Chapter 1050: What kind of reward do you want?

Chapter 1050: What kind of reward do you want?

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Chu Bai Qing’s voice was still gentle, like he was joking.

He did not take Ji Chenzhou seriously. He was just a child.

In the past, it was only women who liked Gu Jue, but now, Ji Chenzhou was obviously interested in Gu Jue.

Perhaps, in his third brother’s eyes, he was just bickering with Gu Jue.

However, he could tell that Ji Chenzhou had taken a fancy to Gu Jue. He could not be wrong about that determined look in his eyes.

But this time, Chu baiqing was really wrong. Ji Chenzhou’s eyes were filled with determination, but his target was not Gu Jue.

“Tsk, what are you saying? What’s this, it’s not… Are you jealous?”

Gu Jue was still angry because of Ji Chenzhou, but he suddenly realized that Chu baiqing’s words were sour.

She immediately grabbed Chu Bai Qing’s arm and asked.

“You know that I don’t eat spicy or sour food!”

He was not jealous, but he felt uncomfortable. Although he was not as overbearing as Gu Jue, he did not like people peeking at his things.

“If I say you’re jealous, would I lose a piece of meat?”

The two of them had already walked out of the living room. Gu Jue suddenly pinched Chu baiqing’s chin and asked lazily with his head tilted to the side.

Chu baiqing squinted his eyes at Gu Jue, his thin lips tightly pursed.

Gu Jue was stunned by Chu baiqing’s gaze. I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous.

You’re not jealous, but I’m jealous!

Gu Jue thought that Chu baiqing was unhappy again, so he quickly coaxed him.

“Gu Jue, you just said dirty words!”

In order to prevent the child from learning vulgarities from Gu Jue in the future, he had to keep an eye on him at all times.

I thought you were angry again, no… 1 was wrong!”

Gu Jue only realized that he had said vulgarities again after he finished speaking.

can you give me a transition period? if 1 don’t tell you now, 1 especially… 1 can’t do it!”

He was about to curse again, but Gu Jue quickly stopped himself.

1’11 give you three days to get used to it. After that, if you swear more than three times a day, you’ll sleep on the sofa for a day.

Chu Bai Qing thought about it. It was impossible for him not to say it immediately. After all, he had said it for so many years.

“What if I don’t say anything for the whole day? What reward? if there’s a punishment, there should be a reward, right?”

Gu Jue’s fingers caressed Chu baiqing’s lower jaw. He had already thought of a very good reward in his mind.

If Chu Bai Qing gave him this reward, he would not even eat.

“What reward do you want?” Chu baiqing avoided Gu Jue’s touch. Although no one could see him, it was still dangerous.

Gu Jue’s slender fingers caressed Chu baiqing’s thin, red lips repeatedly.

He didn’t say a word. Chu baiqing felt a little uncomfortable. The numb feeling on his lips made him reach out his tongue and lick his lips.

It was this subconscious action that made Gu Jue want to pounce on Chu baiqing.

His Adam’s apple bobbed as his fingers suddenly entered Chu Bai Qing’s mouth.

Before Chu baiqing could react, Gu Jue had already leaned over and whispered something in his ear.

His fingers did the same thing as he said.

In Chu Bai Qing’s mouth …

Chu Bai Qing’s ears turned red, even his beautiful collarbones turned red …

“I want this reward!” Gu Jue pulled out his finger and pressed it against Chu baiqing’s forehead. He smiled evilly.

Chu baiqing suddenly pushed Gu Jue away. His words were still ringing in his ears,” 1 want you to use your mouth ….

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