The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 510 Changes

Aster closed the door behind of him and then he took out the portable bathroom out of his ring, in the meantime the girls were setting up their own beds to rest while they waited for Aster to do the other preparations.

At this point they have gotten used to the routine, despite the fact that they would have never accepted to stay in the same room with a man before meeting Aster, now this was a simple camp setting for them.

"The bath is ready ladies, you can go first", said Aster as he threw himself on his bed after he took off his shoes and jacket.

The girls saw Aster's body bounce on the bed a couple of times, before he dragged Aria into his embrace, the ice princess naturally didn't resist, though she indeed blushed as public shows of affect were still embarrassing for her, Aster was doing it to help her recover from using the Ice Fairy state.

Well, judging by his playful smile, he was also enjoying teasing her, but what could she do about it, she simply pouted and then hid her face on Aster's chest, trying to pretend not to notice the gazes of all the others.

The girls exchanged gazes and then entered the bath together, while Eris and Agnes didn't really go all out as the fact that they didn't summon their Genesis Cores suggested, Tiana and Nerissa did need a rest, Felicia and Camila also sweated a bit, and a good bath was what they needed.

Aria was the same, but she needed a "love treatment" from Aster too, so she will be joining him in the bathroom after the others have finished their bath.

While the others were bathing, Aster gently caressed Aria's silky hair, the sweet fruity fragrance of her hair never faded, no matter what she did.

Maybe it seems as if Aster is involved with many girls since he is surrounded by them all the time, but it's not like he has done anything past exchanging words with those who aren't his friends or family.

So up to this day he had yet to meet a female cultivator who didn't have an enjoyable scent, at first, he just thought his dragon lineage simply wanted him to get more women, because for dragons a large number of partners is a way to show one's status.

This theory was reinforced because that woman who turned Robert into a monster back at Prasil didn't have the disgusting smell he got to experience today when he fought against that elder from the Pleasure Palace, if he were to be honest, his stupid lineage tried to make him lust for every pretty girl he got to see, it is unknown if it's the same for every dragonkin, but it might be related to the fact that his lineage is way too strong for someone in his realm.

Luckily, he had the paragon body and Rigel's flames to keep his lineage in check, not to mention his will was strong enough to resist the natural urges of his blood.

For his girls he naturally believed they were sweet and delicious that was his own judgement, but since he got a similar though less impactful response from practically every decent-looking girl he got to see, he thought his lineage was trying to make him get more and more women, it was similar as those times when he got the impulse to ravage Alice and the others, something normal for a dragon, but something he will never allow himself to do no matter what.

But today theory was discarded.

'It's not like that elder was ugly, nor she was sick or anything, and I'm pretty sure the woman that turned Robert into her slave had also used evil methods to steal yang, so why was it different this time?', he wondered, just to hear Rya say.

'Not all dragons can reason, or develop wisdom, there are some species that are naturally unable to gain human form and they are what you could call "crazy", those guys are actually the origin of the saying that dragons are violent and lascivious, since they will destroy and ravage everything on their way, Red Berserker Dragons are one example of that'.

'Curiously that species is one of the strongest and are known to be walking disasters, I remember that someone said it was because their lineage is too concentrated, so they can never develop rationality as their blood reinforces their beastly instincts to the point they turn into mindless beasts', she said.

Aster nodded in response.

'I guess too much of anything can be a poison'.

'Maybe, but you are a special case… there has never been a dragon that could cultivate its soul as far as I know, your soul doesn't loose in front of your physical body and lineage, so you have the potential to surpass any known dragon species, as you can keep exploiting your lineage without that problem, could be that your lineage has become pickier in the women that it tries to push into your arms', added Rya as she shrugged.

'So, this is a change that my recent advance in the soul path and the awakening of my eyes have brought, I guess my senses had become sharper than before', he said.

'Yeah, it could also be that you just became pickier with who you steal glances at, despite having this Empress only for you', said Rya with a pout.

