Chapter 703 - 703 Assassination in the Night

703 Assassination in the Night

Why didn’t such a huge commotion alert Lin Deshan and the others?

This was because Lin Xuming had knocked Lin Deshan out. The moment the two men barged in, they hit Lin Deshan’s sleeping acupuncture point.

As for the servants on night duty, they were knocked unconscious by the two intruders.

The West courtyard was for the guests, while the East courtyard was for the host. There was a distance between the East courtyard and the West courtyard. Therefore, the small movements in the West courtyard could not be heard by the East courtyard.

Lin Xuxing said doubtfully, “Zhou Xingfa knew that old master’s appearance would attract attention. Why didn’t he send someone to protect old master? Besides, didn’t the old master take out the thousand-year ginseng for him already?”

Lin Xuming thought for a while and said, ” maybe the guards went to guard the thousand-year ginseng! Therefore, he didn’t send many people to protect the old master.”

Lin Xuxing said, ” but we can’t leave the old master’s safety in the lurch. If it weren’t for master asking us to protect old master, old master might have already fallen into someone’s plot.”

Lin Xuxing was a little angry.

Zhou Xingfa was too unkind.

Lin Deshan had come to help him, but now that he got the ginseng, he gave Lin Deshan the least amount of protection.

Lin Xuming waved his hand and said, ” alright, let’s continue with our work. The Masters know their own matters very well.”

Lin Xuxing felt indignant and said, ” but I’m angry. No, I must report this to master.” One must know that in master’s eyes, the old master’s safety was more important than anything else.

At the east courtyard, the Butler looked at Zhou Xingfa and asked, ” old master, do we really not need to send more people to protect the West courtyard? ”

Zhou Xingfa held the sandalwood box in his hand and seemed to be having an intense internal struggle.

He knew very well that ever since Lin Deshan returned to Qingfeng city, he had been targeted by many people. It was because of the legend from twenty years ago that the Lin family had a thousand-year-old ginseng.

Now, Lin Deshan had handed the ginseng over.

However, it was a business transaction. After he auctioned it off, he would only get 20% of the commission, and the rest of the money would have to be returned to lin Deshan.

The milkvetch flower had been sold for 150000 taels of silver the last time, and his auction house had made a net profit of 120000 taels of silver. This time, the thousand-year-old ginseng was a life-saving treasure that all the officials and nobles were scrambling for. He estimated that it would be sold for at least 300000 taels of silver.

It was impossible for zhou Xingfa not to be moved by such a huge sum of money. Moreover, his auction house had been making losses recently, and his funds were not turning well. If he had some money, his auction house would regain its reputation because of this thousand-year-old ginseng, and his auction house would rise again.

However, if the money were given to Lin Deshan, his reputation would be restored, but the problem of cash flow would still exist.

The Butler saw that his master was a little hesitant and said, ” master, I heard from Ah Cai that there were a few groups of assassins who tried to sneak into our house, but before he could do anything, those assassins disappeared without a trace.

“Old master, it was obvious that those people were after old master Lin. However, those assassins disappeared for no reason. What did this mean? It means that there’s someone protecting old master Lin, old master!”

Zhou Xingfa was a little surprised. “Did Ah Cai really say that? ”

The Butler nodded and replied, ” that’s right! And old master, the thousand-year-old ginseng that old master Lin took out wasn’t the Lin family’s treasure, but a thousand-year-old ginseng given to him by his precious granddaughter. Old master Lin still took it out without hesitation to help you solve your current predicament. Old master, have you ever thought about what this means?”

When Zhou Xingfa heard the Butler’s words, he said, ” this means that Lin Deshan’s background is definitely not simple, especially the granddaughter who gave him a thousand-year-old ginseng so casually!”

“That’s right, old master!” The Butler continued, ” didn’t you see how old master Lin’s eyes were shining when he talked about his precious granddaughter? Why does it sound like the granddaughter he’s talking about is not a simple person? ”

Zhou Xingfa immediately came to a realization, “Yes. You’re right!”

If something really happened to Zhou Xingfa in his residence, then Lin Deshan’s granddaughter would definitely not let him off so easily.

Besides, the fact that Lin Deshan’s granddaughter had given him the precious thousand-year-old ginseng so easily meant that she didn’t care about it at all. She might have more things in her hands.

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