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Book 9: Chapter 533: The Real Ruler of the Gabriel Empire

Book 9: Chapter 533: The Real Ruler of the Gabriel Empire

There was a secret resting place located in the imperial city area of Gabriels City (Sword Capital) at the Gabriel Empire (Nation of the Sword). After the meeting was adjourned, Bella and her companion made their way to this secret hidden spot to unwind. While the beautiful girls that had come here with Bella were unconsciously letting their guards down because of their relaxed state, Bella had every intention of taking advantage of the situation and implement her evil plan.

The visit to this secret resting place was the first long-awaited vacation for everyone since the usurping of the throne fiasco. It was meant for them to relax and recharge themselves after the long battle. Initially, this private hot spring site was built by the son of the patriarch of the Renald family that had tried to steal the throne. He intended to use it once he had ascended the throne.

After the Renald family’s plan to overthrow the throne was foiled, like every other possession, this hot spring was also picked up by the final victors of this political game. It now belonged to Bella and Kriss. Since the construction of the hot spring was unfinished when they got it, they had actually inherited a hot spring with no connection to any underground water source. As such, the hot spring was more of an empty pond when it was handed over to Bella.

Yet, this didn’t dither Bella. What she needed was precisely that—an empty hot spring with no spring water in it. By the time she and her companion arrived at the hot spring, it was already filled with milky white liquid. At a glance, it looked a lot like cow’s milk, but the scent of it was a little different, as if it was from another particular mysterious source. This particular hidden vicinity was part of the restricted area that could only be entered with the permission of Bella and Kriss. No other person would be allowed to access this area.

“Bella, is that milk in there? Why is the smell so strong, as if…?”

“Sister Helena, that’s indeed milk. Whoever doesn’t believe me, I could take them to experience the production process.”

The evil grin on Bella’s face sent a chill down the spines of these female princesses and grand dukes. They had come over to relax after successfully concluding the enthronement ceremony. According to their experience of being teased by Bella, it was apparent that she had an evil intention when she gathered them here. Since it was daytime and Kriss was also with them, they thought that it would be safe for them to tag along. 

“Bella… Mistress, it’s still broad daylight, and sister Kriss is with us… Eh, where is Empress Kriss?”

“Kriss has gone somewhere else to rest. Say, do you want me to help you take it off, or do you want to do it yourself?!”

Only then did the beautiful maidens realize that they had been tricked into a plan that was curated by the Demon King Bella, as well as the pure and innocent-looking Kriss. Currently, Bella was standing at the only exit of the secret hot spring, preventing the girls from leaving. The “accomplice” Kriss was nowhere to be found. When the girls were not paying much attention to them, the “co-conspirator” and Bella had retreated to the posterior of the vicinity. Just as the rest of the beautiful girls entered their trap, Kriss safely left the danger zone.

“There are no outsiders here. Shouldn’t you call me Mistress? If not, I will punish the disobedient one!”

“Mistress, it’s my mistake.”

“Mistress, I’m not ready yet. Could you…”

“Today, none of you will be able to escape from me. Since you have all called me your Mistress, do you still expect me to serve you and help you take off your clothes?! Except for the crown on your head, I want everything off!” 

When Bella shifted to her overbearing tone, these beautiful maidens, who had previously been harassed and teased, instinctively called her Mistress. At the same time, their hands moved towards the buttons on their clothes and started to remove their garments, as if they had been put under a spell. It didn’t take long before all these beauties sheepishly displayed their snow-white, delicate “body art” in front of Bella.

Bella had her own purpose for letting these female princesses and female grand dukes retain the crowns received during the coronation while submerging in the milk bath with her. Like the female nobles of a defeated country that had subjected themselves to the conquerors, Bella’s way of shaming these beautiful ladies was to remind them that regardless of how high their social status was, at the end of the day, they were still a slave to Bella.

“Come, wear these. It’ll make you look much cuter. If you do not want this, there are still other options for you to choose from.”

“No, Mistress, we’ll choose this. There is no need for others.”

Looking at the red leather collars in Bella’s hand, all the beautiful ladies took it. Without any hesitation, they clapped it onto their slender necks. Compared to the collar, Bella’s other “Super Dirty Girl” options would be way more sinful and degrading. It included toys such as a pet tail that would be hung off their rear. Rather than the rest, it’d be best to obediently take the collar.

Bella soaked in the milk bath with a blissful expression as she enjoyed the sensual massage of the beautiful girls surrounding her. On her arms were the sensitive twin sisters, Calman and Cahlia, while sisters Andanielle and Andanetta straddled Bella’s snow-white thighs. They allowed her to caress and tease their tender and most sensitive mysterious region of their bodies.

