Chapter 4855 - 4855 Chapter 4855 Buddha’s candle lit up

Chapter 4855 - 4855 Chapter 4855 Buddha’s candle lit up

4855 Chapter 4855 Buddha’s candle lit up

The ancestor of the Lan family repeated his question. Hei xinjiu blinked her eyes and said, “It’s the Sanskrit mantra! I’m just not familiar with it yet.”

The ancestor of the Lan family shook his head. It would be a ghost if he believed her!

However, it was none of his business. He had to seize the time to cultivate.

Yun chujiu saw that the ancestor of the Lan family and elder Tuo had gone to cultivate again. This guy took the leaf and played a few more times, but there was still no effect.

This guy knew that he did not know any Sanskrit music, so although he was disappointed, he did not take it seriously.

She held her chin and pondered. She had already achieved the purpose of this trip. Although her father and mother were locked up, they looked good and should not be in danger for the time being.

What she needed to do was to improve her strength so that the Zen sect would release her.

Therefore, she began to sit cross-legged and meditate. Although the spring of tranquility did not have much effect on her, it was very quiet here and could stabilize her cultivation.

Soon, the news that Yun Chujiu had failed to play the flute several times in a row reached Master Liaowu’s ears. Master Liaowu’s heart began to beat faster.

Could it be that that little girl didn’t know how to play the Sanskrit?

But the Sanskrit she wrote was very profound and complicated, and it didn’t look like she wrote it randomly. Perhaps she was just not familiar with it.

On second thought, it was a good thing that Yun chujiu didn’t master the Sanskrit. Otherwise, if she was really that powerful, she might have caused trouble.

Counting the days, not counting three more days, that little girl would leave the Zen sect. The Zen sect could finally regain its peace.

Just as Master Liaowu was thinking about it, Master Liaowu rushed in in a hurry.

Master Liaowu couldn’t help but feel a little unhappy. This master Liaowu was already so old, why was he still so impatient. ! He actually came in without passing the message.

“Senior Brother sect leader, senior brother sect leader, it’s a happy occasion! A great happy occasion!”Master Liaowu said excitedly.

Master Liaowu was stunned. “What joyous occasion?”

“The Buddha’s candle is lit!”

“What? ! You mean the Buddha’s candle is lit?”Master Liaowu suddenly stood up, his face full of excitement.

As Master Liaowu spoke, he directly left the meditation room and looked in the direction of the Chang Ming Hall. He saw that the entire Chang Ming Hall was covered in a layer of golden light, and he could faintly smell a faint fragrance.

This kind of fragrance had the effect of calming the qi and concentrating the mind. It was indeed the fragrance emitted by the Buddha’s candle when it was burning.

“Amitabha, good, good, good. I didn’t expect that we would be able to see the Buddha’s candle reignite in our lifetime. It’s really Buddha’s blessing.”Master Liaowu was so excited that his eyes were red.

Master Liaowu nodded and said, “Let’s go to the eternal brightness palace.”

On the other side, hei xinjiu, who was cultivating in the quiet spring, sniffed. Where did the fragrance come from?

While she was wondering, she heard the ancestor of the Lan family and elder tuo say, “I didn’t expect that the Buddha’s candle of the Zen sect would be rekindled. From now on, the eternal brightness palace won’t have to arrange any lamp-keepers anymore.”

Hei xinjiu blinked her eyes. She had not forgotten that old monk Wu had once wanted her to be a lamp-keeper. The ancestor of the Lan family had even told her that the lamp-keepers were all dead. What was going on?

Hei Xinjiu walked up to the ancestor of the LAN family and asked, “Ancestor, can you tell me about the lamp-keepers? And what the hell is this Buddha’s candle?”


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