The Record of Orc Civilization

Chapter 254 Ambush Part 5

[Bitter Maja, Wilwatikta Kingdom]

Moku and his troops emerged from the tunnel, greeted by the cheers of the monsters who had heard of their successful ambush on the human alliance's caravan. Not only that, they had managed to capture over twenty Level 1 Constellation Mages from the military academy.

Moku had relayed this message through Nash that connected with Pandava, who were connected to him and served as anchors for teleportation, he was the one who informed the other monsters in the Wilwatikta Kingdom.

Cheers filled the air as the Asuras returned, welcomed like heroes returning from a great war.

Their wives, the Valkyries, embraced their husbands' return and expressed gratitude for their safety. The female prisoners they had captured earlier now became loyal wives, eagerly waiting for their husbands' return while dressed provocatively on their beds. Nevare's remarkable policies had successfully brainwashed these women, turning them into Valkyries who proudly embraced their monster identities.

Moreover, the number of monsters evolving into Hobgoblins and Druids increased over time, with many of them being females. Marrying an Asura and being fought over in a Palaka duel became a source of pride in the Wilwatikta Kingdom.

Countless female Goblins and Sylphs were left envious, biting their fingers, as they watched the female Hobgoblins and Druids reveling in their intimate moments with their Asura husbands. The culture of evolving and marrying an Asura could no longer be restrained; it had become the latest trend in the Wilwatikta Kingdom.

Moku once again won his gamble, feeling grateful to have a wife as brilliant as Nevare. Without her, the Wilwatikta Kingdom would never have become what it was now. It would have taken a long time to convince the monsters or prisoners of any species to willingly marry the Asuras.

That's why the first thing he did upon exiting the tunnel was to embrace his wife tightly. However, there was no sign of joy on Nevare's face at Moku's affection. Her expression remained sour, with a furrowed brow, easily explained by the bulge in her stomach.

Among Moku's wives, Nezena held the record for having the most children, as she enjoyed being impregnated by Moku and always eagerly requested it. Nevare, on the other hand, held the second position for reasons different from Nezena's.

Nevare was the busiest Valkyrie, shouldering the most responsibilities, even rivaling Ez, the Prime Minister of the Wilwatikta Kingdom. In addition to training prospective Valkyries, Nevare was also involved in military reforms and kingdom development. She took on all the tasks that should have been Moku's, giving her husband ample free time to work on other things.

And one of the things Moku focused on was impregnating his wives. Unfortunately, Nevare was his favorite wife, so whenever he had the chance, Moku would pursue Nevare and pressure her into bearing his child. Luckily, their relationship was built on love and not coercion. Besides, Nevare genuinely loved her children; otherwise, she might have sought ways to stage a coup or escape from the Wilwatikta Kingdom with her kids.

Currently, with the increasing number of female human prisoners, female Hobgoblins, and female Druids, Nevare's workload continued to pile up, all while carrying a baby in her belly. This led Nevare to harbor resentment towards her husband, who avoided work and added to her burdens.

"Hey... hey... hey... my beautiful wife, those furrows on your forehead will mar your angelic face," Moku smirked as he repeatedly kissed his wife's forehead.

"Perhaps if I had an unattractive face, you would stop impregnating me," Nevare retorted, welcoming Moku's kisses with her lips.

"Hehehe... keep dreaming," Moku chuckled, giving a peck on his wife's neck. Then he proceeded to embrace his other wives, starting with Nezena, Nerphyl, and Nedira (Tam).

Nevare narrowed her eyes as she observed her husband, snorting, she said, "We'll see."

Nevare glanced at the human prisoners who had just emerged from the tunnel. Their hands were bound with strong ropes, and their mana flow was sealed with dragon prana, reducing them to ordinary humans. They were paraded by Goku. With pale faces and lowered heads, their bodies trembled in fear as they were eyed by the surrounding monsters.

Nevare realized that these prisoners were wearing military academy uniforms and appeared very young. Out of the 20 prisoners, eight of them were girls, while the rest were boys. These eight girls would later go through a special "class" to have their minds manipulated, making them believe that becoming Asura's wife was their greatest pride.

