Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 396 - Butterfly with Physical Strength of a Dragon  

Chapter 396: Butterfly with Physical Strength of a Dragon

“Too strong…”

“Contestant Shi Yu’s pet has refreshed our understanding again!”

Regardless of whether it was scientific or not, since it had happened, it was reasonable.

Han Lu and Gu Yu, the two commentators, looked at the Water Slime in the scene in shock, as well as the shattered rock.

“Transcendent Level Deterrence!”

“A water spear with power comparable to a tsunami!”

“Not only did it easily defeat the Dragon Tornado Sparrow, but it also relied on the impact of the water to instantly collapse a mountain wall and drown it into a lake!”

“Is this still the Water Slime? Is it really that transcendent elemental creature?”

“This level of deterrence, this level of elemental control… I even believe that it’s the Slime King. No, even the Slime King can’t do this!”

The Slime King was the only high-level life form of the Slime race. It was a monarch race, but its evolution method was unknown. Only slimes that were born as a Slime King had been discovered.

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Moreover, Shi Yu’s Water Slime looked like a normal Water Slime. It was completely different from the Slime King.

“Is there really such a water slime?” The two commentators asked the three big shots on the platform.

They couldn’t understand how a Water Slime could be so strong unless it used water-element legendary resources.

The audience also couldn’t understand why Shi Yu’s pets were so ridiculous.

Similarly, this time, the three big shots on the platform were speechless again.

This was the first time Shi Yu had publicly sent the Water Slime to battle.

Apart from a few people, the others didn’t know the situation of this water slime at all.

At this moment, on the platform, President Xia looked at the camera and slowly said,

“I only know that contestant Shi Yu’s Water Slime was contracted in the East Sea Dragon Palace City.”

“Obviously, it might not be as simple as an ordinary Water Slime.”

When President Xia finished speaking, everyone was speechless.

Dragon Palace City?

As long as it was a Beast Tamer who had passed their history test, they naturally knew where that was.

It was all thanks to a huge monster like Dragon Palace City that the sea area of Dong Huang was so peaceful.

That was the paradise of the dragons.

There had been several Dragon Kings in history that shocked the sea.

There were countless ocean overlords.

Shi Yu’s Water Slime was contracted in Dragon Palace City???

Upon hearing that this pet had the background of Dragon Palace City, the audience instantly fell silent. The information they could obtain was that Shi Yu had been to Dragon Palace City, but if he was qualified to go to such a place, he undoubtedly had a chance to see more rare pets, even purebred dragons. In this situation, Shi Yu had only contracted one Water Slime. What exactly was this Water Slime…

Perhaps there was no need to be puzzled at all, because the battle just now very well explained the power of this Water Slime. If it were any other Beast Tamer, they wouldn’t mind such a Water Slime.

[It’s too exaggerated. I’ll even believe it if he says that this Water Slime is the illegitimate son of a totem dragon king in Dragon Palace City!!!]

[Me too, I heard that totem-level creatures can change their race at will. Could this Water Slime really be a totem descendant?]

[So annoying… I want such a Water Slime too!]

In the audience of Ancient Capital University, Principal Feng chuckled.

What were they thinking?

Be bold!

This was the reincarnation of the Blue Sea Sprite!

Of course, this matter was very important, so Principal Feng couldn’t reveal more.

Compared to now, Principal Feng looked at the screen.

He hoped that one day, after this Water Slime really obtained the name of the Blue Sea Sprite, Shi Yu could still control it to fight!

At that time, Shi Yu’s name would be comparable to the legends of Dong Huang!

The competition had already ended before it even started. What kind of experience was this?

As Li Qiu didn’t have telepathy and couldn’t understand Susu’s words, he wouldn’t surrender. Without a doubt, he was directly shattered by Susu.

A bubble skill sent Li Qiu to heaven.

Then, the Eye of the Stars took charge of the aftermath.

As the first contestant to be eliminated, Li Qiu from Spirit Capital University was completely brought back to the East Sea Arena in a daze.

Even when he was sent back, he didn’t know what that Water Slime was.


In the East Sea Arena, when the Eye of the Stars clone teleported Li Qiu back, Li Qiu stood on the arena, feeling the gazes of the 100,000 spectators in the arena and looking at everything in confusion.

“Contestant Li Qiu…”

At this moment, the comforting voices of Gu Yu and Han Lu came from the screen.

“Contestant Li Qiu unfortunately encountered the pet water slime sent by contestant Shi Yu. After a defeat, he was judged by the judge to be eliminated. It’s too regretful.”

“Looks like… the first contestant to be eliminated has appeared!”

“Contestant Li Qiu is already cautious enough. In the face of the fragrance and commotion emitted by contestant Shi Yu to lure his opponent, he maintained enough vigilance.”

“Unfortunately, contestant Shi Yu still discovered him and sent out a terrifying Water Slime!”

“Forget about Li Qiu. Someone seems to be heading towards Shi Yu again.” The comments flooded the screen.

Li Qiu: “?”

What the f*ck???

What were the two of you explaining just now? Say it again?

“Wu wu wu Li Qiu, my Li Qiu…” In the audience seats of Spirit Capital University, the juniors who supported Captain Li Qiu cried and said,” That Water Slime is so strong and cute. ”

The school leaders of Spirit Capital University were silent. Their team leader was the first to be eliminated. They didn’t know what to say.

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