The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1522 - 1522 Things Are Exposed

Chapter 1522 - 1522 Things Are Exposed

1522 Things Are Exposed

The corner of Qi Zhi’an’s mouth twitched. “She told me that someone was trying to do something to her.”

“Ah? Who is it?” Qi Xin immediately asked.

“She said… It was Ling Juan.”

When Qi Zhi’an said this, he was staring at Qi Xin.


As expected, he saw that her face was a bit flustered.

Qi Zhi’an’s heart suddenly sank.

Qi Xin was shocked by Qi Zhi’an’s words and almost didn’t jump up.

“Ling Juan? How is that possible?!” She was shocked. “Isn’t Ling Juan… you’re talking about her mother?”

“You are quite familiar with this person,” Qi Zhi’an said meaningfully.

Qi Xin’s heart jumped, and she hurried to organize her expression into an innocent one.

“Her name is indeed very familiar. My mother’s name is Ling Xiao, and Ling Juan is the person with whom she has a bad relationship. She is also Beibei’s biological mother. How can I not be familiar with it?!”

Hearing Qi Xin’s smooth explanation, Qi Zhi’an felt very complicated.

He was reluctant to admit that Qi Xin already knew about her own birth.

However, why would she react in such a way if she did not know these circumstances?

Such a reaction was indeed strange.

“She is Beibei’s biological mother, but she is also the mastermind behind it all.”

Qi Zhi’an’s face was composed, and even though the thoughts in his mind were churning, his expression was calm.

“How can that be? Could there be some kind of misunderstanding here?”

The corners of Qi Xin’s mouth stiffened a little.

“I’m not sure,” Qi Zhi’an shook his head, “That’s what Beibei said.”

“Then maybe she’s mistaken! How could such a thing be possible?!” Qi Xin cut to the chase.

“She said that Ling Juan said that she did it because she didn’t want Beibei to get good grades on the test and overshadow the other child.”

Those words shook Qi Xin to her core.

However, she used all her strength to stop her horror from revealing itself.

“There’s such a thing?!” She had the right amount of shock on her face. “Who is the other child? She can’t be mistaken, can she?”

Qi Zhi’an stared at Qi Xin for a moment.

“Dad?” Qi Xin asked timidly.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s a mistake.”

Qi Zhi’an suddenly relaxed, “Maybe there’s something wrong over there, and that’s why there’s a mistake.”

“It should be!” Qi Xin nodded. “There might be some kind of misunderstanding here!”

“Well, I’ll have her check again.” Qi Zhi’an nodded. “Okay, I have some things to do now.”

“Okay, then you go ahead and take care of them,” Qi Xin nodded. “I have an appointment with a friend. I’ll have to go out later.”

“Okay,” Qi Zhi’an nodded, “Just tell me if there’s anything.”

“Okay!” Qi Xin smiled brightly.

Father and daughter parted ways.

Looking at Qi Zhi’an’s departing back, Qi Xin’s expression remained unchanged, but the hand behind her back had clenched into a fist, and her nails sunk deep into her palm.

After a while, Qi Xin stood up and walked out.

After she entered a hotel, she took out her cell phone and entered a number.

The call went through, and a surprised voice came from the other end.

“Xin Xin, how are you free-” To call me?

The words were not finished before Qi Xin began ranting.

“Who told you to mess around? Are you trying to kill me?”

This comment confused Ling Juan and made her anxious, “What are you talking about? How am I killing you?”

“Why did you attack Xia Xibei? Who told you to have any ideas? I can get good grades on the exams myself. I don’t need you to worry about it! Now things are exposed!”

Qi Xin’s eyes were red with hatred.

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