Chapter 1149 - Chapter 1149: Little Green, Well Done!

Chapter 1149: Little Green, Well Done!

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For example, the properties of the Lin Laosan family, the fields, the mountains, and so on, all belonged to the village.

Soon, it would be the harvest season. Lin Laosan’s family had more than ten acres of land, which could produce stones of wheat. Each family could get at least one stone.

Lin Yiwei glared coldly at Lin Laosan. Then, he asked a few young men to carry the child out of Lin’s Garden and back to the ancestral hall.

Lin Laosan, Li Cuihua, and the others were completely flustered.

They could not be bothered to yell at Lin Yuelan. Their only goal now was to stop the village from making such a decision.

After Lin Yiwei and the others left one after another, Lin Yuelan’s face darkened. She said to Little Green sharply, ” Little Green, come over here!”

Looking at Lin Yuelan’s posture, it seemed like she was going to teach Little Green a lesson.

Lin Deshan and Doctor Zhang immediately felt their hearts ache.

Lin Deshan advised, ” Girl, I’ve already taught Little Green a lesson. Please forgive Little Green this once!”

Doctor Zhang also joined in the persuasion and said, ” Girl, isn’t Little Green still young? It was understandable to be coaxed with a few words. Don’t be so strict.

Lin Yuelan said, ” Grandfather, grandmaster, don’t worry about it. I know what to do!”

Then, she looked at Little Green and shouted, ” Come with me!”

Little Green looked at its grandfather and grandmaster. Seeing that they couldn’t stop his sister, he could only follow behind Lin Yuelan, feeling wronged.

Immediately, the two elders felt their hearts ache.

They wanted to follow him, but Jiang Zhennan beat them to it and said, “Grandpa, grandmaster, I’ll go take a look!”

Lin Deshan immediately instructed Jiang Zhennan, ” If the girl punishes Little Green, you must stop her!”

Jiang Zhennan nodded. ” Yes, I will.”

Then, Jiang Zhennan followed closely behind Little Green.

As soon as he entered Lin Yuelan’s house, Jiang Zhennan immediately closed the door.

Lin Yuelan’s tense expression disappeared. She squatted down and hugged

Little Green. She smiled and said, ” Little Green, you did a great job this time!

Little Green hugged Lin Yuelan’s neck and said in embarrassment, ” Sister, did I do well?”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “ Yes, you did a great job. During this period of time, Lin Laosan’s family has become a little more peaceful. They’re so peaceful that I don’t know how to deal with them. I didn’t expect that his good grandchildren couldn’t hold it in and actually wanted to make a move on vou.

They’re really too arrogant.

“Now they won’t appear in front of us anymore.”

After this incident, whether it was Lin Laosan’s family or Lin Yiwei, they couldn’t shirk responsibility even if they wanted to.

Even if they wanted to shirk responsibility, they would have to ask the Lin Family Village people if they were willing to shirk responsibility.

No one wanted to leave a potential killer who could kill at any time in the village.

Because no one could guarantee that they would lose their lives because they had offended them in some way. How unjust would that be?

Lin Laosan’s grandchildren were so young, but they were so vicious. It was terrifying.

Moreover, the people of Lin Family Village were selfish and greedy by nature. For their own interests, they would expel those who thought they were harming them.

Therefore, this time, the fate of Lin Laosan’s family was to be expelled from the Lin Family Village.

Jiang Zhennan looked at the two of them and immediately shook his head in a pampering manner. Then, he shook his head and said, Little Green, you’ve done a great job!”

These people would wander around in front of Yue ‘er from time to time, making Yue ‘Er very annoyed.

Now, the older ones were a little more obedient, but the younger ones had become restless.

“But, Little Green, what’s going on?” Jiang Zhennan asked curiously, Are these people really planning to throw you off the cliff?”

With Little Green’s power, he would be safe no matter where he was thrown.

He was not worried at all.

Little Green pouted and said, ” No. Actually, what Lin Daguang and Lin Dahua said was the truth. After Lin Darong brought me to the cave, they wanted to capture me and hide me so that you guys would be anxious. When the time comes, they will go out and look for me. Then, they will make you think that they are my saviors. At that time, they will discuss conditions for you.”

Little Green said with disdain, These people really want to treat me as a fool who doesn’t know anything.

“However, I wouldn’t let them catch me so easily. So, I deliberately ran and ran. When they were about to catch me, I ran away again. Sometimes, when they weren’t paying attention, I would let my friends stretch out their branches from time to time to whip them. From time to time, they would trip and go dizzy. Some of them became so tired that they lay on the ground and could not get up.”

Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan’s lips twitched.

However, Little Green was getting smarter and smarter.

The next day, Lin Yiwei came to Lin’s Garden. He came to tell Lin Yuelan about the fate of Lin Laosan’s family..

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