The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 308 - Bearing Responsibilities And Not Gutting Her

Chapter 308: Bearing Responsibilities And Not Gutting Her

Yun Jian felt like her emotions took a rollercoaster ride as she watched the scene unfold. Repressing her shock, she felt too embarrassed to stay in the room when she finally saw her brother waking up.

After all, she was not expecting to run in on a sight like this.

Whatever it had been, she felt grateful. Whether something happened between Qing You and Yun Yi or not, she was immensely relieved that the girl lying beside Yun Yi was not Chen Yubing. Otherwise, that girl, with her character, was surely going to kick up a fuss.

“You guys… cough, we’ll go out first. Come out once you guys are dressed.” Yun Jian eyed Qing You.

As someone who had stayed a long time with Yun Jian, basically going to every mission with her, Qing You understood what the look meant. She nodded, hanging her head.

Then, Yun Jian dragged Si Yi out of the room.

Yun Yi who turned around regained his consciousness with a single toss of his head. The moment his mind caught up with his current state, he saw the petite Qing You and froze.

Recalling what happened before he passed out, that he was drugged, escaped the ploy, barged in after seeing an opened door, he later saw a shapely girl showering and pulled her into his arms…

What happened after that? He could not remember anything.

Qing You felt her eyes twitching when she felt Yun Yi’s handsome face turning and setting his eyes on her.

Anyone with eyes and a sense could see what happened under such circumstances.

Yun Yi was not foolish. He did not know if he did anything to the girl but the fact that the girl was now lying naked on the bed with him alone said enough about him being foul.

“I… Sorry!” Yun Yi’s fair fingers rapped his own head as he blurted, “I’ll bear the responsibilities!”

Qing You stared at Yun Yi dumbly, wanting to tell him that nothing happened between them.

Yun Jian and Si Yi stood outside of the room in the corridor. The girl did not look too displeased.

Actually, as long as it was not Chen Yubing in Yun Yi’s bed, Yun Jian would not feel guilty about it.

Not a while later, Yun Yi and Qing You who were dressed neatly exited the room. Qing You was still blushing, looking bashful, while Yun Yi… did not look any better.

He was a growing boy after all and he was not the type to flirt around. He had never even held another girl’s hand other than his own younger sister’s and here he was sleeping on a bed naked with a girl!

“Come with me for a bit,” Yun Jian said looking at Qing You.

“Mm.” Qing You looked up at Yun Jian and followed her.

Yun Yi grew anxious when he thought that Yun Jian knew about him sleeping with Qing You and recalled his sister’s aggressive actions.

“Xiao Jian, this is my fault. I took her innocence by accident. You…” Before Yun Yi could finish with “– don’t beat the girl up, okay?”, he was cut off by Yun Jian.

“Don’t worry. It’s not like I’ll gut her,” Yun Jian said with a smile.

It was normal that Yun Yi reacted that way since he did not know that she knew Qing You. Qing You, on the other hand, had her hands intertwined with blushing cheeks, too timid to look up at Yun Yi.

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