As for the male prisoners... most likely, they would be interrogated until nothing remained in their minds, and then they would end up as meals for the monsters. The mana flow within their bodies was highly enticing, merely becoming part of their carcasses. Besides, human flesh was exceptionally delicious, and Nevare, who had tasted it before, longed to savor it again.

"I want a girl for KuMoku!" Nevare suddenly shouted.

The cheers fell silent, and all the monsters turned their gaze toward Nevare. Moku, who was gently stroking his children's heads, stopped and looked at her.

"Wife, isn't the competition for girls supposed to be among the Asuras and Orcs? Why are you getting involved in this matter?" he asked.

"Hmm... the competition for girls is based on Palaka law. Initially, Palaka was exclusive to Orcs, but with the establishment of the Wilwatikta Kingdom, there are no longer distinctions between Orcs, Goblins, Sylphs, or Alraunes. There is only one category: monsters. Therefore, that cultural tradition must be integrated and syncretized into the way of life of all monsters. I am a monster, as are the Valkyries, Druids, and Hobgoblins. So, we all have the right to participate in Palaka! I have decided to find a new wife for my husband, and I have the right to do so!

"What's the matter? Are you afraid that having more wives to satisfy will leave you with no chance of impregnating me? In that case, split off your own penis; who knows, maybe that's enough to satisfy all of us!" Nevare snapped.

Simultaneously, all the monsters burst into uproarious laughter, rolling on the ground, but the Asuras, who understood the implications of Nevare's words, turned pale.

"Not a chance, woman! Your womb is mine!" Moku pointed at Nevare's belly, his mind spinning as his wife's crazy decision threatened to consume every second of his time in bed, satisfying his wives.

"But... However, you can't just casually choose a woman to be my wife. What about the other monsters and your other sisters?"

"Hmm... you do have a point. Sisters, what do you think?" Nevare turned to Moku's other wives.

"I don't mind, and besides, the number of requests from Druids who want to be Moku's wives keeps piling up, and I'm certain our easily satisfied husband has no intention of adding more wives. So, it's only fair for us to step in and increase the number of his wives. It would be odd for the king of monsters to have only four wives." Nerphyl grinned, crossing her arms.

"I agree with Nerphyl. There are many female Hobgoblins eager to join our sisterhood. I've longed to have a sister among fellow Hobgoblins." Nedira smiled, gently caressing her pregnant belly.

"I don't mind as long as my time with him is not diminished as before," Nezena nodded while nursing her newborn child.

"Of course, Sister Nezena, that's not our concern to manage that time; it's our husbands' issue," Nevare glanced at Moku, who immediately averted his gaze.

"And for the monsters..." Nevare gazed at the surrounding monsters, especially the female ones, and then...


Lightning suddenly struck from the sky, hitting Nevare's body and enveloping her in shimmering blue lightning armor. All the monsters took a step back, witnessing Nevare harnessing her lightning abilities.

Nevare was a Level 3 Constellation Mage, and with the blessing of Mana Child, she could currently employ the Pseudo-God Form spell, just like Moku's nearly fatal enemy, Deak. With her swordsmanship skills, even Goku and Boku would hesitate to say they will win against Nevare in a life-or-death battle.

"Does anyone object?" thunder echoed from Nevare's mouth as she stood in her Pseudo-God form.

All the monsters shook their heads simultaneously, while the Asuras could only smile bitterly.

Nevare released her lightning armor and returned to her original form.

Moku, who witnessed it all, could only sigh deeply; once again, he was outmatched by his wife. Spreading his arms wide and using his inner eye telepathy, Moku declared, "From now on, Palaka is no longer limited to the Asuras alone but applicable to all monsters in the Wilwatikta Kingdom."



All the monsters cheered and chanted, celebrating the formation of the new law. Strangely, the loudest cheers came from the female monsters, eagerly anticipating the upcoming Palaka.

Moku could only smile wryly. This Palaka would be deadlier than any previous one.

The human prisoners, witnessing the exuberant cheers of the monsters, whose eyes gleamed with bloodlust, could only tremble and pale. In unison, they whispered in their hearts, "What kind of world are we captive in!"

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