This time around, the beautiful girl that Bella was using as a pillow was the more voluptuous Helena. Initially, the position belonged to Doris, but since Helena had taken over her spot, Doris was now in front of Bella. She let Bella fondle the most sensitive parts of her body.

It was sister Cathy and Sarah’s responsibility to massage Bella’s dainty feet on both sides. They closely cuddled Bella’s feet with their arms and let the softness of their breasts brush against Bella’s feet.

The ones with the least strenuous responsibility were Irina and Renath. They were placed on either side of Bella. All they had to do was suck and lick on Bella’s fingers while occasionally letting her stroke their breasts. The noble status of these newly coronated female princesses and grand dukes did not last long in front of Devil King Bella, submitting themselves as her slaves. The crown symbolizing their noble status on their heads held a different kind of delight to Bella. 

“All of you are really good at pleasing your Mistress. I really wish to let the ministers and the others know of this honest side of you.”

“Mistress, please don’t say that. Tell us which aspect you are unsatisfied with, and we will change it!”

“Mistress, we will do anything to please you. You can’t do that. Please don’t act that way.”

“If that’s the case, then you should all drink more of the milk in here. It’s good for your health, especially over here.”

Under Bella’s eyes, these female princesses and grand dukes lowered their heads and stuck out their tongues to lick the special milk in this hot spring. Bella’s pair of sleazy hands wandered around the soft twin peaks and kneaded on the bright pink cherries as she examined their development. Even when they were to be attacked by Bella’s concupiscent physical examination, none of these beautiful ladies had the courage to oppose her. They all submitted themselves to her will.

The white liquid in this hot spring was, in fact, technically milk. However, instead of milk from cows, it was milk that Bella had harvested from the beautiful maidens of the Goddess of Darkness faction from the Darkness Church. To put it in context, it was extracted from the beautiful girls of the Goddess of Darkness factions. Now, these maidens were lying on their backs all around the hot spring. The beautiful patterns on the naked body of these delicate ladies contributed to the picturesque background scenery. 

At first, Helena and the others were actually curious about the high-quality beautiful girls that Bella was simply using as a background at the hot spring. But, as soon as they saw the white milky textured liquid flowing out of the engorged double peaks of these beautiful ladies, they finally realized the truth. The milk they were submerging in and savoring right now was not, in actual fact, cows’ milk.

However, no matter how embarrassed Helena and her companions were, they could only give in to Bella’s will. They didn’t want to become the next victim she would use for such a purpose. In order for Bella to fill this hot spring with the specially produced milk, she had taken great pains. She had gathered almost all the beautiful girls from the Darkness Church, regardless if they were from the Goddess of Darkness or even the Demon King factions. 

Bella glanced at the swollen bosom of the beautiful maidens around her with an intentional gaze as she pondered if they could be used for any other amusement. All the girls she looked at trembled in fright, fearing that they would be lured into her evil games. However, as Bella studied their expression, she wasn’t sure whether they were trembling in fear or quivering in excitement. 

“Sister Helena and Sister Doris, you two seem to be very plump in this area!”

“Mistress, please don’t be like this. We can’t do that. But we’ll grant all other things that you wish for.”

In order to not be used for the other purposes, Helena, along with the rest of the beautiful girls, who were more voluptuous, rushed to Bella’s side to please her. Even though Bella was merely teasing them and had no intention to put them through it, she still felt a strange sense of accomplishment in her heart when she saw how the girls were panicking and begging her for mercy.

The core and high-level maidens of the Darkness Church were also present in the hot spring. The three Dark Holy Maidens, Liz, Livina, and Leah, as well as the beautiful twins, the heir to the pope, Lisnell, and Demonic Swordsman Lisner, could not escape Bella’s claws either. They, too, were also included in the beautiful ladies surrounding the milk-filled hot spring while they bashfully acknowledge Bella. After falling into the power of the Demon King, the relationship between them and Bella was that of a succubus and the summoning master. Through this relationship, their body had adapted to Bella and had recognized her as their master, with only a little resistance left in their conscious mind. 

“Lisnell and the few of you, come over here. Let me check if you have been lazy for the past few days.”

“Mistress, please, we have done what you wished for the past few days. When we get back, could we stop drinking that?”

“That will depend on my mood and your performance.”

Lisnell and her companions from the Darkness Church had been drinking strange potion for the past couple of days. It made bosom produce the special sweet milk like the rest of the ladies of the Darkness Church. With a knowing glance from Bella, these beautiful girls from the Darkness Church immediately walked over with their perky plump breasts and lined up in a row as they waited for Bella’s routine inspection.

