The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 317 - Here She Goes Again. The Boss Asks

Chapter 317: Here She Goes Again. The Boss Asks

It had only been days since she last saw her but this was how Chen Yubing looked like now. Moreover, she looked comfortable in the arms of a forty-something-year-old man.

Yun Jian felt goosebumps rising at the sight but she was never one to show what she felt, maintaining her usual nonchalance, and stared at Chen Yubing.

Compared to how she had been earlier, Chen Yubing visibly lost some weight. She lost her school uniform too, putting on a scanty off shoulder top and a pair of high heels. What changed the most was her face; she looked quite pretty but it was now drowned and concealed with makeup.

Right now, this caked up face was glaring at Yun Jian distorted with resentment. She looked like she wanted to put Yun Jian through torture.

“Ruin me?” Yun Jian raised airily.

She looked at the fat man beside Chen Yubing and could already guess what the latter had done.

In fact, what Chen Yubing did was pretty close to what Yun Jian was guessing.

The aphrodisiac that Chen Yubing was administered with previously was exclusively concocted by Qing You. One who was drugged with the heady aphrodisiac would lose awareness for a short period of time and feel as if they were hit by waves of insufferable heat. If the person who was drugged did not have a strong will, they would undress themselves briefly after the drug took effect.

Yun Jian did not know what Chen Yubing did after that but looking at how she was snuggled against the man who was old enough to be her father now, it was not difficult to see that she was depending on this man now.

“Yun Jian, you think you can do what you want in Longmen City with your flimsy capabilities? I’ll have you know that I, Chen Yubing, won’t let you go even if I die!” Chen Yubing’s distorted grin looked menacing.

No one knew what she had been through! When she gained consciousness, she was laying on the road naked, out in the open for everyone to see! She was doomed, her future was gone!

In spite of it, Chen Yubing swore that she was taking revenge on Yun Jian.

She knew that Yun Jian was quite skilled. Blonde-hair who was supposed to beat Yun Yi up the last time was beaten up by Yun Jian instead.

The support she found this time, a fat middle-aged man whom she was snug in his embrace, was a gangster!

He was unlike the loser blonde-hair and his friends.

This man was a gangster and was the second-in-command of Longmen City’s second biggest mafia group, Nine Valleys Gang! People in the gangs called him Xiong Erhu.

Chen Yubing was determined to get back at Yun Jian. She was already ruined, so she did not mind stooping lower and submitted herself to Xiong Erhu.

She had Xiong Erhu bring his men to ambush Yun Jian was all to avenge what Yun Jian had done to her before this. To Chen Yubing, her hatred for Yun Jian was deep enough that she was willing to use her body in exchange for the power to tackle Yun Jian.

“Brother Xiong, she’s the one who bullied me. You must take revenge for me…” As Chen Yubing spoke, she jabbed a finger at Yun Jian.

It was just that the atmosphere around them changed abruptly before she finished her words.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes.

Shortly after, another group of people dashed into the same alley from the front and back. A proper looking man walked over leading an armed group of underlings.

The man came to Yun Jian and bowed at her respectfully in ninety degrees. “Miss Yun, our boss asks for you.”

Yun Jian knew that this man was Xu Zetian’s subordinate at first glance, a high-ranking member of Longmen City’s top mafia group, Dragon Head Gang, as well.

Xiong Erhu who was called “Brother Xiong” widened his eyes when he saw the man and his lackeys. There was a sense of inexplicable fear in his orbs.

He was the second-in-command of Nine Valleys Gang but as the second biggest gang in Longmen City, the presence that Nine Valleys Gang dared not provoke was the city’s top gang, Dragon Head Gang.

An average junior high school girl who kept his bed warmer for now, Chen Yubing, had asked him to seize Yun Jian. A person who commanded such respect from a high-ranking member in Dragon Head Gang!

Who was she?

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