Chapter 548 - 548 Dying (1)

548 Dying (1)

The weather was not good for the next few days, but on the day Shen Miao went out with Feng Anning, the sun came out.

The sun was warm, and it was especially comfortable. However, even so, Shen Miao still put on the rabbit fur cloak. If she caught a cold in such weather, it would be troublesome.

Early in the morning, Feng Anning came to pick up Luo Tan and Shen Miao at the entrance of the new Shen mansion. The Feng family had always doted on Feng Anning very much. Now that Feng Anning had finished studying in Guangwen Hall and she was restless at home, she went out to shop almost every day. However, no matter how big the capital was, there would eventually be a day when she was tired of shopping. The arrival of Luo Tan made Feng Anning very happy. She was very willing to be a guide for Luo Tan and bring her to interesting places to play.

However, gradually, Feng Anning couldn’t take it anymore. Luo Tan was indeed a girl from the Luo family. She ignored the jewelry and clothes shops and was only focused on the weapons shop all day long. When she saw the weapons, her eyes lit up. How could Feng Anning know anything about weapons? She complained endlessly, so she insisted on bringing Shen Miao along. 𝚋𝚎dnov𝚎𝚕.𝚌om

Feng Anning was wearing a cherry-colored dress and a brocade cloak, looking extremely bright in the winter. Over the years, she had become more and more beautiful. However, when she spoke, she immediately gave off an aura of an arrogant and pampered rich girl. She lifted the curtain of the carriage and said anxiously, “I’m dying of waiting. Hurry up!”

Unexpectedly, it was Shen Qiu standing outside the carriage.

Shen Qiu sent Shen Miao and Luo Tan out. He knew that Shen Miao seemed to have only one friend in the capital, Feng Anning. His memory of her was still of that bossy little girl two years ago. Unexpectedly, when the curtain of the carriage was lifted, he saw a pretty girl inside.

When the girl saw that it was him, she shrank her head and lowered her arrogant attitude. She said timidly, “Young General Shen.”

Shen Qiu looked at Feng Anning and nodded as a way of greeting. He asked Shen Miao and Luo Tan to get into the carriage and left after instructing them to be careful. Because Feng Anning was the one who invited them today, the Feng family sent many guards. Shen Miao and Luo Tan did not bring any other guards, thinking that Feng Anning would send them back to the Shen mansion when the time came.

After Shen Qiu left, Feng Anning patted her chest and heaved a sigh of relief. Strangely, every time she saw Shen Qiu, Feng Anning felt instinctively afraid. Although Shen Qiu never spoke harshly to her, the powerful aura of a young general was still too intimidating. Feng Anning thought of Shen Qiu’s appearance just now. After not seeing him for two years, Shen Qiu, who had been training in Spring City, had become more and more mature and handsome. Although he was still a gentle elder brother, in the eyes of outsiders, he was scary.

Luo Tan asked Feng Anning, “Eh? Why are you blushing?”

Feng Anning was stunned for a moment before touching her cheek. It was indeed surprisingly hot. She fanned her face with her hand and said, “It’s stuffy and hot in this carriage.”

Luo Tan did not suspect anything and said, “Are you wearing too much?” As she spoke, she thought of something. “Anning, why are you afraid of Cousin Qiu?”

“When have I ever been afraid of him?” Hearing Luo Tan say this, Feng Anning quickly retorted.

“You were obviously very afraid just now,” Luo Tan said. “What’s there to be embarrassed about? Cousin Qiu is a very good person. He just looks somewhat fierce. If you’re even afraid of Cousin Qiu, you’ll probably be frightened to death by my Brother Sa.”

Feng Anning emphasized, “I’m not afraid of him!”

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