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Chapter 220 - 220 The Unstoppable Virus

220 The Unstoppable Virus

Zhang Tiezhu’s livestream had already exceeded 3 million online viewers.

The cameras in the livestream were aimed at the equipment lined up in a row.

Among these devices were computers installed with Windows, Apple, Linux, and the Divine Dragon System.

There were also mobile phones.

These were installed with Apple, Android, and the Divine Dragon System.

All the equipment was turned on.

Zhang Tiezhu and the audience counted down together on the livestream.

“Brothers, what do you think will happen to these equipment in the end?”

After the last second passed.

All the non-Divine Dragon System equipment in the livestream went black.

Then, all the screens turned into classic images with white words on a blue background.

A message from Cerberus the hacker appeared on these screens.

“I’m angry!”

“I will destroy everything!”

Below the text, there was a progress bar flashing rapidly.

Below the progress bar, there was an even more arrogant statement.

“I’m deleting the data on your computer. Mere mortals, don’t attempt to resist, or you’ll suffer even more.”

In the livestream room, Zhang Tiezhu spoke.

“Brothers, the Doomsday Extortion Virus has already erupted!”

“He’s deleting the data from our computers and phones.”

“Are we going to watch helplessly as this virus deletes all our data? Absolutely not!”

“Therefore, I have to do something!”

“When a virus is deleting our data, our usual response is to disconnect the internet cable directly!” Zhang Tiezhu demonstrated as he pulled out the internet cable on a computer.

“From the looks of it, disconnecting from the internet is useless!”

“Then I would have to use my last resort! Turn off the computer…” Zhang Tiezhu said as he pressed the power button on the computer. After pressing it for a full minute, the computer showed no signs of shutting down. Then, Zhang Tiezhu used the same method on the other computers. It was the same for all the computers. They couldn’t be shut down at all.

“Hey, this Virus is really something. I can’t shut down the computers! Let me try to see if I can turn off the phones… I’ve tried, and I can’t turn off my phone using the normal methods!” Zhang Tiezhu said with a solemn look.

Zhang Tiezhu pressed the power button of his mobile phone with all his might, but he just couldn’t turn it off!

At this moment, a large number of comments appeared in the comments section.

“Oh my god, this damn Virus is too aggressive! My Apple phone was originally switched off. Everyone on the internet said that turning off the phone would prevent the Virus from erupting. And we should just wait for Apple to come up with a solution.”

“When the Virus broke out just now, my phone actually turned on by itself!”

“It is currently deleting the data in my phone…”

“Mine too…”

“Mine too…” +1544823

“How tragic! I just spent 10,000 yuan to buy the latest model a week ago!”

“Oh my god, my Apple computer has also automatically started up. Now, the virus is also deleting the data in my computer.”

“Brothers, when facing the Doomsday Extortion Virus, it’s useless even if you turn off the phone! As long as the device is plugged in, the device will automatically activate. Then, the Doomsday Extortion Virus will play its role and delete the data in the device.”

“There’s only one way to avoid it, and that’s to deplete the battery!”

“As for the computer, it definitely can’t be plugged in. As long as it is plugged in, it will immediately be controlled by the Virus and the data in the device will be erased.”

“This Doomsday Extortion Virus is too powerful!”

“F*ck, this hacker called Cerberus is a demon. He’s so f*cking wicked. He should burn in hell!”

“Burn in hell!” +1545265

At this moment, in Zhang Tiezhu’s livestream, he frowned when he found that conventional methods couldn’t shut the computer down.

“Originally, I thought that pressing the power button was the most powerful move. It can restrain all the viruses in this world. It seems that I was wrong.”

“What a powerful virus. It could disable the power button such that you couldn’t turn off your phone. That’s ridiculous!”

“Therefore, I want to show everyone my trump card!”

“That is, unplug the power point!”

“I don’t believe that this computer can still operate without electricity!” Zhang Tiezhu immediately pulled out the power cables of the computers from the power points in front of him.

Instantly, the screen that was originally blue with white words on it turned black.

“Everyone, look. My trump card is powerful, right? No matter how powerful the Doomsday Extortion Virus is, it’s not my match.” Zhang Tiezhu deliberately pretended to be smug.

“Turn off your phone if you dare!”

“Your trump card is useless on the phones! Because there’s a battery in the phone!”

“I don’t have a computer, I only have an Apple phone… Host, please save me!”

“If you’re really capable, teach us how to cut off the power on our phones!”

“It feels good to unplug the power for a while. Later, at the crematorium…”

“Didn’t you see the line of warning on the computer? I’m deleting the data on your computer. Mere mortals, don’t attempt to resist, or you’ll suffer even more.”

“Do you think your computers will still be intact after you forcefully pull out the power and turn off the phone? You’re too simple minded, my young friends.”

At this moment, Zhang Tiezhu’s livestream continued, “Comrades, now that we’ve turned off our phones, have we retained the data in our computers?”

“You can find out using a simple method!”

Zhang Tiezhu plugged in the power source of the computer again before inserting a CD-ROM into the computer. “The CD-ROM contains the PE system. It can activate the computer without reading the data on the hard disk…”

Zhang Tiezhu pressed the power button!

There was no reaction!

Then, he continued pressing, but there was still no reaction…

“Host, stop pressing. The motherboard is already burned! Don’t ask me how I know… I f*cking did it with the host just now. It’s just that I’m a little faster than the host… After realizing that I can’t turn on the computer, I opened the computer and took a look. The motherboard is already burned!”

“That’s ridiculous!”

“Host, you have to compensate me because my computer won’t power up anymore.”

“Host, stop experimenting and struggling. Your computer is completely destroyed!”

“The streamer is crippled!” +2158863

Zhang Tiezhu tested all the computers once. All the computers were broken. In the last computer, there was a burnt smell.

“The experiment just now told us…”

“The Doomsday Extortion Virus is indeed something!”

“As an ordinary person, not only did my last move not save my data, but it also damaged my computer, it’s a double whammy…”

“From the looks of the current situation, other than the Divine Dragon System, there’s no other way to fight the Doomsday Extortion Virus.” Zhang Tiezhu concluded. Then, he saw a large number of users refreshing a question on the large screen.

“What about Apple phones? Asking the streamer for help!”

“Everyone, regarding the problem of Apple phones, my suggestion is to wait and see.”

“If the Divine Dragon Software Company can find time, they might release an Apple phone rescue kit.”

The meaning was too obvious!

Apple users shouldn’t bear too much hope!

Compared to the peace and calm in Divine Dragon Country, the Virus had caused massive disruption and panic in the other countries.

It was like the flood of the apocalypse, destroying everything.

Only the equipment installed with the Divine Dragon System could escape the disaster and avoid the impact of the flood.

This was especially true for the Sunset Empire. Due to their wrangling with Cao Aiguo, they obtained the right to use the Divine Dragon System 30 minutes before the Virus outbreak. The engineers had just deployed the branch domain name analysis server with all their might when the Virus broke out.

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