Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 1710 Bafflement

Chapter 1710 Bafflement

"Add another beast?" Ming Dandan thought about Lin Mu's suggestion.

"Master did say, that we can get more beasts once we get back." Ming Aolian stated. "In fact, we could have gotten it anytime, but wanted to let out current beasts get stronger. We were focused on the tournament and didn't want to split our attention." She explained.

"That does make sense." Lu Xu nodded in agreement.

Most of them had done the same, having focused on training for the tournament. Not just that, but they had been doing this for a long time too, with some having preprepared for over ten or twenty years.

Then there were some who had been in seclusion for a hundred years or more too. When compared to all these cultivators, Lin Mu seemed like a mere beginner. And yet he stood on a line far beyond them in a fraction of the time needed for others.

"I supposed I can ask master to get me one." Ming Dandan replied after thinking it over. "Though what should I get?"

"That is what we need to determine. Not only does the beast's abilities need to complement yours but also the Mulch Crawl Eater beast too. It needs to be able to work in a team as well as interdependently.

Thus, we'll study the beast records." Lin Mu said before taking out a thick jade slip.

This jade slip was significantly bigger than others and was Lin Mu's personal jade slip that was used to keep records and notes. Tapping on it, Lin Mu activated one of the rarely used formations within it and displayed the information on a formation screen.

Jade slips were meant for discrete use and transition of information, thus using it to display information was not done usually. Plus, it wasn't an efficient way of transferring information as an immortal cultivator could easily scan through hundreds of pages at a mere glance using the jade slip.

The user of immortal sense was vital to them, thus showing it physically was a slower method.

Still, Lin Mu did so as he had added a few other things to it.

Ming Dandan and Ming Aolian watched as various records of beasts were shown. Lin Mu filtered through them until only the water elemental beasts were left. It was then further filtered, with only the beasts at the Immortal realm being left.

Even then, the number of beasts on the list was easily in the thousands. Just this alone showed how many creatures there were in the myriad of worlds. But this still wasn't a comprehensive list.

There were always new beasts being born or coming into existence thus the list would never be complete. One would have to keep on working on it. But for now, the list that Lin Mu had was enough.

To Lu Xu, Luo Liqin, Qian Wen though, all this seemed stunning. While they too had studied some beasts in general, it was only to keep themselves aware. But that had limited their information to the common beasts or those that were found in the Rust Sky world.

Lin Mu on the other hand, was showing them beasts that were from an unknown number of worlds. Even to Ming Dandan and Ming Aolian, the beast records that Lin Mu was showing them seemed unsettlingly detailed.

"B-brother Mu Lin, where did you… Where did you get this beast record?" Ming Dandan couldn't help but ask.

"Yes… this seems rather comprehensive. It must have been very expensive and hard to get." Ming Aolian said.

Lu Xu and the others were thinking the same too. They knew just how expensive it would be to get such a massive amount of records.

"Get it?" Lin Mu raised a brow in confusion. "I compiled it." He answered.

"W… what?" Ming Dandan said, unable to believe it.

"You compiled it? From what?" Ming Aolian was still able to hold on to her wits.

"From other sources… Books, scrolls, slips, memoirs, travelogues, compendiums and more. Basically anything I could get." Lin Mu explained. "I read them… Analyzed them… made some notes. Then I added more things that I learned or saw myself." He spoke.

"Wait… Compendiums and memoirs?" Luo Liqin realized something was wrong. "You mean to say this isn't just a record for beasts?" he inquired.

"Of course not. The beast records are just one part of it." Lin Mu chuckled before casually tapping the air, switching the screen to all the sections that he had made.


The screen seemingly enlarged since it couldn't show the sheer amount of topics that were present in it.

"In the name of heavens…" Qian Wen gasped.

Ming Aolian looked at it for a few seconds before a horrifying thought appeared in her mind.

"Dandan close your eyes! And don't speak of this to anyone." Ming Aolian suddenly said before turning to the others. "Lu Xu, Luo Liqin and Qian Wen you too."

"Huh, why?" Ming Dandan and Luo Liqin said, feeling baffled.

But Ming Aolian didn't reply to them instead, facing Lin Mu.

Her expression was serious, while a mix of fear and anxiety could be seen in her eyes.

"I apologize for burdening you like this, Brother Mu Lin. It was not our intention to infringe on your legacy." She suddenly said while bowling her head.

Her words confused the others before they all realized. Ming Dandan turned cold, while Qian Wen shuddered.

"We apologize!" the all bowed. "We shall not reveal this to anyone, we swear upon our souls!"

Lin Mu looked at them with a bewildered expression, not understanding what was happening.

"Why… are you acting like this?" Lin Mu found it exceedingly strange.

"For making you reveal your legacy treasure, of course! It is not something that should be shown to others without a cost." Ming Aolian replied.

"What legacy treasure?" Lin Mu said in confusion. "This is just a Jade Slip I made."

"What? This wasn't passed down to you by a master?" Lu Xu and Ming Aolian exclaimed.

"Of course not." Lin Mu denied.

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