The Strongest War God

Chapter 529 - Chapter 529: Frediano and Braydon

Chapter 529: Frediano and Braydon

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The only person in the Jarrell family who knew the inside story was probably their old master.

At this moment.

The terrified Devin Jarrell wanted to explain.

Braydon Neal bent down and whispered in his ear, “Do you know why I am hostile to aristocratic families?”

“I, I don’t know!”

Devin gulped, his eyes filled with respect and fear.

Braydon stroked his head with his left hand and placed his right hand behind his waist. A hint of tenderness and longing flashed across his eyes, and there was even a hint of reminiscence.

“It’s because Frediano died at the hands of the aristocratic families!” he said softly.


Devin suddenly raised his hand, feeling some unknown fear.

He did not know who Frediano was.

However, Devin knew the words ‘northern army’.

The northern army.

It was founded on two people: Braydon and Frediano.

This secret was not known to many!

If that was the case, Frediano was definitely an extremely important core figure in the northern army!

However, Frediano had actually died at the hands of an aristocratic family.

Braydon’s eyes flashed with memories as he said softly, “Frediano was the same age as me. He didn’t have a prominent family background like the Syrus and Tobey. He had no parents and was alone. He wandered outside and begged for a living until he was eight years old. He was then brought back to the northern rezion by our teacher!

“On the second day after Frediano entered the northern territory, we discovered that he was born with low intelligence. He was already eight years old yet didn’t even have his own name. He looked like a little fool and didn’t know how to tie his shoelaces.

“My teacher was traveling outside and took pity on him. He brought him back to the northern region and sent him to the northern military school. Those seniors and classmates were all geniuses that were recruited from all over the world every year.

“They were arrogant, and everyone was conceited. Compared to them, Frediano was as silly as a little fool. When others scolded him, he didn’t retort.

“He didn’t understand when others insulted him!

“He didn’t fight back when others hit him!

“When others bullied him, he never held a grudge.

“At that time, I was the coldest child of my generation in the northern military school. However, Frediano was close to me and stuck to me like a little stalker. Every time during lunch, Frediano would leave the best meat for me.

“He was a fool. He didn’t know that I was in the northern military school. When I was seven, I was accepted as a student. The teachers gave me private lessons one day a week. The teachers at the school respected me, and the seniors didn’t dare to get close to me.

“Because they all knew that I was the successor of my teacher. In the northern military school, if I ask for it, I can take all the resources in the school, let alone some meat.

“Frediano had experienced starvation. Every time he ate, he would eat the entire lunch box. He was mocked by others for doing that. They said that only dogs would lick their lunch boxes like he did.

“That day, I hit Frediano and taught him to love himself. Later on, I realized that I was wrong. Frediano had experienced unimaginable pain. He had taken moldy food from the garbage with puppies by the roadside just to survive.

“Our normal three meals a day are delicacies that he would have never dared to dream of.

“It was that night that I brought Frediano to the senior class and asked the two seniors who mocked Frediano to apologize to him.

“They refused to do it, so I crippled them and kicked them out of the northern military school.

“Later on, I was punished by my teacher and knelt in the rain for a night. Frediano was silly and knelt with me in the rain for the entire night. The next day, he had a high fever, and in his weakened state, he kept saying my name.

“From then on, I protected him. At that time, the little fool Luke was very naughty and often bullied Frediano.

“Of the two of them, one was as smart as a fox, and the other was such a fool that it makes one’s heart ache.

“Later, when I was nine years old, I became a War God and learned the Great Void of Kylo Art. I learned how to condense purple Qi to supplement the innate deficiencies of the human body!

“From then on, I secretly injected purple Qi into Frediano’s body every night to help him open his seven orifices, awaken his spirituality, and clear his consciousness!

“The purple Qi is really powerful. Frediano was born with low intelligence. It was seen as a congenital deficiency. It was actually nourished by the purple Qi, and his intelligence was restored to the same level as his peers.

“He started cultivating when he was nine years old. That year, he became a warlord. The next year, he became a War God at the age of ten!

“He became a marquis at the age of eleven!

“He was able to become a king at the age of twelve, but he didn’t break through.

“Do you know how amazing Frediano was back then? He wasn’t any weaker than me. He cultivated the Great Void of Kylo Art with me and advanced at the same time. When we were twelve, we studied the eight techniques together!

“That year, I came up with the eight techniques and created a new martial art technique. It was extremely time-consuming and energy-consuming, and it consumed even more purple Qi!

“Frediano was able to become a king at the age of twelve, but he stopped cultivating and injected all the purple Qi he cultivated into my body every night to help me create the eight techniques.

“For a whole year, Frediano’s strength did not improve at all. All the purple Qi entered my body and helped me comprehend the eight techniques. He even gave up his own martial arts path and used his own body to practice the eight techniques for me.

“Frediano’s king-conferring ceremony was delayed for a whole year. He was only conferred king on the day he turned thirteen!

“What amazing talent he had!

“Frediano could have waited for a few years for me to perfect the eight techniques and become the strongest king to lay the foundation for the pinnacle realm in the future. But he didn’t. He wanted to test the strength of the eight techniques for me and used himself as a test subject to help me lay the foundation for the eight techniques!

“He was crowned king at the age of thirteen, but he died at the hands of the aristocratic families!”

Braydon stood in the living room with his hands behind his back and talked about the past in the north.

When Braydon was 13 years old, it was the most difficult period for the northern army.

There were no kings there but strong enemies outside!

The eight foreign countries wanted to break through the defense line of the north. The powerful families and aristocratic families were constantly assassinating them, wanting to wipe out Braydon’s generation.

The assassination back then was extremely vicious.

Frediano died at the hands of an aristocratic family.

The foundation of the northern army had died at the hands of a martial artist of the aristocratic families.

Why did you think Braydon had been killing the powerful families and aristocratic families?

Some grudges were blood feuds!

If Frediano was not dead, you would not be able to imagine how dazzling he would be.

It was a pity that he was already dead.

The entire living room was silent.

Devin’s eyes were filled with fear. He vaguely understood how much the young

Northern King hated the aristocratic families.

The blood feud between the two sides could not be resolved!

Braydon smiled tenderly. I’m sorry. On the day Frediano died, when I was thirteen, I made a solemn oath. For the rest of my life, I will kill the members of aristocratic families. There are thousands of martial artists from aristocratic families. All of them must die and be buried with my Frediano!”

Her words were gentle and made people feel like they were bathed in a spring breeze.

But if you listened to him carefully…

You could feel the terrifying killing intent in his words.

Braydon had returned from the northern territory not only for the title, but also for the official rite ceremony.

There were some grudges that could not be forgotten even though seven years

had passed..

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