The Sickly Scion’s Petite Wife Is Sweet And Cool

Chapter 862 - Chapter 862: Action (1)

Chapter 862: Action (1)

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It was unknown what Meng Wu was up to, but Song Jinghuan wasn’t in the mood to argue with Meng Linlang. She cupped her hands and bowed to Meng Shaoyuan before pulling Liu Jinbao away.

“Brother, look at him. He doesn’t take you seriously at all.” Meng Linlang stomped her feet in anger.

Meng Shaoyuan looked in the direction the two of them had left. He twisted his fingers at his sides. “You know them?”

Most of the men in the military camp were rough and slovenly. It was rare to see someone as fair and good-looking as Song Jinghuan and Liu Jinbao.

“The person walking in front is Song Huan, whom I mentioned to you previously.” Thinking of the humiliation she had suffered that day, Meng Linlang looked furious.

“So he’s Song Huan.”

Meng Shaoyuan had only heard of Song Huan’s name in the past, but he had never seen her.

Speaking of which, Liu Yang was still his subordinate. Coincidentally, on the day of Song Huan and Liu Yang’s competition, he brought people out of the city to pick up the rations transported from Qingyang City and was not in the military camp.

It was precisely because of this that the soldier, who heard Xiao Qirui’s instructions to look for Meng Shaoyuan to take Meng Linlang, brought Meng Linyan instead of her brother.

Meng Linlang said in disgust, “Isn’t that him? Two grown men holding hands in broad daylight. How disgusting.”

Meng Shaoyuan’s eyes darkened as he called out warningly, “Linlang.”

Meng Linlang pouted indignantly. “I didn’t say anything wrong.” Seeing Meng

Shaoyuan’s expression darken, she hurriedly said, “Oh my, I heard that Brother Xiao was carried back. I have to see him.”

With that, she picked up her skirt and jogged away.

Meng Linyan, who had been silent, frowned. “Brother, Linlang…’

Meng Shaoyuan raised his hand and interrupted her. “Since Father asked her to stay, it means that he’s tacitly agreeing.”

“Agreeing to what? To let her pester Xiao Qirui?” she thought.

Meng Linyan wanted to ask what he meant, but Meng Shaoyuan suddenly asked, “Who’s the soldier with Song Huan?”

Meng Linyan looked at him suspiciously, not understanding why her brother was interested in the two children. She thought for a moment and said, “I think his name is Liu Jinbao. He’s also a new recruit.”

“Liu Jinbao, Song Huan.” Meng Shaoyuan repeated the two names, his eyes filled with interest.

Not long after Song Jinghuan returned to his tent, Tang Shun and the others returned.

As the representative, Tang Shun said, “Lieutenant Song, we…”

“Wait a minute,” Song Jinghuan interrupted him.

Tang Shun paused and followed her gaze. He realized that there was another person in the tent—Liu Jinbao, who was squatting in the corner and grabbing his right hand silently.

Liu Jinbao wasn’t in their team, but he hung around Song Jinghuan from time to time. In addition, he was young, obedient, and generous. They all liked him.

“What’s wrong with Little Brother Liu?” Tang Shun asked.

Song Jinghuan shrugged. “How would I know?”

After returning from Meng Wu’s side, this person seemed to have lost his soul.

If not for the fact that she was the one who entered Meng Wu’s tent, Song Jinghuan would have suspected that he had been poisoned by Meng Wu.

The corners of Tang Shun’s mouth twitched.

Song Jinghuan sighed and walked over to kick Liu Jinbao.

Liu Jinbao looked up in a daze. Seeing that it was Song Jinghuan, a blush appeared on his face. “What is it?”

Song Jinghuan covered his chest. “You should go.”

“Oh, okay.” Liu Jinbao stood up obediently and squatted down in another corner.

Tang Shun was speechless.

Song Jinghuan held her forehead. Before Tang Shun came in, the situation had already been repeated more than three times.

Tang Shun asked tentatively, “Then I’ll come back later?” Song Jinghuan waved his hand. “No need. Get two people to carry him out.”

Tang Xin was about to go out and look for someone.

Liu Jinbao jumped up. “I’m not leaving.”

Tang Shun was speechless.

Song Jinghuan clenched his fists. “Are you possessed by something? What do you want?”

This was the first time his hand had been held by a girl. He was too excited.

Besides, he wasn’t acting the first few times. After Tang Shun came in…

Song Jinghuan didn’t want to waste time with him. “We have something to discuss. Get lost quickly.”

“I’m not leaving. I’m going with you to destroy the black gunpowder.”

Although Tang Shun had yet to say it, one could tell from his excited expression that he had found something.

Song Jinghuan looked at his small arms and legs. “Aren’t you afraid of death?”

“You’re not afraid either. What’s there to be afraid of?” Liu Jinbao straightened his neck and snorted. “Anyway, my grandfather only cares about his son now.

He won’t be sad even if I die.”

Song Jinghuan was silent. The first time she saw Liu Jinbao in this military camp, she found out what had happened to the Liu family this year..

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