Aster bitterly smiled, he could hear the slight tinge of salt in Rya's voice, maybe the others are unaware of it, but she who is always with Aster and Lilia who knows his son better than anyone, have always been able to notice, that he unconsciously steals a glance at every pretty girl he sees, but at the same time he consciously suppresses those instincts with sheer will.

'Well, the idiots at the Drage family would fuck everything that has a decent face and a skirt if they have a chance to, it's only normal that my darling has higher standards, only the best of the best has the right to get into our family, so it's good that you can now easily identify whores that only look good on the surface darling~', Lilia's playful voice suddenly joined the conversation.

While Aster chuckled at his mother's comment, Rya sighed.

'There are so many girls around him already, why are you telling him to get more, you lewd dragon woman', exclaimed Rya.

'Heh, with that attitude you can never aim to take the title of main wife from me, virgin sword girl, it's only normal that the most outstanding man has a lot of partners, besides no one can replace my position in my darling's heart so what's the problem~' answered Lilia, making a vein pop on Rya's forehead.

'Who declared you the main wife, if someone is going to be given that position, that will be me!', exclaimed Rya.

'You wish~'.

The sky of the mind space divided half of it was illuminated by Cygni which Rya somehow made release golden light, while Orionis also showed its prowess by letting out black light.

Since those two started quarreling like dogs and cats, Aster cut out the connection and returned to reality where his cute Ice Princess was resting in his arms.

Aria's body had already warmed up due to his embrace and the fact that he was bathing her in his yang energy.

"Mm~", Aria felt a comfortable sensation coursing through her body, Aster gently placed his hand on her belly while he kissed her pretty pale neck.

"To think my cute Aria is bound to get this worked up every time we fight, it seems we are made to each other", Aster playfully said.

"I-I'm not as lewd as you, after I train my body more, I'll be able to suppress the oversensitive state caused by my Ice Fairy", mumbled Aria, she felt her face burning due to embarrassment, while she cursed her body constitution.

Aster laughed at Aria's pretty blushed face, the contrast between the fact that she was so shy while her body constitution was one of the bests for dual cultivation was something Aster loved about her.

"Heh, but isn't it better this way, I'm always ready to comfort and reward my Ice Princess after a victory", said Aster as he gently pecked Aria's lips, making her giggle.

He wanted to keep flirting with Aria, but the others were about to come out of the bathroom, so Aster stood up and once the others were out, he carried Aria to the bathroom, luckily the portable bathroom had an isolation formation engraved, because Aria would have died out of embarrassment if the others got to hear the sweet moans Aster made her let out for the next thirty minutes.

Once Aster was finished, he came out of the bathroom with a wide smile on his face and an Aria who was hugging his right arm with a blushed face, though the others couldn't hear them, they of course knew what happened inside of the bathroom, so right now she didn't dare to look at the others in the eyes.

"Ah, that was refreshing", said Aster as he sat on the bed while Aria laid down and hid her face with a pillow.

"Ahem, I need to confirm a couple of things for the plan, Aster, can you let me inspect the process of you taking something in and out of the "mind space" you mentioned?", asked Eris.

Aster nodded without a second of hesitation, surprisingly Lilia acted as the "guarantee" of Nerissa, by saying that he could fully trust someone chosen by either Agnes or Valentina, which reminded him he still doesn't know what are those two's relationship with his godmother, besides the fact that they are also part of the main branch of the Fey, he doesn't know anything else.

The same apply to them though, as they don't know he is a Drage, apparently, they didn't recognize Lilia, could be because they were too little when they saw her, or something like that, they are currently in the Transcending realms, while back then Lilia and his godmothers were already at the Heavenly Realms after all.

Lilia purposedly kept him in the dark at everything that was related with his godmothers by saying "Why spoil the surprise~", there is also the fact that no one would believe the fierce princess of the Drage will actually allow a man to touch her body, as everything related to the formation used to conceive Aster and Alice was a secret only his godmothers, Lilia and the person who created it, knew about it.