Without much delay, Bella went straight to the point, letting Helena and the others rest as she headed on over to the three Dark Holy Maidens. Standing before Leah, she bent down and buried her head on Leah’s chest, sucking the delicious milk she was producing. Leah’s mature figure was perfect for such an act. Her two companions, Liz and Livina, were not spared from Bella’s clutches either as she kept her hands busy with squeezing and fondling the red cherries on their bosom. Under her stimulation, Liz and Livina were squirting out milk from their breasts.

“It’s delicious. If only you could keep doing this, I think…”

“Mistress, can’t we play this game again when we are a bit more mature? At that time, we won’t care how you want to play with us.”

“Sure, Lisnell. But today, you will do as I say. I assume the two of you sisters know what to do!”

Bella moved her head away from Leah’s chest and looked at the twin Lisnell and Lisner. The twin sisters from the Darkness Church could only bow their heads and resign to their fates. They obediently let Bella pull them into her arms and kiss. They couldn’t break free from the Devil King Bella as they were forced to press their soft bosom together, face to face. All they could do was subject themselves to Bella’s teasing. Their sensitive perky peaks were rubbed and squeezed into all kinds of shapes. After a while, an abundance of milk started to ooze out of them. 

All the other dark holy maidens watching on the side could only look over as the heir to their Dark Pope and their Demonic Swordsman were teased by Bella in all sorts of ways. The girls of the Radiant Church were forced to watch when Bella had harassed the heir to the Radiant Pope, Maria, as well as Cynthia, the Holy Swordsman. Now, it was their turn. These beautiful girls of the Darkness Church should be able to understand the feeling that the maidens of the Radiant Church had at that point in time. 

As the Dark Holy Maidens of the Darkness Church, the only way they could help unburden the twins Lisnell and Lisner was to place themselves around Bella and let themselves be teased. Even if the female princesses and grand dukes recognized these beautiful girls from the Darkness Church, they wouldn’t be surprised. Once placed in front of Bella, all their identities meant nothing. There were only two parties in this relationship—the master and her slave. Aside from Bella, everyone else was her slave.

Bella had gathered most of the special trophies she had collected throughout the Gabriel Empire (Nation of the Sword) here in this milk-filled hot spring. All the beautiful girls here were part of her precious collections. Except for Empress Kriss, who was not here, all the other princesses she had collected in this empire were present. This was just like the time when she enjoyed the princesses from the imperial royal family of the Manasvir Empire. The only thing different was that the target of harassment this time around was focused on the princesses of this empire.

The princesses wearing the crowns on their heads were lined up in a row, bowing at the edge of the hot spring. The eldest princess, Princess Kliveny, the second princess, Princess Karin, the fourth princess, Princess Khalifa, and the fifth loli princess, Krylo, were kneeling at the forefront, bowing their heads. The other princesses behind them were the group of unknown princesses that had looked down on Kriss. They were previously held captive to be enjoyed by Reynard after his family, the Renald Family, successfully usurped the throne.

After Bella had gotten hold of them, she sent these groups of unknown princesses to the evil Time Space Demon Noesha to educate them. Under her guidance, all of these princesses had fallen into great despair. By simply looking at another beautiful girl’s body, their own bodies would start to react strangely. 

“Dear princesses, why don’t you come and join us? Come quickly. This hot spring is wide and can easily accommodate all of you.”

“My prince, you need to have a little respect. We are princesses, you… Don’t pull. Such a hateful act, can’t you let me finish my sentence? Why did you suddenly kiss? Wait…?”

“Kliveny, a moment of spring is worth a thousand gold. You are already feeling weird over here. Quickly come and let me help you relieve it.”

Bella used a little of her Demon King power to lightly blow at the princesses, and they all fell into the milky pond one after another with a “puff”. When Princess Kliveny and the other four princesses recomposed themselves, they were being pushed by the other princesses that had fallen behind them to face Bella. All they could do now was to surrender their bodies to Bella’s whims.

As usual, Bella’s lecherous hands were wandering around. As one of her hands was busy fondling Princess Kliveny, her other hand was already pinching on the red cherry that was perched on the bosom of Princess Khalifa. She then had her face buried onto the soft flesh of the second princess, Princess Karins’s, peaks. 

As Bella kissed and suckled on Karin’s breast, her reaction reminded Bella of the women on the island of Japan, a nation in his previous life on earth. The fifth princess, Princess Krylo, who still had the figure of a child, could only stand on the side and watch with a flustered expression as her sisters were being harassed by Bella. As a loli, Bella had saved her for last.

This time around, Bella enjoyed herself and played with her precious trophies from the daytime all the way till the sun had set. Since the hidden hot springs were equipped with a thermal enchantment, the temperature inside remained perfect. Even if one slept naked inside, one would still be comfortable. When Bella finally walked out of the hot spring, aside from her, all the other human girls looked utterly hollowed out and were limping around. The scene incited the creative subconscious of a person. 

