Transmigrated as the Ex-Wife of a Heroic Man

Chapter 147 - Chapter 147: How to Latch on Someone’s Thigh

Chapter 147: How to Latch on Someone’s Thigh

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The sound of splashing water caught Zhou Hengyang’s attention, and his eyes narrowed. He traced the outline of a woman’s slender, arched back in the warm candlelight. Zhou Hengyang felt he could easily wrap an arm around that soft, supple waist. Half of the woman was visible, while the other hid in the rippling shallows of the makeshift bath, her skin the flawless beauty of polished jade.

The woman’s long black hair was tied in a high bun to keep it dry, exposing her delicate, unblemished neck.

Zhou Hengyang stiffened, and his mind went blank.

Su Wen heard a voice as she soaked in the bath. Softly, she called, “Help me scrub my back…” It was probably her cute little sister, or so she thought. Recently, Little Sister Su had been especially attentive towards her and often helped her wash her hair and scrub her back.

Indeed, Su Wen’s impression of her youngest sister had grown tremendously, and she found the little tyke more and more pleasing to the eye. Little Sister Su would help wash her hair, doing such a thorough job that it reminded Su Wen of a dedicated hairdresser.

Zhou Hengyang stood still.

Su Wen urged, “Come now, don’t dawdle. The bathwater is getting cold.”

Zhou Hengyang remained motionless. It was unknown what passed through his mind and whether he was angry or choked up with other emotions, but a weird look was plastered on his face. The gentle glow suffusing the room caused his eyes to glint in burnished gold, an indescribable weight reflecting in those onyx depths.

When Zhou Hengyang looked at Su Wen, it was with the eyes of a beast stalking its prey, waiting for the prime opportunity to swallow her whole. They burned with a cold, hungry light.

No matter how slow Su Wen was, she could still tell when something was wrong. Little Sister Su would always jump to assist her as soon as she asked she never needed to call her a second time. Could it be Su Qing and not Little Sister Su?

“Su Qing…” Su Wen began but caught herself when she registered a man in the room with her.

Wait a minute… Why was there a strange man in the room?

Where was her little sister?

What about Su Qing and Su Xiu?

Why had none of them warned her?

How could no one have made a sound?

Su Wen’s mind raced a mile a minute. She even briefly forgot that she was still soaking in the bath, naked.

Suddenly, a large bedsheet landed on her, covering her up.

Only then did Su Wen realize the severity of her situation. Someone had seen her naked!

Oh no!

Should she scream or accost the pervert for the outrage?

Before Su Wen could decide, the strange man’s deep and peculiarly hoarse voice resounded. “I’ll call Little Sister Su for you.” No sooner had he said as such than he disappeared like a gust of wind.

Su Wen removed the bedsheet covering herself. She was no longer in the mood for a bath. She quickly wiped herself dry and changed into a clean set of pajamas. To be more precise, what she called pajamas were, in fact, just a pair of cotton shorts and a shirt with short sleeves. It was airy and cool.

She always wore this ensemble at home. Although Su Qing had scolded her in a roundabout manner in the past not to wear something so casual, Su Wen never took it to heart.

Her shorts were closer to hotpants and might not have looked appropriate, but they were comfortable!

It was not like she would meet strangers in such an outfit, so why did she need to fear people’s gossip?

“Big Sister!” Little Sister Su rushed in excitedly. “Brother-in-law is back. Did you see him? Are you angry that he barged in without saying anything?” Little Sister Su wanted to use this opportunity to comfort her older sister.

“Brother-in-law?” Su Wen was gobsmacked. “So it was Zhou Hengyang.” She had been wondering who could enter her room without making a sound.

If anyone could do it, it would be Zhou Hengyang.

Wait a second… What was he doing here?

Wasn’t he the man she had spent a million reading coins on?

Su Wen immediately forgot all about how he had seen her naked. She paced around the room in barely contained excitement. One moment, she was happy; the next, she worried; hesitation was the fuel that drove her furor.

The male lead had suddenly returned.

Why was he back?

Was it better for her to hug his thigh, or should she do things as planned?

No. She had to latch onto him. Sun Yunyun would take it for herself if she did not grab this golden opportunity. She was not about to let Sun Yunyun eat her cake and get away with it.

The only question was how she was supposed to go about doing it.

Now that was going to be a problem….

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