Even Lilia's father thought she left to venture and find a man she considered worthy, while others probably believed she had a one-night stand with someone, different people within the Drage had their own wild imaginary situations regarding that, but that's a story for another day.

Continuing with the current subject since there were no strangers in this room, Aster didn't have any reason not to satisfy Eris's curiosity.

That's right, the princess of the Heavenly Rose clan, was unable to hide the curiosity she felt towards the mind space since the first time she saw Aster using hit, for a very simple reason.

She has never seen a spatial "treasure" which doesn't produce spatial waves when it's used, nor seems to be even able to be restricted, as Aster easily taking out things from it, while they were in the yang interference zone back then.

Naturally back then, Eris didn't ask Aster about it, because prying into the secrets of a cultivator is a taboo, there are cases of members of a same family fighting and even killing each other for things like that, and she is no stranger to that, as the amazing capacities of her cube necklace would suggest.]

But with time she stopped considering herself a stranger and now thinks of herself as Aster's friend, which is mutual, she even lent Aster her necklace which at first made Mylene tease her, as she had tried to steal that necklace from her countless times when they were at their Divine Firmament and Eris never let the necklace leave her neck.

She even declared that anyone who wanted to take it away from her will have to remove her neck instead of the necklace, it was her most precious possession which even survived the chaos of the spatial breach which dragged her and Mylene to Aurelian's Heavenly Quadrant.

But now she actually trusted it to Aster and even Mylene, her precious first friends, without a spec of doubt, it was only fair that Aster answered in kind, not to mention they were also closer after that date when he gifted them a way to recover faster and those bracelets, which they wear on a daily basis.

Amused at Eris's curiosity filled eyes, Aster took one of his many swords out of the mind space and then sent it back, by Eris's request he did the same with objects of different sizes and characteristics.

She was also curious about his Dragon Aura, but has yet to understand it himself, so they reserved that subject from when they are with Mylene, Lilia only knew what it was written in the Might of the Dragon King's manual, and she couldn't use hers currently, because her realms had inverted and contrary to Alice, her Aura required her to use the energy path as the base, but right now her body cultivation was the strongest of both, as for Rya she probably knew but she refused to tell Aster anything, because she said it might negatively influence him.

Leaving that aside, the more Aster showed how the mind space worked, the more interested Eris was, she is a rune master after all, so in her mind she had discovered something that changed everything she knew about spatial treasures, she was pretty excited about it.

'You can bring the rose princess to the mind space for her next date, I bet she will fall, just like Camila, darling~', playfully said Lilia.

Aster chuckled at Lilia acting like a little devil whispering at his ears, it's been a couple of times since she has insinuated him to make a move on those two, but honestly, he enjoyed the way things are, it's not like there was a need to rush.

Besides there is still a certain pair of twins that require his attention, since they are already his girls, all his previous relationships started pretty suddenly, well, leaving Lilia and Alice besides, as they were already close to him before they became his lovers for obvious reasons.

There was also Sarina who he also didn't have the intention to court until he got to see how brave and kind she was, she successfully made his heart which is quite "strict" beat in a though longer relatively amount of time compared to Lilia, Alice and Aria, still short period of time.

'Let things flow normally from time to time isn't bad mom, they are already part of my family, so it's not like they can ever be taken away from my side by anyone', confidently said Aster.

Lilia giggled in response.

'Don't worry darling, I'll be there to give you a few pushes when they are needed hehehe~', she thought to herself.

After a couple of hours and though Eris still wanted to keep asking more about the mind space, and doing little tests, after they had a nice meal with some of the dishes Sarina and the others prepared for them which Aster had stored in his ring, they had to stop because someone knocked on the door.

"I finished dealing with the spirit beasts and my copies are stabilizing the space, I want to discuss something with you, can I come in?", it was the Runic Oak the one who was knocking at the door, it was one of the few things it knew about humans, when they were in the same room with their mates, others couldn't enter or they will be treated as enemies.

Well, it had a small sense of what privacy meant… or something like that.

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