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Chapter 378 Blood Crystals—Trash

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Chapter 378 Blood Crystals—Trash

?Lathel was lying down when he suddenly shivered. He felt like someone was thinking of him. Of course, the person thinking of him had bad intentions, which is why he shivered like this.

He frowned; he did not want to dispel this feeling. He would rather believe in it so that he could carefully come up with a plan to deal with the impending danger than not believe at all.

Lathel shook his head, and suddenly, a person appeared next to a pillar.

“Heh?! That’s…” Lathel frowned, seeing the person who had just appeared: “Dorothy? Did she pass the test inside the pillar? Could it be that the challenge inside is so easy that even a little girl like her can overcome it?”

He muttered as he looked towards Dorothy. And Dorothy walked to his side with a depressed expression: “Eldest brother, the challenge inside that pillar is very boring; there is nothing fun at all.”

Lathel: “…”

He felt a bit of a headache. If the challenge inside those stone pillars is as simple or boring as Dorothy just said, then this place is not a Dungeon to imprison the Demon Lord, but a kindergarten.

Besides… Dorothy entered the trial inside the stone pillar after Ikarys, but she appeared first. Ikarys is the male lead, but he has not appeared yet, which also means that the challenge is not easy.

“Ah!” Dorothy suddenly remembered something. She took out a small red pill from her space bag: “Eldest brother, I got this during the trial; you should have it.”

“This…” Lathel saw the red pill that was as big as a fingertip and immediately knew it was not normal.

The pill was red like blood, and it emitted a blood-coloured aura. Although it wasn’t too dazzling, he could feel the enormous amount of energy that existed within it.

“Cauldron, what is that?” Lathel silently communicated with Cauldron in his heart.

“That is the blood crystal of a high-level monster, at least Rank B.” Cauldron replied.

“Blood crystals? What is it?” Lathel asked silently.

Cauldron then explained: “All monsters, when they reach a level over 50, in addition to the energy crystals inside them, also possess ‘Blood Crystals’.”

“For humanity, the ‘Blood Crystal’ is almost useless; it only works in a few cases, but it seems that only pharmacist enchanters need to use it.” 𝘧𝓻ℯ𝑒𝑤𝓮𝒷𝓷𝘰𝑣ℯ𝑙.𝓬𝓸𝓂

“However, for other races, especially the Beast race, it is a priceless treasure.”

“Unlike humans, the Beast race not only cultivates in the normal way, but they also have another method, which is eating monsters.”

“As I told you before, they eat the meat of high-level monsters, absorbing the energy inside the meat to strengthen the energy inside their bodies.”

“Among them, ‘Blood Crystal’ is the one they like the most because it contains almost all life energy, and of course, it is something the Beast race can absorb easily.”

“Lathel, although a ‘Blood Crystal’ is useless to humans, it is a priceless treasure to a half vampire like you.”

“With it, you can increase your strength, energy, and even life energy. Quick, get it.”

Hearing that, Lathel frowned. When Dorothy saw his expression, she was confused and tilted her head to ask: “Eldest brother, why are you staring at me like that?” Won’t you take it?”

Lathel sighed, then shook her head and said: “Dorothy, are you a member of the Beast clan?”

Dorothy pouted: “Ah! Big brother, have you found out? That’s right, I’m a member of the Beast Race; will you hate me?”

“No, it’s just… do you know the uses of ‘Blood Crystals’?”

Hearing that, Dorothy nodded: “Uhm! That’s why I gave it to you, hehehehe… Big brother, swallow it quickly; it’s very delicious.”

Lathel smiled seeing that. He gently placed his hand on Dorothy’s head, then patted her head: “You are so stupid.”

“Heh?!” Dorothy didn’t resist. On the contrary, she enjoyed having Lathel pat her head: “Elder brother, don’t you like this?”

“Of course I like it very much, but… I think you need it more than I do. That’s why… you should use it.”

Dorothy raised her head and looked at Lathel, puzzled. Lathel was also attracted by her black, bottomless eyes.

