Chapter 701 - 701 Investigation

701 Investigation

If you don’t see the evidence with your own eyes, then shut up.

Since then, Jiang Zhennan and Guo Bing had no more rumors about them.

However, since the two of them were not gay, there were many women who had their eyes on Guo Bing.

Not to mention that Guo Bing’s appearance was very handsome, which attracted those young girls who were in love.

Besides, Guo Bing was the young little master of the Guo family. Although he could not inherit the title, he would have glory, splendor, wealth, and rank. Who asked him to be the precious baby of the Guo family?

As long as she married him, the girl would also become the precious treasure of the Guo family.

Of course, the Guo family was also happy to find a wife for their baby. However, the Guo family was also very picky, and they could not find a suitable one. They always felt that this woman was not worthy of their son and that woman was not worthy of their son. In any case, the most beautiful woman in the capital, the most talented woman in the capital, and so on, were not worthy of their baby.

In this way, Guo Bing was also happy to be at peace. As long as his family didn’t rush him to get married, he would let them do as they pleased. Anyway, the Guo family thought that no woman was worthy of him.

On the contrary, after Guo Bing and Jiang Zhennan went missing, the Guo family was extremely anxious. They guessed that something must have happened to Jiang Zhennan, or else their precious son would not have not returned for such a long time.

They were worried and anxious, but they could only secretly investigate.

This investigation took almost half a year. Not only was Duke Guo’s hair white from anxiety, but Madam Guo, who was also Guo Bing’s mother, was crying her eyes out. She kept making a fuss with the Duke, saying that they were the ones who forced Guo Bing to find a woman to marry every day, causing her precious son not to come home.

Guo Bing’s two older brothers and two older sisters were also so anxious that their hair was about to turn white. Then, they all said that they would no longer force Guo Bing to get married. Even if Guo Bing didn’t like women and really liked men, they would no longer object as long as he was safe and sound.

As soon as Guo Bing came back, he was confused when he heard his family say that they would no longer force him to get married and that they would no longer object to his love for men. He was speechless and even wondered if they were being too sensitive.

Therefore, he tried his best to explain again, “Father, mother, brother, sister, I’ll say it a thousand times. Your son, your brother, doesn’t like men.”

“Okay, okay, no matter if you like women or men, we will support him!”

Guo Bing’s face turned black again, and he simply did not explain.

Guo Bing spent all day in the general’s office.

However, he had never thought that the third Prince would suddenly bestow him with a few women.

Although the Guo family wasn’t happy, they couldn’t refuse a gift from a Prince. They could only make good arrangements for these women.

As for Guo Bing, he was a little confused and angry at first, but at the same time, he was also helpless.

Now, when the two of them talked about the third Prince bestowing women upon Guo Bing, he was shocked to realize the third Prince’s intentions.

Guo Bing was at a loss, ” big brother, the third Prince is too sinister. He actually wanted to curry favor with me to buy me over and achieve his goal of pleasing you! To put it nicely, he has given me a few women. To put it bluntly, these women are to monitor our every move.”

Jiang Zhennan drank the wine in his glass and did not say anything.

Guo Bing immediately said anxiously, ” big brother, say something. What should we do with these women? ”

Jiang Zhennan said lightly, ” do what you have to do! Anyway, those women are locked in your backyard and can’t go out. What can they do?”

Guo Bing said disapprovingly, ” even so, having a few more pairs of eyes is still uncomfortable.”

Jiang Zhennan asked, ” what do you want to do then? You have to know that this is a gift from the Prince. They can’t be casually sent away.”

Guo Bing thought for a moment and whispered a few words to Jiang Zhennan. After Jiang Zhennan heard it, he immediately agreed. “alright, go and arrange it! After all, it’s just a few women. Even if the third Prince knows, he can’t do anything.”

After all, he had bestowed a few women to them. As for how they were assigned, the third Prince could not care less.

At that moment, Zhou Wencai suddenly ran over in a hurry, his forehead covered in sweat.

Guo Bing looked at his tired appearance and asked curiously, ” young master Zhou, what happened? Look at you, anxious and sweating all over. It doesn’t match your elegant and graceful demeanor at all.”

Zhou Wencai wiped the sweat from his forehead and ignored Guo Bing’s teasing. He said anxiously, ” general, Lieutenant, my father sent a letter saying that sister yuelan has gone to Qingfeng city.”

Upon hearing Zhou wencai’s words, Jiang Zhennan and Guo Bing immediately jumped up in shock. They asked again, ” did your father really tell you this in the letter? ”

Zhou Wencai nodded and replied, ” yes. My father said that it was because of Sister Yuelan’s grandfather. He was in An Ding County, and he went to Qingfeng city in a hurry with someone. Sister Yuelan was worried, so she also rushed to Qingfeng city.”

When Guo Bing heard this, he immediately clapped his hands and said anxiously, ” this is bad. Miss Lin is in Qingfeng city, and so is the third Prince. With miss Lin’s unparalleled beauty, it would be fine if the third Prince didn’t see her, but if he did, then he would be in a daze. The consequences of this matter were unimaginable.”

Although Yuwen Feiye had hidden it well, he had a special fetish. He liked young girls who were not yet of age, especially those who were pretty and yet immature.

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