Chapter 1151 - Chapter 1151: Thunder!

Chapter 1151: Thunder!

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As for Lin Sanniu’s family, they had been working in Taoyuan Village recently. They were very diligent. Lin Yuelan was a little reluctant to give up such free labor.

One had to know that hiring people would cost thirty to forty wen a day. A husband and wife partnership would cost at least fifty to sixty wen. In a month, thousands of wen would be spent.

So, why would she throw away the free labor that she could use?

She didn’t want to see Lin Sanniu’s family, so she would just avoid them. Their existence couldn’t affect her mood at all.

Lin Yiwei didn’t know what Lin Yuelan was thinking. He just nodded and said, ” Okay, I got it!”

After Lin Yiwei went out, Lin Yuelan’s mood instantly became relaxed and cheerful.

The eyesore was finally gone.

When Jiang Zhennan came in from outside, he saw the smile on Lin Yuelan’s face. He smiled and asked, ” Yue ‘er, are you in a good mood?”

Lin Yuelan nodded and replied, ” Mmm, not bad!”

Jiang Zhennan only looked at Lin Yuelan with a gentle smile. He looked at her quietly and didn’t speak.

A moment later, Lin Yuelan felt that she didn’t need to rest anymore. She stretched and said, ” After resting for a day, I want to go to the fields and take a look!”

Although the people below were very reassuring, she still felt that she had to go and take a look to feel more comfortable.

Jiang Zhennan nodded. ” Okay, I’ll accompany you!’

However, when the two of them walked to the door, they bumped into the village chief, who was about to enter Lin’s Garden.

Lin Yuelan asked doubtfully, ” Grandpa village chief, is there anything else?”

Lin Yiwei said, ” Girl, Lin Sanniu is determined to leave with Lin Laosan and the rest!” At this point, he was clearly furious at Lin Sanniu’s foolish behavior. Not chasing them out was already the greatest gift.

However, this person was extremely filial. When he saw his parents being chased out of the Lin Family Village, he was very worried about them and could not live in the Lin Family Village with a clear conscience. Therefore, he wanted to go out with them so that he could take care of Lin Laosan.

However, did Lin Sanniu not know that if he really went out with them this time, their lives would be even more miserable than before. It was hard to say whether his wife and children could survive or not.

After all, Lin Laosan and his wife were ruthless, selfish, and cold-blooded people.

When Lin Yuelan heard this, she only smiled as if she had expected this outcome.

She asked, ” What did his wife say?

Lin Yiwei shook his head and said, ” She only knows how to hold her children and keep crying. It seems that she can’t stop him at all. ‘

Chen Xiaoqing had always been weak and incompetent.

Lin Sanniu was obedient these days because he felt a little guilty. In addition, Lin Yuelan was getting richer and richer. He thought that as long as he worked hard, Lin Yuelan might take them to Lin’s Garden.

As long as his family moved into Lin Garden, Lin Sanniu would be able to help his parents and brothers.

But now, the village wanted to chase his parents out. With his foolish filial piety, he could not stay in the Lin family village with a clear conscience. He would definitely go through thick and thin with his parents.

Lin Yuelan curled her lips. It was obvious that she was mocking and despising him.

Lin Sanniu only cared about his parents. When it came to the interests of his parents, he could give up his wife and children.

Lin Yuelan smiled and said, Alright, Grandpa village chief, I’ll go take a look!”

Lin Yiwei immediately heaved a sigh of relief and said, ‘i Alright!”

Lin Yuelan walked towards Lin Sanniu’s house, which was actually a cowshed.

Lin Sanniu was packing up his things, Chen Xiaoqing was sitting on the ground with Lin Darong in her arms and crying, and Lin Yueru was leaning against the corner with a blank and numb expression.

Outside, there was a crowd of people who were watching the show. They were pointing at their family, and they were even more disdainful of Lin Sanniu for not caring about the lives of his wife and children.

Perhaps it was because the disdainful gazes in the village were too obvious, or perhaps it was because Chen Xiaoqings resistance was too irritating. After a moment, he walked up to Chen Xiaoqing and slapped her twice. He cursed, ” B * tch, what are you sitting here for? Hurry up and pack your things! Don’t think that you can relax just because I’ve catered to you during this period of time!”

The onlookers despised Lin Sanniu’s behavior even more..

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