The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1068: The True Strongest

Chapter 1068: The True Strongest

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[What? That’s…]

Baili Jingtian squinted, his body jerked, looking with total disbelief at how his brothers were taken by the darkness.


The sizzling sounds of the flames gave the impression the fire was growing, yet it showed no movement.

In but a blink of an eye, all life had been swallowed by these black flames. 

Baili Jingtian hovered above, his brow seeping with sweat. The attack he got ready at the tip of his finger shook along with it in hesitation.

It was failure on his part for not taking into account that Zhuo Fan had maybe another strange skill under his sleeve, one that proved even deadlier, taking eight strong princes down.

[H-how can this be?]

[Just what is that black fire? How the hell can it prevent eight Soul Harmony experts from even letting a sound out as it took them?]

Baili Jingtian looked at the black swirling dome of flames with a heavy brow, his calm now replaced with fear.

His mind might reject such a foreign feeling, but his heart wouldn’t stop hammering in his chest…

Wu Qingqiu’s group were stunned. They knew Zhuo Fan was the best, that he had a counter for the eight princes, but not even they imagined it would be so clean and deadly.

Their eyes were almost falling out of their sockets.

These were the same eight Baili princes that wiped the floor with them moments ago. So how then when Zhuo Fan entered the picture, they became lambs, giving him an easy time dispatching them from this world?

[No, they’re no lambs, but Zhuo Fan being too strong, stronger than we can imagine.]

[This is the true strongest disciple in the lands, the next Invincible Sword!]

Wu Qingqiu and Yan Mo sighed, “Just a few years and we can no longer compare.”

“Yeah, elder brother’s eyes got stronger.” Ye Lin sighed as well, shaking his head, “Only a lick of black fire almost got me killed last time, but now he could let out so much more. Even I would be finished in an instant. Elder brother’s strength is beyond anyone’s. There’s none among his peers in the entire world that can match up to him.”

Ye Lin glanced at Baili Jingtian above with a hint of disdain.

Baili Jingtian felt the taunt on his skin and met his eyes.

But then again, Zhuo Fan was tougher than anything he’d seen.

Baili Jingtian stared at the black fire hard, putting more power in his sword wave. 

Ouyang Changqing and Murong Xue on the other hand, were gaping at the hissing thunderflame.

They knew Zhuo Fan was above them and their only slim chance at survival, but it turned out the hope was bigger than ever.

It became a guarantee, so much so their fears were gone, fear brought on by Baili Jingtian. They could tell as well that he no longer was as cocky in the face of those twisting flames.

[The devil is terrifying. I wanted to remove him myself, but now I see how naive I’ve been.]

Murong Xue’s feelings were all over the place.

[The devil is not something I can ever hope to take down. But it has to be done, before he becomes the next Invincible Sword and brings hell on earth.]

Murong Xue hoped and worried, filled witg constant dissonance…


At the next light breeze, the thunderflames vanished like they were never there, leaving behind nothing at all. There was no sign of life, not from the previous eight princes and neither from the earth. The only one standing was Zhuo Fan in center holding Chu Qingcheng with care, unaffected by the attack.

Zhuo Fan hummed with a soft smile, to which Chu Qingcheng relaxed and calmed down.

Zhuo Fan smiled brighter, his humming slowly stopping. Chu Qingcheng smiled in his arms, drifting into a peaceful sleep.

The onlookers blinked, more shocked than ever of Zhuo Fan’s strength. 

They just witnessed how he punched the second strongest prince to oblivion and now how he erased the other eight from existence. All of it was done not on account of it being the best way to deal with them, but only to soothe Chu Qingcheng’s heart. 

This was called killing with a smile.

The guy spared them no attention to the attackers, not even a thought, and yet he killed them all. Now that was strength!

Eight went at him from all sides, yet his wife took priority still. What did that make of them? Bugs, annoying and pesky bugs. He not once considered them any danger to even touch him.

Everyone’s gazes shifted after this event, changing the way they looked at Zhuo Fan, with respect and bafflement.

Zhuo Fan was like an immortal standing leagues above them, not something mere mortals could ever hope to even catch a glimpse of. 

This was a level beyond anything they could fathom.

They looked at him with shock and daze, even hoping that maybe they could attain his impossible position.

Murong Xue was the same, having the odd feeling that Zhuo Fan was not the devastating demon she thought him to be, her perception of him now soaring higher in her mind.

All eyes were looking lost, forgetting the time and place even as Zhuo Fan only stared at one person only.

“Qingcheng, I’ll take you to safety.”

Tracing her gentle sleeping face, Zhuo Fan smiled with love and care.


There was a sharp whistle just then and thunder boomed as a purple sword wave of incredible power shot for the lovely couple.

The pressure from it was so huge, the breath of the others caught in their throat, unable to move from the weight, watching with shocked eyes as the stones around them were being turned to dust and floating about.

[It’s so strong it breaks the world’s laws. So if it lands, there’ll be nothing left of him.]

Everyone gasped, jerked awake by the sudden change. Ouyang Changqing cursed, “Baili Jingtian, you damn bastard! Have you no dignity to sneak attack? Yet you still call yourself the best disciple in the lands?”

“Humph, standing by now will really mean that I lost that title!”

Baili Jingtian cared naught for his empty words, shouting as his gaze turned mad, “Zhuo Fan, let’s see you dodge Sundering Sword Apex!”

From all that transpired, he understood that he held no chance in fighting Zhuo Fan alone. So while this might be dishonorable, he still chose to go for a sneak attack.

The timing also coincided with Zhuo Fan’s worst moment, unable to move as he wished. By attacking from afar as well, he avoided the same miserable fate as his brothers.

Zhuo Fan had to take it, the outcome based on their strength. But with him being in the Genesis Stage while the enemy in the Soul Harmony Stage, winning was guaranteed, no?

[Ha-ha-ha, with me on the high ground and him below, it’s perfect!]

Baili Jingtian’s heart brimmed with confidence. A shame he didn’t understand Zhuo Fan’s at all. Divine Eye of the Void had seven stages, and coupled with the Apocalyptic Thunderflame Eye, he had many variations of which he only showed two.


The mighty sword energy shot for Zhuo Fan, unleashing sharp winds as it passed.

Yet he still didn’t budge, only his face grew colder, murmuring, “A bystander dares to interfere when my wife is sleeping?”

“What did you say?” Baili Jingtian asked in shock.

Zhuo Fan closed his eyes, a cruel smile forming. Then he flashed them open, shining brighter than ever.

His right eye glowed in two golden halos and his left contained the wild black thunderflame.

“I said…”

Zhuo Fan shouted, “Die!”

Divine Eye of the Void 2nd stage, Thunderflame Void Annihilation! 


A beam of black crackling flames shot at the skies, straight for Baili Jingtian…

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