The World Awakens: Ten Consecutive Draws Before Invincibility

Chapter 271 - One Punch

Chapter 271 One Punch

Although he was a little lucky, Blake still felt that Chen Feng had not taken any action on this trip apart from what happened in Japan.

However, there was a historical reason for that!

Furthermore, the target of Chen Feng’s attack was not all the residents of Japan. In fact, Chen Feng had even specially searched for a list of the corresponding people before taking action.

If he did not know before, Chen Feng’s actions had given him the perfect answer to his question after he met him.

“Alright then, are we going to take action next?” Blake stared blankly at Chen Feng’s back as he asked Finn Ernest another question.

Beside him, Finn Ernest laughed and said to Blake, “It looks like you still haven’t taken Chen Feng’s words to heart!”

“Finn Ernest! Don’t spout nonsense here. Can you translate what Chen Feng just said?”

Blake instantly felt a little irritated as he spoke to Finn Ernest.

“Hahaha, what Chen Feng means is that we just have to watch from the side. You don’t have to make a move or say anything. Just stand by the side!” Finn Ernest said after laughing

Meanwhile, Pu Yunmo had been watching Chen Feng’s back the entire time. He did not say a single word nor did he take a single step. He just stood there.

He believed that if Chen Feng needed anything, he would definitely call out to them.

Based on the agenda of this trip, Chen Feng would most likely say, “Hurry up and run!” instead of helping him if everything happened to such an extent.

This was because Chen Feng’s current strength might not be clear in the eyes of outsiders, but it was almost certainly in the eyes of Blake, Finn Ernest, and Pu Yunmo, it was almost certain!

They were sure that Chen Feng was that mysterious person who had been continuously broadcasted around the world by the game system two days ago. He had opened up several new rankings and had taken the top spot of many rankings!

They had originally thought that Chen Feng had concealed his true battle prowess and name on the combat strength rankings just to prevent others from suspecting him.

However, they could clearly understand what Chen Feng was thinking right now. He probably did not reveal his battle strength because he did not want to affect the confidence of the rest of the world.

Since Chen Feng had already made such an arrangement for them to go on missions around the world, what else could he not tell others?

After figuring out this relationship, Blake, Finn Ernest, and Pu Yunmo were actually very curious about Chen Feng’s true strength. After all, they had not separated from him for


In such a short period of time, how far could Chen Feng raise his strength?

However, Chen Feng did not say anything, nor did they ask him anything.

That was all.

Chen Feng made his move. He did not use any skills that had high lethality or an extremely large attack range.

He did not use his Overgod Scepter, which was already on the Overgod Weapon List.

There were no fancy or dazzling skills.

His skills were extremely ordinary. He took a step forward with his left foot and bent his knee slightly at the same time.

He kicked the ground with his right foot, and his entire body’s center of gravity was pushed forward. His right hand clenched into a fist and stabbed forward!

At the same time, Chen Feng flew into the air from the ground. He had extraordinary strength like a superman from a movie!

However, the power contained within Chen Feng’s circle was probably not something that a superman could compare to.

Chen Feng’s speed was extremely fast. He left afterimages in the air as he speeded around.

The Siberian Tyrannical Bear’s eyes narrowed.

His body trembled slightly, and his arms spread out behind him. His right fist was like a drawn bow as it swung backward.

At the next moment, he swung his right fist forward at an extremely fast speed. His forearm, which was as thick as an adult’s thigh, swelled even more at this moment!

It created a white wave in the air like a cannonball.

There seemed to be a grayish-white object attached to the skin of his right arm.

Beyond the vast grey expanse, there was another transparent cyclone moving around…

In an instant, All the floating, grayish-white objects had already attached themselves to the skin of the Siberian Tyrannical Bear. At the same time, they formed a layer of stone around him!

Meanwhile, the cyclones that were spinning on their own had already transformed into runes that contained mysterious information. They were like branding iron since the runes were deeply imprinted on the layer of rock on his skin!

The sound of Mars colliding with the earth spread out with a loud bang, and the energy that was generated sent the surrounding members of the Resistance flying.

Some of them spat out a mouthful of white wine, while others spat out blood. There were even a few broken teeth among them.

Meanwhile, Blake, Finn Ernest, and Pu Yunmo, who were standing behind Chen Feng, did not move at all. It was as though there were nails under their feet, which firmly nailed to the ground.

After a punch.

Chen Feng had already used his own strength to neutralize the impact of the collision, which allowed him to stand steadily and smoothly on the spot.

However, the leader of the Resistance opposite him, the Siberian Tyrannical Bear, was in a bad condition!

From Chen Feng’s point of view, he could see it even more clearly. In that instant, all the inscriptions on the Siberian Tyrannical Bear’s right arm lit up.

Every inscription immediately lit up like an overloaded electrical component. The light that shone was instantly extinguished.

In the next moment, the layer of grayish-white rock-like matter that adhered to the surface of his right arm turned into fragments at the same time. Immediately after, it turned into dust, as though it was blown backward by a blow dryer that contained immense strength.

The muscles on the right arm of the Siberian Tyrannical Bear were now hanging on his right arm like rags.

Upon closer inspection, those were deep and shallow ravines!

There were no cracks on the surface of the skin on the right arm of the Siberian Tyrannical Bear!

On the whole, there were such lines. It was as if everything beneath his skin had been turned into powder!

However, it did not disperse under skin and flesh.

That was the result of the impact of their fists on his right arm. His defense was not enough to withstand such power!

Chen Feng looked at the Siberian Tyrannical Bear. Other than his pupils, his eyes were as red as blood. His face was covered in tiny beads of blood.

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