There was no other way since Bella’s physical strength as a Demon King was way too much for these human girls to handle. Luckily, she was a female. If she were to be in the form of a male Demon King, many beautiful girls would have been completely ruined by his harassment. As she left the milky hot spring, Bella went over to a separate hot spring area behind the mountain. When she arrived, there were several beautiful girls quietly soaking in this hot spring. The hot springs here were not filled with milk but rather with sparkling clean water.

Including Kriss, two other beautiful girls were here serving her. They were Fire Mage Wendy, who was captured by Bella, and Sword Goddess Claudine. Seeing how Bella was still unfazed, they were so afraid that they quickly went over to serve Bella in the hot spring. They were both well accustomed to the strange hobby of this Demon King. They knew that it would be better if they were to take the initiative to serve her now. By the time Bella took the initiative, it would be much worse. 

Bella welcomed their thoughtfulness and allowed Wendy and Claudine to wipe her body from left and right. Occasionally, she would stretch out her hand to lightly fondle their soft, white bodies. The bashful but excited expression on these two beautiful girls failed to arouse excitement in Bella’s heart since she had previously been harassing a fleet of beautiful girls. Instead, she felt as if it was all natural. The things she was doing were just by natural instinct.

“Bella, you are harassing them again. I won’t say much about sister Wendy, but Claudine is your senior. Shouldn’t you give her a bit of respect?”

“Kriss, you misunderstand me. I am doing this out of my respect for my senior. If you don’t believe me, then look at this happy smile on her face. Do you still think that I am harassing her?”

Kriss was used to Bella’s “extreme excuses”. Since Wendy and Claudine didn’t have much to do, Kriss just let them be. Previously, she had deliberately conspired and caused the other beautiful girls to fall into the harassing hands of Demon King Bella. Under the influence of Myriad Sword Demon Krysan, Kriss had also learned some nasty tricks. Sometimes, her way was not any less evil than that of the veterans like Bella or Noesha.

The only girls that did not show up were Lost Demon King Hailey Layman and Moon Demon King Gonias. These two members of the Twelve Ancient Demon Kings had accepted an invitation by the New Demon King faction, Sky Demon Doris. They had gone to visit the Darkness Sacred Region that had sent more than ten million demons to the field during the usurping of the throne, even though at the end of the day, most of them were unused.

Although the relationship between the new demon kings and the old faction was dangling between friendship and enmity, Bella and the members of the new demon kings were trying their best to win over the other six females of the ancient twelve demon kings. It was better to have fewer enemies than to have more. Of all the six female demon kings, except for the one that was ranked first in combat strength, Bella had met with all the rest.

All the five demon kings had one way or another fallen into the ‘evil hands’ of Bella and had been taken advantage of by her. The only difference was the degree she had taken advantage of them. There were a few demon kings that had completely fallen into her submission. It was only after confronting them that Bella had decided to win them over to her side.

“Bella, is it true that your father has really agreed to preside over the marriage between us? Was that what he meant?”

“Of course, your father-in-law and mother-in-law have agreed to my proposal. Or do you think that my family would trick me? How about this? Let us seal the deal here. By then, no one would be able to oppose me.”

“That’s hateful. Bella, you are thinking of dirty thoughts again. Didn’t you just finish playing with my sisters? But if you really want to, I won’t deny you.”

Kriss’s words brought Bella back to reality. Looking at her delicate collar bones, Bella had to admit that even after she had forced herself upon and teased all the other ladies, in the end, Kriss was still the most beautiful one in her eyes. This was probably the vast difference between the queen that stood in the main palace and all the other general girls in the harem. 

Even though Kriss did not refuse her, Bella didn’t want to force her at this point. All the other girls she had harassed so far were beautiful girls of ordinary lineages, such as the human race, demons, and even elves. Bella was not sure of the consequences that her action might lead to if she were to bond with a beautiful girl with a Dark Transformation such as Kriss.

Only after Bella had cleared up everything would she dare to attack Kriss. This was also the same reason why she had held off from harassing Dark Demon God Alice. Although Bella couldn’t have her way with Kriss, she still stepped forward and embraced her. As if to comfort her, they embraced quietly. The loving scene of the couple shocked the female sword goddess Claudine as well as Wendy, who was looking at them.

No one would have imagined that a demon king who had harassed so many beautiful maidens with all kinds of toys and in all sorts of evil ways would have shown such a warm and loving side of her. They couldn’t help but be envious of Kriss, who by far was the only beautiful lady Bella would treat in such a loving way.

“Bella, bring me back to meet with Uncle!”


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