Chapter 205 - The Restaurant’s Manager

Chapter 205: The Restaurant’s Manager

Gu Sheng was a little surprised. Someone actually dared to cripple Xu Yang in the Green Lotus Restaurant!

He really wanted to see who had the guts to do so!

The manager of the restaurant looked at Jiang Ping and the others, his eyes full of killing intent. A mere earth immortal realm actually dared to be presumptuous in his restaurant!

He crippled his intelligent son!

This was absolutely intolerable!

After hearing the clamor from the restaurant manager outside, Jiang Ping picked up the Cloud Mist Sword and slowly stood up!

The heaven ascension realm!

This was a little interesting. It was barely enough for him to make a move.

After Jiang Ping stood up, the aura all over his body continued to increase explosively!

The earth immortal realm aura on Jiang Ping’s body continued to increase dramatically towards the heaven ascension realm. Although Jiang Ping was already in the soaring realm if he displayed the strength of the soaring realm and scared the enemy away, wouldn’t that be boring?

Therefore, Jiang Ping had suppressed his strength to the heaven ascension realm!

Outside the restaurant, the restaurant manager saw that Jiang Ping’s aura was increasing rapidly, and his eyes became a little solemn!

What on earth was going on with this guy?

Why was his aura increasing rapidly?

Could it be that he was not only in the earth immortal realm?

Could it be...

This guy was also in the heaven ascension realm?

With every step Jiang Ping took, his aura increased by a notch!

By the time Jiang Ping walked out of the restaurant, his aura had already soared to the heaven ascension realm!

When Gu Sheng saw Jiang Ping’s figure, his eyes were filled with surprise. It was actually this guy!

No wonder he dared to cripple Xu Yang in the Green Lotus Restaurant!

So it was a hothead who relied on his strength and considered everyone beneath him!

Gu Sheng looked at Jiang Ping, who was holding the Cloud Mist Sword in his hand. He wanted to see if this guy’s heaven ascension realm was powerful or not!

The manager of the Green Lotus Restaurant was a veteran heaven ascension realm cultivator!

He had cultivated in the heaven ascension realm for many years and had long reached the peak of the heaven ascension realm!

Even if this guy was a heaven ascension realm cultivator, he should only have just entered the heaven ascension realm. There was no way he could be a match for the restaurant manager!

At this moment, the restaurant manager looked at Jiang Ping with killing intent surging in his eyes. Endless killing intent was brewing in his eyes!

He must make this fellow pay the price!

Countless boundless true Qi gathered in his hand, and the winds and clouds in the world changed drastically!

Following that, he directly struck out with his palm towards Jiang Ping!

This palm strike was enough to destroy the heavens and earth, and it could even sink the entire Fengdu City!

However, Jiang Ping’s expression was still extremely calm, as if this palm strike was nothing to him.

Jiang Ping pulled out the Cloud Mist Sword with a calm expression. Then he waved it lightly towards the palm strike that the restaurant manager had sent over!

An incomparably sharp sword Qi slashed out, and with this sword strike, the surrounding space was completely torn apart, and countless pieces of void shattered!

The sword Qi instantly spread throughout the entire Fengdu City, traversing 30,000 miles of heaven and earth!


Jiang Ping’s incomparably terrifying sword Qi directly clashed against the restaurant manager’s terrifying palm strike, and scary energy madly gushed out!

A protective formation instantly lit up in the sky above Fengdu City, preventing Fengdu City from being destroyed in the battle!

The restaurant manager’s terrifying palm strike was directly shattered by Jiang Ping’s light sword strike!

When Gu Sheng saw this scene, his pupils contracted slightly. This fellow had actually blocked this palm so easily!

He was quite something!

But this wasn’t the true strength of the restaurant manager!

When the restaurant manager saw that Jiang Ping had blocked his heaven-destroying palm so easily, his expression was also somewhat surprised!

It seemed that this fellow’s heaven ascension realm was also somewhat advanced!

But it was only so-so!

“Injuring my intelligent son, dying ten thousand times isn’t enough!”

After the restaurant manager roared angrily at Jiang Ping, an incomparably huge vajra dharma idol actually appeared in the sky!

A dense oppressive feeling followed, and the incomparably huge dharma idol covered the sky as if a true God had descended into the world.

However, Jiang Ping’s expression remained calm. There wasn’t the slightest ripple.

Could it be that this guy’s trump card was only this dharma idol?

Then this wouldn’t be interesting...

Or rather, it was too boring!

Jiang Ping slowly raised the Cloud Mist Sword in his hand, and countless clouds and mist covered the sword, and the power of the great Tao spread around Jiang Ping’s body!

Countless sharp sword Qi covered the entire Fengdu City like a vast ocean!

At this moment, Jiang Ping was like a sword immortal on land!

The sword Qi was abundant and surrounded his body!

The sword Qi and wind surrounded Jiang Ping’s body, blowing up Jiang Ping’s robe and making it flutter!

Under the sunlight, the Cloud Mist Sword shone with dazzling light!

The current Jiang Ping was a great sword immortal!

When the restaurant manager saw the sword immortal aura on Jiang Ping’s body, he was slightly shocked!

This guy’s incomparably sharp sword Qi could not be underestimated!

However, his vajra dharma idol was invincible!

At this moment, the incomparably huge vajra dharma idol behind the restaurant manager finally moved. An incomparably violent gale directly attacked Jiang Ping!

However, Jiang Ping was still as calm as water. His sword Qi was unperturbed!

Following that, Jiang Ping gently raised his hand, and the Cloud Mist Sword emitted a series of clear sword cries, surrounding the entire Fengdu City!

One could only see Jiang Ping brandishing his sword and slashing out. Countless violent sword Qi followed suit!

Jiang Ping’s sword strike was enough to flatten the entire Fengdu City!

The restaurant owner clearly felt the invincible power of Jiang Ping’s sword strike!

His gaze was a little solemn as his entire body merged with the huge vajra dharma idol behind him!

The entire vajra dharma idol immediately emitted endless light once again!

After which, a punch was thrown toward Jiang Ping’s direction!

Jiang Ping’s expression was indifferent as he directly slashed out. The invincible aura completely erupted at this moment!

One could only see an incomparably sharp sword Qi slashing out from Jiang Ping’s Cloud Mist Sword!


The sword Qi collided with the vajra dharma idol, and for a moment, the entire heaven and earth changed color!

Dark clouds immediately covered the sky, and layers upon layers of dark clouds descended!

Wild and violent energy bloomed in the sky above Fengdu City!

Jiang Ping’s expression finally changed a little. This thing was becoming a little interesting!

It was actually able to withstand his sword!

He just didn’t know how much sword Qi this rough and thick-skinned dharma idol could withstand?

Jiang Ping once again slashed out dozens of sword Qi!

When the restaurant manager saw Jiang Ping continuously slash out dozens of sword Qi, everyone was dumbfounded!

These sword Qi were actually effortlessly slashed out by this guy?

The restaurant manager already knew that he was absolutely not a match for Jiang Ping, so he hurriedly withdrew and prepared to escape!

The ten thousand feet dharma idol instantly turned into particles and scattered in the air.

The restaurant manager’s figure had also disappeared, and the dozens of sword Qi behind Jiang Ping had missed their target!

Gu Sheng, who was below, saw that the restaurant manager was actually not a match for Jiang Ping, the seriousness in his eyes became even more intense!

This guy...

He was so strong!

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