found that she had no strength; due to her already perspiring body, her feminine charm was inadvertently revealed through her clothes, and her bewitching eyes were certainly enchanting. Xiao Shao’s voice suddenly became hoarse, and he appeared to be trying his best to restrain himself as he ordered, “Don’t move.”

Jiang Ruan instantly came to her senses and did not dare to move any more. She had originally intended to get this over and done with as quickly as possible, as it had been no easy feat to screw up her courage to get to this point. Who knew, but actually the saying ‘if you ride a tiger, it is hard to get off’[1] was indeed true. Currently, her initial emotions had completely been drowned out by the tense anxiety in her heart. It was only as the critical moment approached that she had begun to think clearly.

[1] 骑虎难下 (qi hu nan xia) – fig. impossible to stop halfway; unable to extricate oneself from a difficult situation.

As she hesitated, unsure what to do next, Xiao Shao sat up all of a sudden. Jiang Ruan felt an indescribable sense of disappointment as she understood this to mean he had decided to stop. However, Xiao Shao proceeded to take off his boots and jacket. When he turned his head and met Jiang Ruan’s disappointed gaze, he started slightly, then could not help smiling.

Jiang Ruan was taken aback, then felt annoyed at being caught in the act. Why should she be disappointed in something like this? It looked like she was greedy for Xiao Shao’s beauty and was casting around for some kind of excuse, but then she realised that Xiao Shao was leaning over her. She kept perfectly still, and promptly found her lips covered by something warm and soft.

Jiang Ruan could clearly hear the beating of hers and Xiao Shao’s hearts. She had never done something so intimate with anyone else in her previous life. The kiss was prolonged, and when he released her, Jiang Ruan could do nothing but catch her breath for a while, and her body had gone limp.

The kiss had rendered Jiang Ruan’s lips plump and tender, and as bright and beautiful as red cherries in May. Moreover, she had tilted her head back slightly, and her long, jet-black hair spread across the crimson pillow. Her eyes were charming, her eyebrows were arched, her lips were red against her white teeth; she was truly stunning.

Jiang Ruan felt her face heat up under Xiao Shao’s gaze, but she did not want him to perceive her lack of self-confidence. She wanted to extinguish the lamp, but when she made the slightest movement, Xiao Shao once again asserted dominance with his body, and his expression was not at all like its usual cold detachment.

In her previous and present lives, although she had experienced all kinds of turmoil, this was the first time she was experiencing the relationship between a man and a woman. It was both strange and nerve-wrecking, and her initial boldly provocative manner had entirely dissipated. However, once she had shot the arrow, there was no turning back. Right now, it was naturally impossible to allow Xiao Shao to put a stop to what was happening.

They couldn’t stop now. Why was Xiao Shao being so annoying as he lay on top of her? Jiang Ruan gritted her teeth and said, “You . . . hurry up.”

Xiao Shao was again slightly taken aback. The lamp was still lit at this time, and Xiao Shao’s face was truly that of a handsome devil who would bring disaster to the country and mislead many. Moreover, his deep eyes were glittering like starlight. He said softly, “Ah Ruan.”

Jiang Ruan once again fiercely pinched his slender waist, and glared at him somewhat resentfully as she said, “I . . . I’m all right, you hurry up.

Xiao Shao smiled faintly and coolly stated, “Ah Ruan, it’s too late for you to regret it now.”

* * *

It was like a field of red plum flowers noiselessly blossoming on a winter’s day, brightly coloured and dazzling to the eye. Whether in heaven or on earth, only the beauty of these plum blossoms could captivate the souls of those who appreciated them. The flowers’ petals were trembling minutely and timidly, and on this frigid winter day, they blossomed with a different kind of beauty. The snowflakes were cold and sparkling, the red blossoms were charming and full of vitality – this beautiful scene was truly that of a match made in heaven, and anyone glancing upon it would lose their minds. However, they only bloom silently at night, so no one else saw this intimate demonstration of beauty.

The dark night’s soft and gentle noises could faintly be heard far away. Even though it was a chilly winter night, the room was lit with a passion that burned like fire. The once-in-a-lifetime moment of experiencing the most intimate form of human communion was realized on this night. It was as if all the annoyance caused by misunderstanding vanished like smoke in thin air, and the two of them became one body with their most authentic and candid selves. The darkness and grief of her previous life, the endless pain hidden in the depths of her heart, the secrets which could not be exposed to others, all of these seemed to change in the space of this one night. In this lifetime, one person would stand with her, side by side, from now onwards, and they would share both weal and woe as husband and wife. This was a strange and unfamiliar situation, but also one which gave rise to anticipation.

Xiao Shao moved off Jiang Ruan’s body; he was perspiring heavily after an intense ‘spring night’[2]. Jiang Ruan lay on the sleeping couch. As she recalled how enthusiastic she had been in taking the initiative, she wanted to die in her sleep as she lay among the bed clothes. She feared that, in future, Xiao Shao would laugh whenever he thought about how active she had been during their first time.

[2] 春宵 (chun xiao) – the reference is to a poem by a great Song Dynasty writer, Su Shi (苏轼). The poem opens by describing the beauty of a quiet spring night, telling people to cherish the time: 春宵一刻值千金 (lit. a moment in a springtime night is worth a thousand gold pieces). As time passed, somehow, this phrase became a word of advice to newlywed couples, to cherish the (short, and therefore precious) time of the wedding night.

Xiao Shao stroked her long hair and said, gently, “I’ll ask someone to draw water for you.”

“No need,” Jiang Ruan hurriedly called out. When she met Xiao Shao’s gaze, she felt somewhat embarrassed. If she called for water now, it would be as good as publicly announcing to the entire Wangfu what they had finally gotten up to that night. She was still not used to showing herself to others in such a casual manner, especially for something as private as this. However, on looking at her sticky state, not calling for water simply would not do, and she felt herself in something of a dilemma.

Xiao Shao observed her thoughtfully, then nodded and said, “I’ll go and draw the water. You . . . is your body still in pain?”

He had picked up on Jiang Ruan’s apprehensions at a glance, and had spoken with extreme consideration. However, admitting the pain would instantly cause flashbacks of their intense activities just prior. “There’s no pain,” Jiang Ruan replied quickly. No sooner had she spoken when she felt the soreness of her lower body, and could not help but grumble inwardly. Xiao Shao normally looked so cold and indifferent, but he became a different person in bed. Truly, because of his martial arts background, his physical strength was exceptional. And, although she could bear it, she also felt a little overwhelmed. It was like the man had wicked intentions and wanted to make her cry out. In this lifetime, she had never felt as humiliated as now; Xiao Shao was really black-hearted. How could she never have seen this before?

Xiao Shao could not stop the corners of his mouth from twitching. He said, slowly, “All right, I’ll go and prepare some medicine.” He said ‘prepare medicine’ with great significance, as if there was some exceedingly profound meaning, but his face was a mask of calm.

Jiang Ruan choked momentarily. That bowl of medicine . . . success and failure were both related to it. She had originally intended to ‘borrow’ the medicine’s effects to accomplish her goal tonight, which was in actuality no big deal. However, who would have expected that after the medicine’s effects had faded, she would still be so out of control. Thinking about it now made her blush with shame. All the Jinyi Guards in the Wangfu had such good hearing, and it was possible that they had heard every single movement in the room. The second she thought this, Jiang Ruan’s expression turned indignant.

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