The Strongest War God

Chapter 986 - Chapter 986: This Challenge Cannot Be Rejected!

Chapter 986: This Challenge Cannot Be Rejected!

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The Sovereign Lord was in closed door cultivation all year round and didn’t go out.

Frosty’s personality was naturally cold, and she didn’t care about external matters.

Usually, everything on Heavenly Mountain was handled by Rhea Reeves, but Frosty still had enough authority.

Because of the Sovereign Lord’s seven students, Frosty was the eldest.

This was the eldest sister!

Even Braydon Neal, Little Seven, had to respect this big sister.

If Frosty wanted Justus Grimes to die, no one could save him unless the Sovereign Lord appeared.

Braydon had already stepped onto the stairs leading to Heavenly Mountain. He said softly, “I’ve just arrived at Heavenly Mountain. If I kill someone, it will be disrespectful to my teacher.”

Frosty clearly didn’t think so.

Her heart was as clear as the water of the Jade Lake. She was not as scheming as Braydon, that old fox.

Justus stood where he was, silently wiping the cold sweat off his face. A cold breeze blew, but he realized that his back was already drenched in sweat.

To the martial artists on this Heavenly Mountain, although they knew that the Sovereign Lord was the owner of this place, they were still not able to do anything.

However, other than a few of them, no one else was qualified to meet the Sovereign Lord.

Frosty was the first disciple of the Sovereign Lord, and in the eyes of people like Justus, she was second only to the Sovereign Lord.

Frosty’s presence gave Justus and the others immense pressure!

At the same time, more and more people appeared on the steps leading to the Heavenly Mountain. They didn’t dare to look at Frosty as they respectfully greeted, “Greetings, Your Holiness Frosty, Reeves and Sadler!”

“There’s one more holiness!”

Rhea stopped and looked at the old man on a huge rock outside the stairs. She gently corrected him.

The old man who was sitting cross-legged on the boulder was cultivating.

At this moment, he knelt on one knee on the huge rock. He could not help but be stunned. In the next second, he seemed to have thought of something.

To the people of Heavenly Mountain.

Everyone knew that the Sovereign Lord had seven disciples. The other six were cultivating in Heavenly Mountain and never left the mountain. The most mysterious one was Little Seven. No one in Heavenly Mountain knew him and only talked about him occasionally.

However, all the Heavenly Mountain martial artists knew that the mysterious Little Seven was extremely talented and might be the most outstanding among the seven.

At the very least, he could stand shoulder to shoulder with Her Holiness Frosty.

Otherwise, how could he have inherited the Spirit Summoning Monarch Art?

In the hearts of many martial artists of the Heavenly Mountain, the mysterious Little Seven was the future master of Heavenly Mountain.

Because he cultivated the Spirit Summoning Monarch Art, he was the Young Sovereign Lord!

He was also the future Sovereign Lord of Heavenly Mountain.

In the blink of an eye, so many years had passed.

Martial artists like the white-haired old man had almost forgotten about this Little Seven.

Who would have thought that His Holiness would suddenly return to Heavenly Mountain today?

The white-haired old man was sweating profusely. He lowered his head and said respectfully, “Greetings, Your Holiness!”

“How many pinnacles are there on Heavenly Mountain?”

Braydon could vaguely sense that there were many martial artists hiding around the nine thousand steps leading to the peak of Heavenly Mountain.

The white-haired old man, Lee Wynn, looked troubled. There were many secrets in Heavenly Mountain that he should not know of. Even if he knew some information by chance, he could not say it and could only keep it to himself.

Rhea said softly, “The martial artists on Heavenly Mountain are all people who followed Master back then. They are also the descendants of these people. Master considered their contributions and allowed their descendants to live on Heavenly Mountain.”

“If that’s the case, Heavenly Mountain should be overcrowded after hundreds of years!”

Braydon continued walking up the stairs.

Lee knelt down on one knee and watched Braydon leave. His eyes shone brightly.

Lana Sadler explained by the side. “Although several hundred years have passed, there aren’t many of those old people who followed Master left. Only a small portion has left behind descendants. Many martial artists are all alone and have no partners.”

“Most martial artists are obsessed with martial arts. If you can find a loved one at the right time, it’s a blessing. But if you miss it, it’s a lifetime!”

Rhea said faintly.

They had lived in Heavenly Mountain for a long time and had never experienced the mortal world.

However, there were many legendary stories of people on the mountain.

Warriors who could follow the Sovereign Lord were all extraordinary people.

There were countless legendary stories behind every expert.

Lana and the others had also heard quite a lot about it since they were young.

Rhea smiled. “Many warriors only have martial arts in their hearts. They don’t have time to care about their relationships. When they are over a hundred years old, they have no interest in the mortal world. They spend years in seclusion to pursue higher realms and strength.”

Braydon nodded lightly. He knew what a martial artist pursued.

As long as there was a glimmer of hope, martial artists would not lose the heart of martial arts, nor would they give up the opportunity to increase their strength.

Unless there was a problem with his body and was not able to improve his level at all, this kind of martial artist would retreat bravely, return to the mortal world, get a wife, have children, and give up everything for the rest of his life.

Therefore, there had never been a situation of overcrowding on this Heavenly Mountain.

However, the news of Braydon, the youngest disciple of the Sovereign Lord, returning to Heavenly Mountain quickly spread throughout the entire mountain.

On the stairs leading to Heavenly Mountain, a large number of warriors appeared. They stood on both sides of the stairs, their eyes revealing curiosity. They all wanted to see this mysterious Seventh Holiness.

Halfway up the mountain, Braydon had already discovered more than a hundred pinnacles.

Martial artists below the pinnacle realm were virtually invisible.

In other words, martial artists below the pinnacle realm were not qualified to see Braydon.

However, Braydon noticed that there was something else in the eyes of some of the martial artists on both sides.

These people were targeting him.

Although Braydon had just arrived at Heavenly Mountain, he was not afraid.

On the steps leading to the peak of the mountain stood a long-haired youth dressed in black. He had a handsome and cold appearance, and his long black hair was tied up with a straw, like a ponytail tied behind his head.

He looked like he was fifteen or sixteen years old, but he was blocking the front.

Braydon stopped, his expression calm.

“Gannon, stand down!” Frosty said with a frown.

“Gannon Cohen greets the First, Second, and Fourth Holiness!”

The youth in black did not bow, but knelt down on one knee.

Rhea smiled lightly. “Gannon, you’re here. Why? Do you want to challenge me?”

“I wouldn’t dare. If it wasn’t for Rhea carrying me back to Heavenly Mountain sixteen years ago, I would have frozen to death in the snow. As long as you are alive, I will forever respect you as my master!”

The young Gannon had lived on Heavenly Mountain since he was young.

He was an abandoned baby.

Rhea had carried him up to Heavenly Mountain when he was still a baby. She definitely saved his life.

“I heard that the Seventh Holiness have returned to the mountain. I’m here to ask for advice!” Gannon said calmly.

“According to the rules of Heavenly Mountain, any martial artist of Heavenly Mountain who is on the steps can challenge anyone. No one can reject the challenge.”

Lana said softly.

This was the rule set by the Sovereign Lord.

After all, as a martial artist living on Heavenly Mountain, how could he verify his martial arts techniques and strength without an opponent?

This flight of stairs was the only flight of stairs that led up and down the mountain.

Unless one never went down the mountain.

Or they could go down the mountain and never return.

Otherwise, once one stepped onto the stairs, someone would challenge the person.

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