Chapter 1272 - Chapter 1272: The Most Eligible!

Chapter 1272: The Most Eligible!

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As soon as he said that, all the officials were stunned at first. Then, their eyes widened in shock. They looked at the serious Emperor with disbelief and disbelief. Then, they looked at the calm and leisurely Lin Yuelan.

There was a strange silence.

This atmosphere lasted for an unknown period of time. Then, the ministers led by Prime Minister Chen stood up and asked with uncertainty,” Your Majesty, could it be that this person is Miss Lin Yuelan?”

Yuwen Longyan asked sharply,” Could it be that I’ve become old and muddle-headed? Can anyone be conferred the title of ‘Princess Guguo’?”

Hearing the emperor’s words, the officials were not only shocked, but they also looked at the little girl standing in front of them, Lin Yuelan.

Yuwen Longyan released his royal aura and asked sternly,” Do you still think that Lin Yuelan can’t bear the title of ‘Princess Guguo’?”

All the officials were speechless.


Seven stones of grain per mu, a dictionary that allowed more people to read and write, and the widespread use of Arabic numbers had greatly changed the lives of the people of Longyan Kingdom. It could make the lives of the people change drastically. Everyone had food, clothes, and a peaceful life. This was the goal of many officials.

Looking at the silent atmosphere, Yuwen Longyan asked sharply again,” My dear ministers, do you still think that my adopted daughter, Lin Yuelan, can’t bear the title of ‘Princess Guguo’?”

This time, the question carried an irresistible majesty.

He was hinting that no matter who opposed it, it would be ineffective!

At this moment, Duke Guo, who had been watching from the sidelines, or perhaps he knew what was going on in his heart, stepped forward and said seriously,” Your Majesty, if a woman who has made such a great contribution to the country and the people is not worthy of the title of princess, then I’m afraid that no woman in the world can!”

“l agree!” After Duke Guo’s words, there was another moment of silence. Prime Niinister Chen and the others immediately went forward to agree.

“l agree!’

“l agree!’

All the officials stood out to support Duke Guo’s words.

In the end, only a few people felt that Princess Lin Yuelan was too cruel and bloodthirsty, so they didn’t agree. Of course, that included Jiang Yunfeng.

He knew very well that if Lin Yuelan, Jiang Zhennan’s fiancée, really became the ” princess of Guguo,” it would be very disadvantageous to them. Therefore, until the end, he would still stand on the opposing side!

The imperial censor stood up and said,” I object!’

However, the few people who objected did not stand up. At this moment, even if they objected, they were very wise. They could be said to be very tactful as they watched from the side in case they really offended the future noble princess of Guguo.

Therefore, it was enough for one person to step forward when it came to offending someone.

Hearing the Imperial Censor’s objection, Yuwen Longyan did not get angry. Instead, he raised his eyebrows and asked,” Oh, Minister Huang objects? I wonder what is the reason for my beloved minister’s objection?”

The Imperial Censor loudly said indignantly,” Your Majesty, there are rumors in the capital that Princess Lin Yuelan used her status as a princess to kill the servants in the Zhengguo Duke’s Residence. More than half of them died, and the rest were heavily injured! Such ruthlessness, killing innocent people at will, no matter how much she contributed, she was not qualified to be a princess, let alone the princess of Guguo whose status was more precious than ordinary princesses! ”

The imperial censor didn’t seem to be afraid of offending people at all. He told Lin Yuelan’s ‘crimes! in detail.

Yuwen Longyan wasn’t angry when he heard that. He looked at Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan with calm expressions on their faces. He praised Lin Yuelan even more.

She was not angry or unhappy when she was insulted to this extent, nor did she explain her actions. Such a magnanimous woman was really rare. She was a hero among women!

Yuwen Longyan praised in his heart. Then, he said to the imperial censor,” Oh, there are rumors all over the capital that my adopted daughter is a bloodthirsty and cruel person because she killed servants in the Duke’s estate, right?”

