The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1610 Something Is Wrong 2

Chapter 1610 Something Is Wrong 2

Dolores returned to her room and closed the door before she covered her chest and took a few deep breaths.

She frowned with a puzzled look on her face.

Why did she suddenly feel that Jiang Rongguang made her feel so resistant?


Obviously, it was quite good before.

However, thinking back to the previous situation, she couldn't help but frown.

Thinking about the two of them in the beginning, Dolores was very puzzled. How did she fall in love with Jiang Rongguang?

What the hell happened here...

She looked over all their previous history and became more puzzled.

How on earth did she get together with Jiang Rongguang before?

Obviously, she didn't like this kind of person!

She could say that she was fooled when she was young.

What about now? She was over 30 years old!

Why did she not feel anything when she saw other people who were better than Jiang Rongguang? Why did she feel that Jiang Rongguang was the best?

Dolores was very puzzled. Was this true love?

Moreover, last night she still felt very good about Jiang Rongguang.

Yet today...

All this had only changed since she returned from Xia Xibei's!

Dolores' heart jumped wildly, and an incredible guess jumped out.

Did this have to do with Xia Xibei?

She didn't want to doubt Xia Xibei, but she only saw Xia Xibei today, and moreover, she had dinner with Xia Xibei and went to her house...

If something happened here, it must have had something to do with Xia Xibei.

Dolores sat on the edge of the bed, lost in thought.

It was only when Jiang Rongguang came knocking on the door that she came back to her senses and her face changed slightly.

"Are you all right?"

Jiang Rongguang came in with a worried expression. "Don't you want to take a shower?"

"It's nothing." Dolores pulled the corner of her mouth. "I'm just too tired, so I'm taking a break first. I was just about to take a shower."

"It's good that you're okay," Jiang Rongguang nodded and reached out to touch her forehead to make sure she was alright.

Looking at him so concerned about herself, Dolores did not feel touched at all.

She could clearly feel that Jiang Rongguang did not come in because he was worried about her. He did not have much real emotion in his eyes.

Dolores understood what he meant.

Jiang Rongguang didn't want her to be jealous of Xia Xibei, so he came in to calm her down.

She could clearly feel this false affection.

When Jiang Rongguang went out, Dolores sat down on the sofa in a frazzled mood.

After a while, she called her agent.

The agent was puzzled as to why she was calling so late.

Dolores hesitated for a while, then asked, "So, what… What was I like when I was with him before?"

"Why are you asking this?" The agent was puzzled, but talking about it, she still felt upset. "Not that I'm criticizing you, but when you're in love, you really don't act like yourself at all!"

"Not like myself?"

"Yeah!" Talking about this matter, the agent had a lot to say. "Obviously you are not clingy, but since you got involved with him, you are not you anymore!"

After saying a bunch of things, the agent stopped as an afterthought and was a bit embarrassed. "You won't be upset by what I said... Right?"

"It's okay," Dolores shook her head woodenly, "Okay, we're fine."

Being hung up, the agent was confused.

What was going on?

That night, Dolores lost sleep for the rest of the night.

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