The Strongest War God

Chapter 795 - Chapter 795: No. 6 Hidden Agent, Korbyn Jessen!

Chapter 795: No. 6 Hidden Agent, Korbyn Jessen!

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The entire Delta Empire was shocked and furious. The war was started by the hundred countries, and all the countries were participating in it.

But why did Braydon Neal choose to go to the Delta Empire instead of other countries?

What did he want?

The Delta Empire was shocked when they received the bad news.

The Liya Army that they had built with all their strength had all been destroyed outside Hollow Pass. No one survived.


The upper echelons of the Delta Empire were furious.

They didn’t need any report from the people below to know who did this!

The Groot Army at Hollow Pass was barely able to defend against the Liya Army, so how could they have wiped out the Liya Army?

Moreover, the enemy had easily and mercilessly wiped out the Liya Army. This was the fighting style of the Northern Army. They did not want any prisoners; they would kill the enemies and not spare them.

Where the cold sword pointed, the enemy would not be able to survive!

In the core territory of the Delta Empire, there was an internationally renowned metropolis, Morsby!

The capital of the Delta Empire was called Morsby. It had a population of 20 million and was prosperous and resplendent.

Unfortunately, today, the streets of Morsby were bustling with people, as if they did not know what was going on in the world outside.

The battle between martial artists did not involve ordinary people.

This was a contract signed by the hundred countries around the world.

In the deepest part of Morsby, there was a building that looked like an ancient castle. It was heavily guarded, and the people who entered and exited were all important figures of the Delta Empire.

Inside the castle was the palace of the Delta Empire.

In the magnificent and bright hall, crystal lamps were emitting a gentle light. There was a huge round table with sixteen seats.

This was not the standard of the supreme council of the Delta Empire.

On the contrary.

They were the VIPs of the global conference.

Outsiders called it the roundtable meeting.

Almost all the top 20 countries in the world were absent from the roundtable meeting.

There was a ranking for the hundred countries in the world!

Because of the incident with the Ludwig Army forty years ago, Hansworth was maliciously downgraded by the International Arbitration Council and was pushed out of the top ten empires!

It was now ranked eleventh!

But in terms of strength, it would definitely be considered the top three.

In another 10 years maximum, it would be able to obtain first place.

The reason was simple.

In ten years at most, the elites of the Northern Army would be even more terrifying and would definitely be able to support this era.

At that time, it would suppress all the countries, and no one would dare to stand up against it!

At this moment, the grand gate of the snow-white castle slowly closed.

The roundtable meeting officially began.

The representative of the Alpha Empire, Jerry Alcott.

The representative of the Delta Empire, Jaziel Sherman.

The representative of the Zeta Empire, Sharma Dylan.

The representative of the Theta Empire, Ollie Carolyn.

The representatives of sixteen countries all took their seats.

All the people who were seated were pinnacle martial artists.

There were sixteen people present, and based on appearance alone, the oldest one did not seem to be over fifty years old.

Pinnacle martial artists always looked young.

In terms of skin color, there were two yellow-skinned martial artists, seven black-skinned martial artists, and seven white-skinned martial artists. A total of 16 people were seated.

A black-haired young man slowly stood up. He liked to keep his long hair tied into a ponytail, making him look unrestrained and casual.

He was Jaziel Sherman.

Judging from the name alone, he was most likely the No. 2 hidden agent of the Northern Army.

This ruthless person had snuck into the roundtable meeting.

“Everyone is familiar with each other, so there’s no need for me to introduce all of you one by one!”

“Sir Sherman, let’s get straight to the point. There’s not much time left for the Delta Empire! ”

The representative of the Zeta Empire, Sharma Dylan, had a white scarf on his head and was wearing clothes that looked like a dress. He proposed to start discussing the main topic.

“Sir Dylan, please call me Jaziel!” Jaziel smiled faintly.

“Alright, Sir Jaziel, the hunting plan has been fully launched for three days.

How is your country’s progress?”

The middle-aged blond man from the Alpha Empire was Jerry Olcot.

Since he was asking face to face, it was undoubtedly a difficult question to answer.

The Alpha Empire and the Delta Empire had been fighting for hundreds of years.

For hundreds of years, the two families had been competing with each other.

Now, because of the gradual awakening of Hansworth, these two families had joined forces.

“Sir Jerry, speaking of the hunting plan, our countries have all contributed a great deal. I wonder what your country has done?”

“The Alpha Empire has kept its promise. We sent 20 pinnacle martial artists to Mount Tanish. We even joined forces with the eight countries of the north and the countries near Ludwig. We have always kept to our end of the agreement!” Jerry’s face darkened.

“It’s been three days since the Delta Empire took action,” he said angrily. “You haven’t even broken through Hollow Pass. When can we proceed to the next stage of the hunting plan?”

“According to the agreement, you should have broken through Hollow Pass two days ago!”

The Zeta Empire’s Dylan was extremely agitated as he criticized.

Jaziel’s eyes revealed a cold and stern expression as he said indifferently, “Do you think it’s up to you to tell the Delta Empire what to do?”

“Why you! ”

Dylan was furious, he couldn’t help but glare at Jerry from the Alpha Empire.

Ollie of the Theta Empire was sitting quietly in his seat. He frowned and said, “Sir Dylan, according to the hunting plan, six legions of the Zeta Empire should have already passed the Sayman mountain range, right?”

“If we count on Dylan, then we might as well go eat sh*t. The Zeta Empire’s legions of martial artists are being hammered to the ground by the 200,000-strong Southern Hansworth troops.”

The one who spoke was Korbyn Jessen!

He was the representative of the Iota Empire. As soon as he opened his mouth, he criticized Dylan.

Jaziel took a deep look at Korbyn.

It was a meaningful look that seemed to have a hidden meaning.

Korbyn turned a blind eye to this gaze, but he was wondering what did Jaziel, this bastard, mean by that gaze?

Korbyn felt that he didn’t say anything wrong!

Only Jaziel knew what was on his mind.

Because when Korbyn opened his mouth, he sounded like an old Northern Army person!

Was Korbyn a Northern Army hidden agnt?

That was what Jaziel was thinking!

It was a roundtable meeting at the world’s highest-level conference room. It was impossible for two Northern Army hidden agents to sneak in, right? Having Jaziel there as a hidden agent alone was more than enough.

If Korbyn were added to the mix, it would be a huge problem!

Next, Jaziel was shocked!

Korbyn leaned back lazily in his chair and glanced from the corner of his eyes. “The Alpha Empire still has the nerve to boast that they have allied with the eight countries of the north. The damned eight countries of the north were only able to hold on for a few days before they were beaten to the ground and into a pulp by the Northern Army!

“Cameron Linar of Namar was killed by the Northern King in the palace. They ceded thousands of miles of land to ask for peace. They said that for as long as the Northern King was alive, they would pay tribute to Hansworth every year for the rest of their life..”

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