The Villainess With A Heroine Harem

Chapter 760 The ’Poor’ Elf Ranger



[Grade 3 Challenger, Level 19, Orc Warrior]

Although a few levels didn't drastically change one's stats too much, and this enemy was only level nineteen, Emilia didn't dare to underestimate its strength at all.

Based on its giant frame and protruding fangs, this orc warrior's bloodline level was definitely incomparable to that of a similarly leveled player, and the strength of a real orc was definitely far beyond that of a regular human.

Fortunately, Emilia somehow managed to avoid its crushing blow, and quickly retrieved her 'Poison Fang' as well.

In fact, if she really wanted to, she could have easily taken down the goblin without needing to throw her sword away, and avoided the orc's 'surprise attack' from happening as well, but there was a reason she didn't do so.

Unlike the ranger and adventurer challenges, the warrior's challenge wasn't quite so straightforward, after all, and the way in which the opponents were killed mattered just as much as how many of them she managed to take down in the end.

If she played too cautiously and took down each enemy with a clean strike, not only would the number of points she could reap on average be lowered, but Emilia would also have to face increasingly tougher opponents as well.

The orc warrior roared in rage when its heavy club was once again avoided by Emilia by a hair's breadth. "Stay still and let me hit you, brat!"

The crimson-haired girl was actually shocked by the spittle that came flying to her face, and barely managed to sidestep it before delivering a few more slashes to the orc's abdomen in revenge.

She didn't put in too much force, so the orc only felt that his thick skin had been tickled and teased, making him even more disdainful of this 'enemy'.

He didn't pay much attention to the few trails of dark green blood from these shallow 'wounds', not knowing that he'd already been poisoned. 𝚋𝚎𝚍𝚗o𝚟𝚎𝚕.org

Of course, her 'audience' had no way to know her true intentions, and only thought that she must have been caught off guard, and was actually struggling against the orc warrior.

From their perspective, it really looked like the crimson-haired elf would be taken down by a single blow from that giant club, while Emilia's own attacks weren't doing much against the orc.

But the 'beast' soon realized that something was wrong based on the slight numbness spreading through his limbs, and tried to grab onto Emilia in a panic.

The behavior of each 'image' in the arena was based on the 'person' they'd been 'stolen from', after all. And even if it had somehow known it couldn't last long as an 'image', the fear of death was still deeply ingrained into its soul.

The 'audience' almost screamed again when they saw the beast abandon its heavy club to try and clutch Emilia's neck, clearly much faster than before.

Fortunately, the crimson-haired elf ducked in time and slid under his hulking frame, delivering another two shallow wounds to the orc's thighs before emerging behind him.

"Ohh… she managed to dodge it!" Danielle breathed out a sigh of relief.

Sylvia frowned. "It's only the third enemy, and it's already so dangerous…"

Just as she thought so, Emilia kicked the back of the orc's knees, and under everyone's shocked eyes, the giant 'beast' actually collapsed to the ground.

Danielle and the others who knew of her weapon's properties soon realized that it must be because of her 'poison', but the viewers of the stream were left completely dumbfounded as they watched the situation suddenly reverse.

Emilia even made a show of executing the defeated warrior, her sword completely severing the orc's head from his neck in one go.

"What the hell? Wasn't she getting bullied just a moment ago?"

"That sword couldn't even pierce its skin properly, but now it can suddenly sever its head…?"

Obviously, it was impossible to guess that the crimson-haired elf was doing it all for 'style points'. And unfortunately for them, Emilia had no intention or leisure to 'explain herself', as the next opponent had already started to materialize.

This time, the opponent was actually another elf girl, who quickly opened up the distance between them before her form was even fully revealed.

[Grade 4 Challenger, Level 21, Elf Ranger]

Emilia could obviously tell that this enemy's agility was also ridiculously high, far higher than the goblin in round two. She didn't dare underestimate it.

The blonde elf ranger quickly drew her bow's string back while taking aim, and Crystal, Danielle, Sylvia and the others didn't dare to make a sound, lest they distract Emilia at a crucial moment.

The first arrow flew straight to the crimson-haired elf's throat, but she easily stepped aside to avoid it, only for another one to almost pin down her leg if not for her deflecting it with her sword.

The elf ranger's arrows seemed to materialize out of thin air every time she pulled back her bow's string, and the continuous volley soon put Emilia in a precarious situation.

Although she was swatting most of them aside and dodging those that she couldn't, each of her actions appeared more hurried than the last, and everyone felt like it would only be a matter of time before she couldn't keep up.

But having already been 'fooled' before, Crystal was obviously watching the fight much more intently, and soon noticed that Emilia was slowly closing the distance between herself and the elf ranger despite her seemingly 'panicked' dodges.

Crystal couldn't help but shake her head with a smile. 'She's just having fun, isn't she?'

In fact, Emilia didn't really have it easy, given the opponent's high level and the disparity in their stats, and understood that she may not be able to clear as many rounds as she previously expected.

But that was all the more reason to squeeze as many points out of this elf ranger as she could.

The blonde girl seemed to have grown quite complacent after observing Emilia just passively enduring her volley of arrows, and Emilia could tell that she was channeling some of her 'mana' for what she expected must be a 'finisher' soon.

The moment it was done, Emilia 'made a desperate move' and threw her sword while leaping away from the volley of arrows, and the elf ranger's pupils constricted in shock as she barely managed to avoid the flying blade from impaling her chest.

'I-I almost died!' She thought. "Lightning Smite!"

Luckily, she not only avoided the fatal blow, but her finisher was also ready, taking care of the trouble in one go.

Or so she thought.

The lightning that crashed down from the sky momentarily blinded everyone around the arena, and when they opened their eyes again, they were shocked to see the 'poor' elf ranger struggling on the ground, with her head and neck firmly strangled between Emilia's thighs.

Even though her sword was already within arm's reach, the crimson-haired elf didn't retrieve it, and only tightened her hold with a smile. "Not a bad way to go, is it?"

Watching from the sidelines, the rest of her teammates couldn't help but fee a little dumbfounded. Although Emilia's words were clearly unreasonable, how come they couldn't find it in themselves to disagree?


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