The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 330 - Qing You’s Trick To Punish Xu Linbo

Chapter 330: Qing You’s Trick To Punish Xu Linbo

Everyone’s gaze was on Yun Jian waiting for her answer.

The boss of Falcon Hall was a female? The news was simply baffling.

Yun Jian smirked despite being the center of attention and answered Xu Linbo. “Hmm? Do I not look like one?”

The crowd could not help muttering in their mind at her reply, ‘Excuse me, of course not? You don’t even look the least bit like one!’

Xu Linbo gulped, snapping out of his shock after another two seconds of staring at Yun Jian.

“Hmph,” Xu Linbo snorted, more or less unsettled when he did just assertively state that Yun Jian, the boss of Falcon Hall, was not around.

Although there was no resentment between Yun Jian and him, Xu Linbo’s grudges against Xu Zetian were too deep. Now that she took control of Falcon Hall, Xu Linbo carried his hatred over to her as well.

Therefore, Xu Linbo spoke up swiftly, intentionally side-eyeing Yun Jian amidst it, “Humph, imbecile!”

He then shifted his eyes to Xu Zetian, his tone dripping with contempt. “Heh, Xu Zetian, you’re pretty amazing. Weren’t you quite the arrogant one? Yet you pass your gang to a juvenile! Oh ho, I, Xu Linbo, would keep my eyes wide open and see how long Falcon Hall will last!”

He was indirectly ridiculing Yun Jian, implying that Falcon Hall would fall sooner or later in her hands.

Xu Zetian was not one to blow up in fury at mere instigation but anyone who heard that would lash out in rage. Just as he was about to shoot a barbed repartee back at Xu Linbo, Yun Jian pulled the hem of his clothes.

“Sister Jian, you…” Xu Zetian questioned with a frown, staring at Yun Jian’s action.

The latter did not look back at him nor answer him. Her gaze was on Xu Linbo, the murderous glint shining bright in her eyes. “Well, you can keep your vile eyes open and see for yourself how much stronger the gang I lead will be compared to a varmint like you!”

All it took for Yun Jian to squash someone like Xu Linbo was one hand.

She was the ace of secret agents. She had survived to this day stepping on countless corpses who others called powerful.

Yes, Xu Linbo was Yuzhou City’s mafia boss, but Yun Jian would disregard him similarly even if he was the armament tycoon of Europe!

The young girl’s overbearing words rang aloud in the venue.

For a moment, countless big guns in the scene were stunned.

Who cared if Yun Jian was capable. She at least silenced the hall now!

Xu Linbo was rather intimidated by Yun Jian, especially when he was met with the flaring killing intent in her eyes. It sent tremors through him. Out of pride, however, he had to hit back at her.

“Hmph, I’ll be waiting!”

With a bruised ego, Xu Linbo then walked away.

The commotion that came to a simmer dissolved at once.

“Who’s that? He’s so annoying,” Qing You said as she clung to Yun Jian by the table, peeling yet another grape and popping it into her mouth.

“He’s Xu Linbo, the boss of the so-called Gang of the World in Longmen’s neighboring city,” Xu Zetian explained from the side.

“Hah, Gang of the World? Gang of the end of the world I think. Pretty bold of him to sneer at Sister Jian, he’ll know what he got himself into later!” Qing You slapped the sticky grape juice off her hands and went to Yun Jian.

“Huh?” Xu Zetian who did not quite catch what Qing You meant and made an inquiring sound.

Yun Jian squinted. Others might not understand what Qing You said but she knew well enough.

A moment later, a man’s scream came from the crowd suddenly.

“What’s going on? Ah, it’s so itchy! Itchy! Why do I feel so itchy all over? What’s happening? Ow, itchy, itchy!”

It sounded just like Xu Linbo. Yun Jian merely smiled when she heard him.

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