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Chapter 826 - 826 Growing Zhou Zhi

826 Growing Zhou Zhi

Su Xiaolu drew her sword and Yang Xian’s huge figure fell heavily. He subconsciously reached out to cover the wound in his heart.

Just like Wang Laoqi, he had lost all his combat strength and mobility, but he would not die for a while. If he was saved and used a large amount of divine medicine to save his life, he could still come back to life.

Su Xiaolu would not give him this chance. She walked to Yang Xian’s side with her sword and cut off his head. She picked it up with the tip of her sword and threw it, preparing to hang it next to Wang Laoqi’s head.

Su Xiaolu looked at the entrance of You Shan Sect and went in with her sword.

She was too curious. What had helped her stop that person?

You Shan Sect’s array formation was not weak, but she was not afraid. She had marked Zhao Lin’s body. There were traces everywhere Zhao Lin walked. It was fine as long as she did not enter the Death Gate.

After entering the array formation, she heard the sound of fighting. Su Xiaolu quickened her pace. When she saw that familiar figure, her heart skipped a beat.

It was Zhou Zhi. The young man, Zhou Zhi.

He fought a man in green with his bare hands.

Huang Yu was very vexed. He did not understand what kind of monster this was. It did not have any life force and was not considered powerful. However, after cutting off his hand, it immediately grew back. After pestering it for a while, he felt that the energy of this thing was gradually weakening.

It wouldn’t take long to deal with this thing, but when Su Xiaolu appeared in his line of sight, Huang Yu’s heart ached and his blood surged. He gritted his teeth and said, “What did you do to my second brother?”

When did the battle outside stop? Now that this woman appeared here, his second brother…

Huang Yu felt extremely heartbroken.

Su Xiaolu seemed to have heard a funny joke. She sneered. “Is your You Shan Sect a place where retards and fools gather? How can you ask such a stupid question? Of course, I killed your good second brother and hung him on a tree with your Third Brother.”

Su Xiaolu laughed heartily when she saw Huang Yu’s face turn pale from anger.

She had never thought that she would be so vicious one day.

Huang Yu’s eyes were red. His second brother and third brother had died at the hands of this woman. He wished he could eat Su Xiaolu’s flesh and blood.

When he saw the seed grow vines when it touched water and actually became a person in the end, he knew that the three of them had made a wrong decision. Even if this woman was also at the Golden Core stage, she was definitely someone they could not afford to offend.

The person who grew out of the vines was not strong, but he could not kill him. After cutting off his limbs, he immediately grew them back. Moreover, he was not afraid of pressure. Now that his second brother and third brother were dead, he wanted to escape and save his life.

Huang Yu made a prompt decision. Before Su Xiaolu could fight him, he quickly retreated. There was an array formation here to begin with. As soon as he retreated, he achieved the effect of traveling a thousand miles in one step.

Su Xiaolu wanted to chase after him, but when she saw that Zhou Zhi had stopped and was standing still, she stopped and walked over.

“Fourth Brother, can you speak?”

This Zhou Zhi was different from the real Zhou Zhi. Su Xiaolu did not know if he could speak, so she tested him.

Zhou Zhi was quiet. He turned around and was motionless. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, but he could not speak.

Su Xiaolu smiled. She reached out and poked Zhou Zhi’s cheek. Zhou Zhi did not move or blink. His eyes were smiling on her.

Su Xiaolu pulled him away, but he did not leave.

Su Xiaolu did not know what to do now. The seed grew into Zhou Zhi, but he did not have a soul.

Now that she was safe, she could not keep Zhou Zhi.

Su Xiaolu prepared to put him into the Space.

She reached out to pull Zhou Zhi and said, “Fourth Brother, I’m sorry. I’ll put you in my Space now. Don’t mind me.”

However, in the next second, Zhou Zhi’s figure slowly turned into a vine and shrank back, finally turning into a green seed.

Only the color wasn’t as green as before.

Su Xiaolu looked at the seeds in her palm and felt a warmth in her heart. Her Fourth Brother was really good to her. He had given her such a precious thing.

If she guessed correctly, the next time she encountered danger, she could still plant this seed. Every time she used it, the color of the seed should become lighter. When the color disappeared, perhaps it would be time for the seed to burn out its energy.

After putting away the seeds, Su Xiaolu began to go up the mountain.

Not long after she walked into the array formation, many people went down the mountain and entered the array formation. They raised their swords and attacked her.

Su Xiaolu raised her sword and killed them.

Her sword technique was outstanding and she was ruthless. Not only were her attacks stable, but she was also ruthless. She twisted her sword and pulled it out. There was a big bloody hole where she had stabbed.

Such a ruthless method made people tremble in fear and not dare to go forward.

They were evil cultivators and great devils in the eyes of mortals, but at this moment, they felt that Su Xiaolu was much more terrifying than them.

Especially since there was blood on her face, making her look like a Rakshasa.

The sword in Su Xiaolu’s hand was dripping with blood. She wiped it on the corpse at her feet in disdain and said coldly, “My goal is your sect master. I’m not interested in killing you now, but if you escape, you will be caught sooner or later. It’s your choice whether you die now or in the future.”

She was cold and heartless.

Those with low cultivation levels looked at each other and turned to run at the same time.

Su Xiaolu went up the mountain unimpeded.


After Huang Yu fled back to the mountain, he immediately questioned the butler, Tian Dahai, angrily, “Where’s Zhao Lin?”

Tian Dahai didn’t know why the Head Sect Master was so angry. He said shakily, “Zhao Lin is in his own room.”

Huang Yu couldn’t wait a moment longer and immediately went to look for Zhao Lin. Before he left, he wanted to kill Zhao Lin first. It was all Zhao Lin’s fault for attracting the trouble. Don’t think that he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Wasn’t it just because he had failed that wanted the three brothers to vent his anger? If they couldn’t beat her, then it was worth it to bury his dead brothers with them.

If they could win, Zhao Lin would also have a chance to avenge his dead brothers.

Thinking of his two brothers who had died tragically, Huang Yu’s heart burned with fire. He kicked open Zhao Lin’s door and instantly woke him up from his sleep. He was so frightened that he rolled off the bed and onto the ground. He tested in fear, “Ma-Madam Sect Master, what’s wrong?”

“Where did this woman come from? If you don’t tell me in detail how you provoked her now, I’ll make you regret being born in this world!”

Huang Yu took two steps forward and grabbed Zhao Lin’s clothes to pull him up from the ground. He gritted his teeth and asked.

Zhao Lin’s heart skipped a beat. He could not believe it. His scalp went numb and his hair stood on end. The three sect masters were actually not that woman’s match?

Zhao Lin’s heart sank. Looking at the anger and killing intent in Huang Yu’s eyes and not seeing the other two sect masters, he had a guess. Despair instantly spread in his heart. However, in order to seek a quick death, he still explained the matter in detail.

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