Due to this, they did not notice a flash of light far from them. Doran appeared, his body full of wounds: “Tsk! Damn it, what challenge is so difficult? I almost died, but luckily I was strong enough, so… What?!”

Doran opened his mouth wide, his face filled with disbelief, as he saw Lathel patting Dorothy’s head as if he were her brother.

If Doran’s father knew about this, he would also be so surprised that he wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut.

The girl they respected was being patted on the head by another man like a baby, which made it difficult for Doran to accept.

However, he did not dare to speak up. After all, Dorothy’s personality was very strange. He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable; if not, she would beat him to the point where he would have to stay in bed for a month.

He remembered the time when he was lying on the bed after being beaten by Amleth. No, to be more precise, Amleth’s servant beat him.

Remembering that time, he felt scared. After having all his arms and legs broken by Amleth’s servant, Dorothy continued to force him to use life energy to restore himself.

That time was truly a nightmare for Doran. That’s why he decided to stay silent. However, in his heart, he felt strange. Why could Lathel do that to Dorothy without being beaten by her?

‘Could it be that…Dorothy really likes Lathel?’ As soon as this thought appeared in his mind, he immediately found a way to get close to Lathel.

Even if Dorothy doesn’t like Lathel, the closeness between him and her is enough for Doran to get close to him.

Turning back to Dorothy, she pursed her lips and said: “Elder brother, do you really not need it? It is the blood crystal of a rank-B monster.”

“That’s right, I really don’t need it.”

“You know it can increase your lifespan, don’t you need it?”

“That’s right.” Lathel shrugged and said: “I’m still very young; besides… I’m human; I can’t use it.”

“You can sell it; its value is very high…” Dorothy said as she waved her hands to demonstrate how valuable the blood crystal was.

“Hahahaha… I’m also very rich; there’s no need to sell it. Dorothy, you can use it, don’t worry about me.”

Hearing that, Dorothy pouted: “Then… next time, you must accept my gift, okay?”

“Okay, next time I will accept, but I will only accept gifts of low value.”

“Heh?! Why? What use are things of low value?

“It’s true that they have very little effect, but… as long as you give them to me, it will be very precious.” Lathel said, smiling.

Dorothy was startled when she heard that. She stared at Lathel while silently cursing in her heart: ‘You… are really stupid.’

However, she did not show that expression and just said: “No! If you want me to do so, you must accept this gift from me first.”

She said this as she brought the blood crystal in front of Lathel. The smell of blood seemed to stimulate the vampire’s bloodthirsty nature inside him, startling him.

‘Impossible! It’s just a blood crystal; how can it make my bloodthirst rise?’

‘Could it be that blood crystals are so special that my vampire instinct craves them?’

Lathel remembered what Cauldron said and took a deep breath.


Lathel was startled. He was about to say something when a ray of light suddenly appeared, like an arrow that had just passed through the space between him and Dorothy.

It flew into the distance, collided with a pillar, and exploded.


The explosion wasn’t big, and the pillar didn’t have any cracks, but Lathel could feel the power of the light streak from before.

If the target of that streak of light was Lathel, he would have been injured. Although the wound probably wouldn’t be too serious, it was enough to make him uncomfortable.

Lathel turned his head, looked at the place where the light came from, and saw Ikarys.

Ikarys also frowned at Lathel and said contemptuously: “Ah! I thought you were just a coward; however, I never thought you were a fraud.”

“You won’t even let go of even such a lovely little girl, you’re truly trash, Lathel.”

Lathel frowned: “What do you mean?”

“Did I say something wrong?” Ikarys shrugged and said: “Aren’t you planning to trick her into giving you the blood crystal? It’s funny. Are you so short on money that you’re stupid?

“Don’t you know that blood crystals are useless to humans? Even if you sell it, you won’t get too many gold coins.”

“But for that girl, that stone is truly priceless. Lathel, I’m really disappointed. Someone like you… should disappear from this world.”

Lathel: “…”

He felt a bit uncomfortable. The male leads all seem to be the same; they all think they are right and don’t care about the truth or other people’s thoughts.


“Don’t scold my brother!”

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