Chapter 5 - The Origin Story

Chapter 5: The Origin Story

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Lin Xinlan was exceptionally surprised as she squatted by the side of the river and looked at the clear reflection of her own appearance.

The original host looked to be about seven or eight years old. Her hair was as yellow as weeds, and her face was sallow and thin. Her facial features were decent, but they were hidden by severe undernourishment. Her eyes were bulging, and her lips were pale.

‘Damn, even refugees look better than this.’ Lin Xinlan gasped. But she was now in this body.

From the things she had experienced since she transmigrated here, the original host must have had a hard life. However, since Lin Xinlan had taken over this body, she would treat it well. She would restore her body to the pink of health.

Lin Xinlan decided to take a bath in this small river since she was feeling itchy all over.

However, the moment she stood up, her eyes dimmed, and it felt like the world was spinning. Lin Xinlan used a lot of willpower to endure it. She held her head. She stopped herself from falling into the river, lest she loses her life again.

After a long while, Lin Xinlan put down her hand. Her eyes were filled with anger. The memories of the original host had just entered her mind.

She understood why the kids were calling the host jinx and even tried to beat her to death.

The host was targeted because when she walked with her head lowered, she accidentally brushed against the sleeve of the village bully. The kid thought it was extremely bad luck.

Therefore, the kid paid everyone a dime and had all of his friends in the village catch Lin Yuelan on her way home to beat her up. The host was already thin. Plus, she had not eaten for a whole day already. She didn’t survive the assault.

When Er Gou Zi kicked the host on her chest, the last breath was caught in her throat, and she died. After that, Lin Xinlan arrived and took over the body.

Why was the host called a jinx? Where was her family? Why was the host beaten to death for just brushing against someone’s sleeve?

The story began three years ago with an old Taoist Master.

This was a village called the Lin family village. The original host’s family lived here. This family was led by Lin Laosan. He had a granddaughter called Lin Yuelan.

Lin Laosan had a wife called Li Chuihua. They had four sons, Lin Daniu, Lin Erniu, Lin Sanniu, and Lin Siniu, as well as a daughter called Lin Xiaoxue.

Lin Daniu had two sons: the eldest son, Lin Daguang, and the youngest son, Lin Dazong.

Lin Erniu had two daughters and one youngest son, Lin Dahua, Lin Xiaohua, and Lin Dayao.

Lin Sanniu had two sons and two daughters, the eldest daughter, Lin Yuelan, the second son, Lin Dazu, the youngest daughter, Lin Yueru, and the youngest son, Lin Darong.

Lin Siniu had yet to get married.

Lin Laosan and Li Cuihua doted on Lin Daniu and Lan Dazong the most.

Lin Daniu because he was their first son, and Lin Dazong because he was the only grandson of the Lin Family who went to school. His talent was praised, and he was the family’s hope to be an elementary scholar.

Therefore, Lin Laosan and Li Cuihua worshiped the ground Lin Dazong walked on. They bought everything for him. In fact, half of the Lin family’s income was spent on Lin Dazong.

As for the remaining half, other than putting away some for household expenses, the rest was hidden by Li Cuihua.

Lin Yuelan’s father, Lin Sanniu, was hated by Li Cuihua the most. Sometimes, she treated him like an enemy. This was because Li Cuihua almost lost her life when Lin Sanniu was born due to the position of the baby. Li Cuihua believed that Li Sanniu was a being of misfortune, so she always scolded and beat him. She treated Lin Sanniu’s wife and children as slaves too.

The Lin family land was worked solely by Lin Sanniu’s family. The household chores were done by Lin Sanniu’s wife and daughters.

Due to the endless work and undernourishment, the members of Lin Sanniu’s family were all skinny. Lin Sanniu’s wife, Chen Xiaoqing, was forced to work the day after giving birth to Lin Yuelan. As a result, she fell ill. After she gave birth to her youngest son, her health deteriorated day by day. However, she did not even buy any medicine, let alone see a doctor.

Because those things needed money and all the money was in Li Cuihua’s hands. Li Cuihua did not like Lin Sanniu and his family. How would she take out money to treat Chen Xiaoqing’s illness? She wished that Lin Sanniu and his family would die.

However, Lin Sanniu was a very foolish and filial person. He handed over all the money that he earned from his daily work to his mother. Therefore, even if his wife was sickly and emaciated and coughed every day, he would only advise her to endure it.

The host, Lin Yuelan, was Lin Sanniu’s daughter. She was not liked by Lin Laosan and Li Cuihua either. However, at the very least, she would be fed by her grandmother as long as she worked hard.

However, three years ago, an old Taoist master passed by Lin Laosan’s home and asked for some water. At the time, only Lin Yuelan was home.

In ancient times, Taoist masters were respected and revered.

Lin Yuelan poured a bowl of water for the old Taoist priest.

After drinking the water, the old Taoist priest looked at Lin Yuelan’s face and frowned. He asked, “Little girl, how old are you?”

Lin Yuelan answered in a crisp voice, “Nine years old!”

The old Taoist priest held the horsetail whisk in one hand and stroked his long white beard with the other. He nodded and said, “Little Girl, take this. You’ll need it in the future.”

Lin Yuelan took a yellow talisman in puzzlement and asked, “What’s this?”

The old Taoist priest said seriously, “Little girl, I can see that your future will not be good. Your cheekbones are high, and your eyes are wide. It’s a sign that you’ll jinx your husband to death. Wear this talisman on your neck. Hopefully, when you’re fifteen, your destiny will have been fixed!”

When the old master told this to Lin Yuelan, a gossipy woman in the village happened to hear it.

When the old master left the Lin Family Village, the news of Lin Yuelan being a future husband killer had already spread throughout the village.

In less than half a day, she had evolved from a jinx who’d harm her husband to a jinx who’d harm her mother, father, and then all her relatives.

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