The imperial censor replied,” Your Majesty is wise!” He agreed with the Emperor.

Yuwen Longyan sighed in his heart. Fortunately, Lin Yuelan was a magnanimous person. Otherwise, based on his current actions, the princess of Guguo would definitely make things difficult for him. With her intelligence and methods, his official career would have come to an end.

Yuwen Longyan was also troubled by the Imperial Censor’s stubbornness. He pointed at the Imperial Censor and said, “You mule.” Then, he put down his hand and said to Eunuch Zhang,” Eunuch Zhang, you were there when the Princess of Guguo killed the servants of the Duke’s Mansion. Tell them the reason why Princess Gu killed these servants! I want them to see if my adopted daughter is a ruthless and bloodthirsty person!”

Hearing the Emperor say that Eunuch Zhang was present, the officials were shocked.

Many people secretly exclaimed, ‘That was close! Fortunately, they did not blindly believe the rumors outside and opposed His Majesty’s imperial decree to confer the title of Princess Guguo!’ Because Eunuch Zhang was present, Princess Gu would never kill the innocent.

Eunuch Zhang stood up and told him everything that happened after Jiang Zhennan and Lin Yuelan returned to the Duke’s estate.

In the end, he said to Lin Yuelan with some heartache,” Princess, it was this old servant who gave the order. However, the princess was kind and spared most of their lives. In the end, after only a day, there were rumors that the princess was a bloodthirsty and violent person. In my opinion, those servants must have hated the princess, so they wanted to use rumors to hurt the princess. How despicable! ”

After Eunuch Zhang finished telling the truth, everyone stared at Jiang Yunfeng with strange gazes, causing Jiang Yunfengs face to turn red!

Lord Yuan, who was on good terms with Jiang Yunfeng, had an ugly expression on his face. His face was dark as he whispered to Zhengguo Duke, “Zhengguo Duke, so the Princess killed those servants because they bullied their superiors and defied their superiors. Why didn’t you tell me?”

In fact, after hearing Eunuch Zhangs explanation, as long as one wasn’t stupid, one would understand that the servants were able to do this because they were instructed and hinted at by their masters. Otherwise, which servant would dare to go against a dignified Defender General?

As for who these masters were, who else could it be other than the Duke’s family?

Therefore, Lord Yuan was very angry that he had offended the general because of the Duke.

If it was really the Defender General’s fault, it would be fine. His words might make him unhappy, but they should not offend him.


Lord Yuan was extremely vexed!

There were other lords who felt the same way as Lord Yuan, so they were also angry at the Duke.

They thought to themselves, ‘He is the Defender General of our dynasty, the rightful heir of the Zhengguo Duke’s estate, and the eldest grandson of the Jiang family. It’s fine if you don’t welcome him when he wants to return to the estate, but you actually let him pass through the right door that servants only pass through. Isn’t this clear that you want to insult him?

‘Moreover, the one accompanying him was the Great General’s fiancée, the Emperor’s adopted daughter, Princess Guguo, and the Emperor’s Eunuch Zhang!

‘But now, you actually have the face to complain in front of us! It is obvious that you are the one who has been spreading the rumors outside!’

Jiang Yunfeng received strange and angry gazes from everyone. He was instantly embarrassed, angry, and shocked. He wished that there was a crack in the ground for him to crawl into.

However, at this moment, he could only stand up and bite the bullet and say to the Emperor,” Your Majesty, when I return, I will definitely investigate thoroughly. Which ungrateful servant dared to slander the Princess outside? I will definitely tie him up in front of the Princess and let the Princess vent her anger!’

However, he was filled with hatred in his heart. He had failed again!

Lin Yuelan said coldly,” There’s no need to tie him up in tront ot this princess. Back then, this princess also said that they were lucky to be able to survive! Since they were lucky enough to survive, they could only spread some rumors to vent their anger! This princess is a dignified princess. How can I lower myself to the level of a servant?”

She deliberately emphasized the word “servant”..

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