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Chapter 1680 - Chapter 1680: The Strongest in the Cosmic Sea and the Strongest in the Overlord Territory (2)

Chapter 1680: The Strongest in the Cosmic Sea and the Strongest in the Overlord Territory (2)

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Although the Four Holy Ruins was indeed a consumable, under normal circumstances, it was impossible for anyone to become fat in one go. They had to slowly use and digest it.

Only Shi Yu could squeeze the Four Holy Ruins dry in two years. Even if it was the Four Holy super divine, it was impossible for them to consume it so quickly.

Of course, it was also thanks to the contribution of the Four Holy Ruins. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Shi Yu’s entire team’s battle power to increase by leaps and bounds.

Unfortunately, Shi Yu’s additional points efficiency would decrease a little. This was because their net worth had already been reduced to only food resources and navigation resources to maintain normal life activities during this period of time.

Not only the Four Holy Ruins, but even the power of the world taken away from Blue Planet had basically been used up.

However, the problem wasn’t especially big. Shi Yu prioritized increasing the support points skills of his pets. Even if the efficiency wasn’t as high as before, there wouldn’t be much of a difference. He believed that their remaining skills could quickly be maxed out in the future.

“Shi Yu, we’re here.’

A message from the Zi Jian’s special forces came from Shi Yu!s battleship.

After Ling received it, it was conveyed to Shi Yu. Shi Yu stretched out his hand, put on his coat, and walked out of the ship. At this moment, the two battleships were already approaching a red planet.

This planet was called Origin Planet. It was a very special place in the overlord territory.

Although it wasn’t the headquarters of the cosmic overlord army, it was the second most important planet in the overlord territory.

It was the mother planet of the cosmic overlord, Cypos.

As for the most important thing, it was naturally the current location of the cosmic overlord, Cypos, who was at the Overlord Planet.

That was also the headquarters of the cosmic overlord army.

The place of the Glory Challenge wasn’t the headquarters of the cosmic overlord army, but the starry sky near the Origin Planet.

The cosmic overlord took very good care of its mother planet. It was said that at the start, the deterrence left behind was only to protect its mother planet.

After that, it became a test that anyone could challenge.

“Is this the Origin Planet? From the level, it seems to be close to a top-notch planet.”

After Shi Yu walked out of the battleship, the battleship Ling kept shrinking into a pendant-like equipment that Shi Yu wore.

“Yes, the Origin Planet and the Overlord Planet are the two planets closest to top-notch planets in the overlord territory.” The other landed on the battleship on the ground. Captain Zi Jian also walked down and looked at the sky.

When they arrived, someone immediately came to receive them. A mature female-looking cyborg appeared at the landing point of the battleship and spoke to Captain Zi Jian, Shi Yu, and the others.

“Captain Zi Jian, Mr. Shi Yu, welcome to Origin Planet. I’m Lord King Lie’s secretary, Ma Xia.”

“Lord King Lie has been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Miss Ma Xia, bring us to see Lord King Lie,” Captain Zi Jian said.

The others from the Zi Jian’s special forces didn’t come down. Only Zi Jian and Shi Yu followed the secretary to see the person in charge of the Glory


In an aerial pavilion, there was a middle-aged man with red hair. His name was Lie Kong, and he was known as King Lie. He was one of the eight kings of the cosmic overlord army. The Four Square Generals of the cosmic overlord army were all experts at the peak of the super divine level. As for the eight kings, they were eight powerful super divine experts who had transcended more than seven times. They were in charge of managing various important things.

At this moment, King Lie was standing at a corner, holding a branch and fighting the two little bugs in the jar in front of him.

The small bottle was like a world, spreading strong spatial fluctuations. The aura of the two little bugs inside was also incomparably terrifying. Each of them had reached perfect-level divine power. From the bloodline fluctuations, they seemed to be one of the disaster races in the universe, the Space Worm.

“Lord King Lie.” After Ma Xia brought Zi Jian and Shi Yu over, she spoke slightly. King Lie didn’t reply. Zi Jian and Shi Yu only watched the red-haired man fight the worm quietly.

A moment later, a worm died and was swallowed. Only then did King Lie smile and look at Zi Jian and Shi Yu.

“Welcome, Captain Zi Jian. Long time no see. This is Mr. Shi Yu, right?”

“Lord King Lie,” Captain Zi Jian said. “You still like to fight bugs so much.” She had once stayed in the archeological school on Origin Planet for a period of time, so she had met King Lie a few times.

“l just want to see if I can fight an epoch-level worm. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to become an era god, even harder than a super divine level. Among the 50 perfect-level cosmic worms, there are less than five left that have devoured each other. There are still no signs of an epoch god.”

King Lie shook his head regretfully and looked at Shi Yu. “Therefore, in my opinion, every genius who can nurture an epoch god is very impressive.”

“Lord King Lie, you flatter me,” Shi Yu said. “An expert like you makes me look forward to it even more.’

“The Glory Challenge will begin in 45 days. For the next period of time, the two of you should rest on the Origin Planet first. There’s nothing special about inviting the two of you this time. I just want to see Sir Shi Yu. Now, my goal has been achieved.’

King Lie looked at Shi Yu very seriously. He wanted to see Shi Yu and see how strong Shi Yu t s strength was. Unfortunately, he actually couldn’t see through Shi Yu. Before Shi Yu displayed his strength, he was like a mortal. His control over strength was very exquisite.

This made King Lie very incredulous. There were very few divine-levels that could hide from his perception. Shi Yu was clearly one of them. Since he didn’t gain anything, King Lie didn’t force it. It wasn’t too late to look at it after the

Glory Challenge..

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