Chapter 5553, Misty Lake

5553  Chapter 5553, Misty Lake

The efficiency of the ten directions academy was very high. Two hours later, superintendent Cai summoned the flying spiritual device and led the examinees who had passed the assessment to the Ten Directions Academy.

There were also a few lecturers who were responsible for sending the eliminated examinees to the nearby cities.

Superintendent Zhang brought Yun Chujiu and the other three on the flying spiritual device and sent them to the cabin where the examinees were.

As soon as Yun Chujiu entered the cabin, Han Binger saw her. She quickly waved her hand. “Sister Qingcheng, over here!”

Yun chujiu smiled and brought Ding Wenrou and the other two to sit next to Han Binger.

Yun chujiu first congratulated Han Binger for passing the exam, then introduced Ding Wenrou and the other two to her.

Although Han Binger was surprised that Ding Wenrou and the other two’s cultivation levels were so low, she didn’t show it on her face. She politely greeted them.

The people around did not have Han Binger’s self-restraint. They looked at Yun Chujiu and the other three with eyes full of sizing up and disdain. Could it be that these four good-for-nothings were also examinees? Moreover, they had passed the second round of assessment?

Some examinees who had once met in the chaotic world valley said, “They are audit students. They only have the qualifications to spend money to buy them. They probably took our flying spirit tool along the way.”

Hearing this, the crowd looked at Yun Chujiu and the other three with even more disdain. So they were audit students!

In their hearts, audit students were synonymous with being stupid and having a lot of money. They were a bunch of useless snacks that relied on their father!

The official students of the Ten Directions Academy and audit students were like clouds and mud!

After the official students graduated from the Ten Directions Academy, all the major forces would compete to recruit them. However, audit students were annoying and sought after. They were just slightly better than the average person.

Ding Wenrou and the other two blushed and lowered their heads. It was obvious that they found it hard to accept the contempt of these people.

However, Yun Chujiu was still chatting with Han Binger with a smile, as if she did not see the eyes of those people at all.

Seeing this, Han Binger was even more certain that Yun Chujiu’s background must be very strong. Otherwise, where would she get the confidence? !

Thus, their words became even more intimate.

The chaotic World Valley was not too far from the Ten Directions Academy. A day later, the flying spirit tool landed on the ground.

Yun chujiu found that they were actually on the shore of a lake. The surface of the lake rippled and was very wide. However, the distance was covered by a thin layer of fog, obstructing people’s vision.

She recalled the situation that superintendent Zhang had introduced and thought, this should be the Misty Lake.

The Ten Directions Academy was different.

It was neither in the city nor in the mountains. Instead, it was on the ten islands of the Misty Lake. It was said that this was the origin of the name of the Ten Directions Academy.

The ten islands were all equipped with formations. They could be formed individually or together. With the surrounding lake water, even if they encountered a strong enemy, they could protect themselves.

Of course, only blind people would attack the ten directions academy because that was no different from sending themselves to their deaths.

Just as Yun Chujiu was in a daze, a large ship sailed over from afar.

The examinees were excited. “It’s the ship of the Ten Directions Academy. It must be here to pick us up. I heard that the ten directions academy is like a fairyland. Even if we can’t pass the test in the end, it would be a blessing for us to broaden our horizons!”

“Look at what you’re saying. We’ll definitely pass the exam. Then we’ll be able to live and study in the Ten Directions Waterside Pavilion!”

“You’re right. We’ll definitely be able to enter the Ten Directions Academy.”



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