The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 313 - An Infuriating Flirt

Chapter 313: An Infuriating Flirt

“Thank you.” Si Yi felt his mood enlivened when he heard the woman’s misunderstanding and answered on behalf of Yun Jian before she spoke. He then pulled her to sit her down on the seat that the woman gave up for them and made her carry Yun Zhu.

His act of warmth elicited a sentimental exclamation from the woman. “Ah, feels good to be young, doesn’t it!”

Yun Jian felt her cheeks burn but she accepted the woman’s kindness without making an explanation. She could be pushed around among the throng of passengers but it was a challenge for little Yun Zhu to stand in the jam-packed bus. He could easily be scraped or bump into something.

Hence, Yun Jian accepted the woman’s kind gesture and thanked her.

Yun Zhu stayed quiet in Yun Jian’s arms. Blinking his big eyes and fluttering his long eyelashes, his tiny size did not make him look like the eight years old he was. He looked much younger and was shorter than his peers. It was probably because this current body was quite malnourished. It resulted in him looking like a four or five year old at most.

Yun Jian was dressed up more maturely than usual today too, contrasting her young face of fifteen or sixteen years old. It was not surprising that the woman misunderstood Yun Zhu to be her child then.

After all, there were many young girls who became mothers despite their age.

Fortunately, Qingshan City was not far from Longmen City. Qing You, Chen Xinyi, and Si Yi who were without a seat stood for about forty-five minutes before they arrived at the final stop.

From there, they took another bus and soon arrived at the entrance of the Global Trade Hub building.

The building that the Global Trade Hub in Qingshan City was located in worked with liquidity as high as ten million US dollars a day! It inevitably made the building the most famous shopping heaven locally.

As Yun Jian came down from the bus, she held Yun Zhu’s hand and walked in front while Si Yi followed beside her. Qing You and Chen Xinyi linked hands and were long gone, captivated by the variety and choices of goods they were offered.

Although Qing You had been to many places, she kept an innocent girlish nature and was currently together with her new friend, Chen Xinyi. As both of them looked around, they drifted far with short notice.

Before they were too far ahead, however, they arranged a meeting point with Yun Jian.

Then, Yun Jian grabbed Yun Zhu’s tiny hand and went to the men’s section. The whole aisle here sold men’s clothing and a children’s section for Yun Zhu.

As Yun Jian held her brother’s hand and was about to step into a children’s clothing store with Si Yi, an elated voice came from the side. “It’s you?”

The delighted male voice caused Yun Jian’s eyes to twitch before she caught sight of the owner.

When she saw him, she wore a slight frown but did not regard him at once.

Thinking that Yun Jian had forgotten him and left a little disappointed, the owner of the voice was still somehow thrilled as he said, “You don’t remember me anymore? I’m Shen Yan, we met back in Weiwu Mountain!”

Of course, Yun Jian did not forget it. She just did not want to be bothered. It never crossed her mind to bump into someone she encountered before.

“Mm,” Yun Jian merely hummed as a reply.

There was a glint in Si Yi’s hawk-like eyes as he looked at the man who came unannounced from the side.

Shen Yan, not expecting to see the girl who lingered in his mind previously, did not even notice Si Yi who stood beside her. He introduced himself to Yun Jian even more fervently.

“It’s such a coincidence, I didn’t expect to see you here! Uh, since you don’t look like you remember me, I’ll introduce myself again. I’m Shen Yan, a student from Qingshan University – Hmm, our campus is just around here. Right, since it’s fated that we meet, let me bring you around? I’m familiar with the area!”

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