Chapter 1805

1805 Equinox Flower, Desire Flower, How Charming Are They?

Eighty million Immortal Hall soldiers arrived at the Ji clan’s territory.

However, Chu Kuangren summoned his own forces from the Holy Violet Emperor Planet and the Underworld.

The Underworld Terracotta Army stood out from the rest with its terrifying presence.

Other than the soldiers, there were elites from different fields as well.

For example, the Magistrates from the Underworld and King Yama — every one of them was a powerful Arch Gilded Immortal.


Although the three Embodiers of the Underworld could not easily travel across the border of the living and the dead, the Immortal Hall’s Embodier had his hands tied as well.

“Kill them!” Chu Kuangren raised his hand.

As soon as the signal was given, the Underworld Terracotta Army and Celestial Demon cultivators charged toward the Ji clan. All kinds of Immortal Techniques were casted, raining down at the Ji clan like a massive tsunami.

The terrifying energy shocked every single one of the Ji clan members.

Of course, with the reinforcements from the Immortal Hall here, they would not just sit back and allow the attack on the Ji clan to happen.

Everyone knew the battle was not just about the Ji clan’s survival, but the Immortal Hall’s reputation and dignity were also involved.

Should the Ji clan fall, the Immortal Hall’s reputation and dignity would be severely damaged, and it would challenge their position as the overlord of the Immortal World.

On the other hand, should Chu Kuangren win, the Human Emperor might make a comeback.

“Attack!” Mo Liqing of the Four Great Heavenly Kings shouted.

Eighty million soldiers of the Immortal Hall charged forward and clashed with the army from the Underworld.

The Four Great Heavenly Kings continued to fight Chu Kuangren while the other Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortals fought the Magistrates and King Yama.

The flame of war was ignited, and it scorched the battlefield fiercely.

The battle shook the heavens and trembled the earth.

The two Embodiers were fighting higher in the sky. The clash between Daoist laws was like a clash between two planets, causing multiple powerful explosions.

All the cultivators in the Immortal World could sense the sheer power of the battle.

“Who would’ve thought this battle would end up as a full-scale war?”

“To think Chu Kuangren started a war as soon as he came back. I’m afraid the Immortal Hall’s Embodier won’t just sit still and watch.”

“However, the Seven Celestial Demons won’t allow the Embodier to interfere as well.”

An armored figure wielding a fiery red spear joined the battle.

It was a woman who had a valiant presence. As she swung the spear around, a crimson dragon and a golden dragon intertwined around her. The power of the twin dragon was mighty.

There was only one person throughout the entire Immortal World who could control the power of the twin dragon.

It was one of the seventy-two Immortal Pride, Shang Honghua!

“You’re here!”

Jue Wushen channeled his Celestial Demon energy as he raised his hand, blasting the Immortal Hall soldiers into clouds of blood mist.

He glanced at Shang Honghua with a smile.

“Hahaha! The King is back. How can I not be here?”

Shang Honghua released a war cry as she raised her spear high. “As the twin dragon roars, blood shall be shed!”

The Blood Demon Dragon rose to the sky and roared as it flew across the battlefield, killing the soldiers with its might. Not even a Gilded Immortal was its match.

Jue Wushen and Shang Honghua teamed up beautifully and fought the enemies.

As Chu Kuangren’s strongest followers, they had already broken through to the Five Qi Arch Gilded Immortal Realm.

In addition, Jue Wushen possessed the Chaos Celestial Demon Physique and Shang Honghua possessed the Twin Dragon power. They were a lot stronger than the common Five Qi Arch Gilded Immortals.

“Kill Jue Wushen and Shang Honghua first!”

One of the Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortals of the Four Divisions locked onto the two of them, with killing intents overflowing from his eyes.

He flew toward the two Immortal Prides and unleashed a slash that contained a dazzling sword ray.

Jue Wushen and Shang Honghua teamed up again to block the incoming slash.

“Lightning Dragon Sword!”

The Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal naturally would not stop there. After his first attack was blocked, he channeled his Immortal’s Core energy to the limit and unleashed another attack.

The domineering sword qi rose into the air and intertwined to form a ferocious lightning dragon shadow.

Shang Honghua and Jue Wushen’s expressions turned grim.

On the other side of the sky, the Four Great Heavenly Kings of the Immortal Hall stared at Chu Kuangren coldly.

“Chu Kuangren, so what if you’ve got your own army? The Immortal Hall is filled with elites, and other than us four brothers, several more Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortals are joining the battle. However, the Holy Violet Emperor Planet doesn’t have any Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortals, and how many are there from the Underworld?” Mo Liqing scoffed.

“Would you like to find out?” Chu Kuangren smiled confidently.

“Hmph! Chu Kuangren, you’re too confident. Just you wait. The Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal will kill Jue Wushen and Shang Honghua,” Mo Lihong said coldly.

The rampaging lightning sword qi formed a dragon shadow that roared as it threw itself toward Jue Wushen and Shang Honghua.

Then, a girl in black and red robes walked out from Hell’s Gate.

She left a trail of equinox flowers in her wake, and the soldiers of the Immortal Hall exploded into blood mists for just being in her presence.

Blood splattered everywhere and set off the equinox flowers even more.

“Is that… Hua Wuai?” Someone recognized the girl.

Hua Wuai was the first equinox flower in the universe and also the Divine Maiden of the Equinox Tribe.

“She’s a Five Qi Arch Gilded Immortal?”

Some of them were surprised.

Although Hua Wuai was just a Five Qi Arch Gilded Immortal, everyone sensed something more terrifying than a Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal in her.

Hua Wuai glanced at the lightning dragon in the sky, and her eyes flickered.

As equinox flowers started to bloom in the sky, powerful and boundless Samsara energy erupted, sweeping across the battlefield.

The Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal was shocked, and he summoned the lightning dragon back to defend himself against the blast of Samsara energy.

He managed to block the attack, but it also destroyed the lightning dragon.

“Hua Wuai, are you going against the Immortal Hall as well? This is suicidal!”

Hua Wuai had a special place in the Underworld.

If she refused, not even the ruler of the Underworld could make her do anything.

Yet, she attacked the Immortal Hall soldiers for Chu Kuangren.

Hua Wuai’s blood-red eyes looked indifferent when questioned by the Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal. There was not the slightest bit of emotion in her eyes.

She simply asked, “Do you want to die?”

Then, the equinox flowers on her black red robe came alive, looking extremely lively and vivid.

A terrifying Samsara energy that horrified the Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal scattered outward.

“Damn it!”

“Hua Wuai is the first equinox flower of the universe, so she possesses unusual power. She might just be a Five Qi Arch Gilded Immortal, but she’s as powerful as a Great Perfected.”

The Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal dared not take her lightly.

At that moment, one of the Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortals from the Wind Division freed himself from the battle with one of the Underworld elites.

“I’ll lend a hand!”

Then, an alluring aroma filled the void.

A beautiful flower bloomed on the ground, and countless tendrils expanded forward, blocking the way of the Wind Division’s Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal.

“This is…”

The Wind Division’s Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal looked at the strange flower.

A beautiful girl was smiling at him on top of the flower bud and looking at him as if he was prey.

“Desire Flower!”

The Wind Division’s Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal recognized the flower immediately.

It was the Desire World’s Source Flower!

“The equinox flower and then the Desire Flower? How charming is Chu Kuangren to win the hearts of the two flowers?”

Many of the cultivators of the Immortal Halls felt dispirited after learning the fact.

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