The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1967 - 1967 Chapter 1969-Unable to Enter

Chapter 1967 - 1967 Chapter 1969-Unable to Enter

1967 Chapter 1969-Unable to Enter

The two of them waited outside until night fell.

At around six o’clock in the evening, the people in the building started to get off work. Some of them got off work on time.

At around eight o’clock in the evening, there were even fewer people here.

At nine o’clock, there was almost no one in the building.

At this moment, a car drove into the parking lot.

Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanyu stayed in the parking lot while the other stayed upstairs. They split up.

Soon, Qi Xibei saw a few people get out of the car.

These were all ordinary people.

However, one of them stunned Qi Xibei.

That person looked familiar!

Oh right! It was the person who was with Ling Juan previously!

It was one of the people who stood opposite them with a gun when the two sides fought a few nights ago.

If not for Qi Xibei’s strong memory, he might have long forgotten this person’s appearance.

After seeing this person, she finally confirmed her guess.

This place was indeed related to Ling Juan!

She took out her phone and sent a message to Qiao Yanyu.

After receiving the message, Qiao Yanyu was also on high alert.

After a while, the elevator came up.

A few people came out from inside.

Seeing these people, he recognized one of them.

It was indeed the person who was with Ling Juan!

Then, he stared at their movements.

Soon, they arrived at the eleventh elevator.

Qiao Yanyu carefully hid behind them.

They took out a card from their pockets and swiped it in front of the elevator.

The elevator door opened with a beep and they walked in.

As expected, a password card was required.

Qiao Yanyu waited outside for another hour before two people came out.

But after that, no one came out.

They didn’t wait any longer. Instead, they found an opportunity to leave the building.

“Looks like we can’t enter from the outside.”Qiao Yanyu said with a frown after getting into the car.

“Yes, I am.” Qi Xibei also knew this.” So, we have to think of other ways.”

They had made a lot of preparations before and originally wanted to sneak in.

But who would have thought that there would be such a secret place here, and that the security would be so tight?

If they used the normal method, they would not be able to enter.

Therefore, they could only think of other ways.

Since they couldn’t enter now, they could only go back first.

After they returned, the two of them found Tang Luo and Mo Bonan and told them what had happened.

After learning about the situation here, Mo Bonan and Tang Luo also frowned.” So…” It’s very difficult to get down.”

“If you’re accidentally discovered, you might be trapped inside!”

Tang Luo was also very worried.

After all, that was a confined space. No one knew how many people were inside. If something happened, how could they escape?

“So, we have to think about it carefully.”

The few of them gathered around the table and discussed.

At this moment, Qiao Yanyu’s phone rang.

It was Han Rui.

“You brat, you finally have the time to look for me!”Qiao Yanyu was a little surprised.” How are you now? Are you alright?””

“I’m fine.”

Han Rui’s bright voice came from the other end.” My progress has been very good recently. You’re here in Murica too?”

“That’s right. I’m in Murica now. I’ll give you an address. Come over and we’ll talk.”

Qiao Yanyu said directly.

There were many things that couldn’t be explained clearly over the phone.

Soon, Han Rui arrived.

He first got to know Tang Luo, Mo Bonan, and then everyone talked about Miracle Corporation.

“Miracle Company?” He frowned.” I’m investigating this company!”

These words surprised everyone.” Did you find anything?”

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