The Rise of the Black Plain

Chapter 1328 Birth Of The Princess

In the blink of an eye, two years had passed!

As a result of Albano's migration, when Minos' group arrived on the Black Plain earlier, they discovered a region with a much greater number of Spiritual Emperors and Spiritual Kings.

At the same time, almost the entire territory of the former Black Plain had already been transformed at that time, with a more significant number of cities and green areas in such a part.

But not only that, the areas of the Black Plain that had previously belonged to the Brown Kingdom, Cromwell Kingdom, and Kingdom of the Waves had also evolved significantly.

Minos' group had been quite surprised to see these changes before they proceeded to the capital of their kingdom, the focus of the changes.

At that time, the Black Plain had not yet achieved its first Spiritual Saint, but Gavin Rowse had reached level 69, being one of the strongest of Minos' forces then.

The local trade and agriculture had also developed considerably, which had not reached the local limit but would not take long to reach that.

Thus, Minos had found a very developed place two years ago and was highly pleased by the progress of his subordinates before finally meeting with an envoy from his grandfather.

After many months of traveling between the Flaming Empire and the Black Plain, Minos had reached his capital. On this occasion, he met a subordinate of Oswald, who was in the Dry City waiting for his response.

When he arrived in his capital, Minos had not yet made up his mind. Still, after weeks of conversations with that man and messages exchanged with Oswald, the young Stuart King had accepted such a thing. But it would not happen the way the master of the Gray Clouds Sect wanted.

No, Minos had agreed to lead that organization as long as he was given time to reach the 8th stage. In the meantime, he would remain on the Black Plain, and no one but Oswald and his trusted subordinates could know about this agreement.

Oswald had given in to the whims of his grandson at the time and agreed to everything, finally having Minos as his heir!

After that, Minos returned to managing his territory peacefully while occasionally dealing with the Vogel situation and the allied states against the Flaming Empire.

The tension in that border region of the Empire had not diminished in this period, so occasionally, trouble would come to Dry City, and he had to send messages to both sides.

In any case, the Emperor was in agreement with him, so nothing out of bounds had happened, and the powers of both sides were practically intact even after two years of tensions.

On the other hand, the situation between the Gray Clouds Sect and the Saints Killing Sect had come to a standstill due to the Spiritual Church's constant eyeing of that sect involved with the Vogel family. bed𝚗o𝚟𝚎𝚕.𝚌𝚘m

Finally, the Church finalized its regency in Vogel about seven months ago. At that time, Minos had been made official King of that state, and the Vogel Assembly officially began its administrative operations.

And so, he and his forces spent two relatively quiet years, having grown a lot in numbers but also average level. Other than that, the most important thing was that little Sarah, the name chosen by the Stuart family, was about to be born!


"Ouch! Ouch!"

"Hah... Hah... Ouch!"

Breathing sounds and noises of pain were coming from one of the rooms on the second floor of the Spatial Kingdom lake house. At the same time, many people in the surroundings of that place were silent for this moment.

There were people there like Regina, Angela, Eliot Miller, Mirya, Eda, Eduard, and Elena, all at level 63. But also several others at levels 60, 61, and 62, as in the examples of Celeste, level 62, Peter, level 61, and Lee, level 60.

Kyla had reached level 61 during her time and was currently on the side of her mother, Emlyn, level 65. pan(da-n0vel.c)om

But currently, Emlyn could no longer be considered the strongest in level in this place. That was because just a week ago, Minos had reached level 65, matching her for the first time.

On the other hand, Abby and Ruth's beasts were both at level 59, not far from advancing a step, while Maida had reached level 62 a few months ago.

Many of the soldiers who were teachers or part of the Elite Squad were also in that place, paying attention to everything. No one there dared to train while Gloria was screaming in that room on the second floor.

"Is everything going to be okay?" Robin, level 60, asked one of her colleagues, worried about Gloria's situation.

"That's normal for a birth. The mother always suffers quite a bit, even more so at Archbishop Frost's level..." That person commented in a low voice.

Gloria was still at level 69 due to her pregnancy, having stood still and watched Ruth and Abby move closer to her these past few years.

Currently, Ruth was at the same level as Minos, 65, while the queen of the Black Plain was at level 64.

These two were inside the room where all those screams were coming from, following along with Minos and a few other people at the birth of his first daughter.

There, Dillian, level 64, and some Black Plain Army doctors of the same cultivation stage were delivering the baby. At the same time, Minos had one of his hands held tightly by Gloria.

"Hah... Hah... Ouch!" She breathed in a rush amidst her sounds of pain, sweating while, from time to time, pushing her baby out of her body.

Dillian then said. "Come on, Gloria. Just push!" He said as he stood in front of this redhead's legs, watching the head of Minos' daughter descending.

Meanwhile, one of the doctors used his spiritual technique to induce some hormones in Gloria's body for her muscles to push the baby more easily.

Dillian, on the other hand, was using his Golden-grade techniques to maintain the integrity of where little Sarah was going so that Gloria could recover 100% after this event.

Minos had not refused the doctors sent by Gloria's mother for a bad reason, after all...

He knew that his doctors had better techniques and that the delivery could be done more safely in the Spatial Kingdom.

So Minos continued to support his wife while the other people in that room watched the birth of Sarah Stuart with nervousness.

However, this did not last long. After only 2 hours from the start of the birth, Sarah finally had her umbilical cord cut by Dillian and quickly wrapped in a white towel.

"Congratulations, Your Graces, this is your first child!" Dillian handed that little three-pound baby to Gloria, who was already holding her arms out, asking him to be quicker and deliver her daughter.

"Hah... My baby..." She looked at that little creature who could not even open her eyes, all honeyed up with a whitish substance.

Minos saw this and continued to stand beside his wife, looking at that baby in Gloria's arms and smiling in pride at finally meeting his daughter.

He gently ran one of his hands over her little head, imagining the days ahead of him.

'The first princess and heiress, hehe.' He closed his eyes, wondering when he could teach this child to cultivate and fight.


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