Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 1820 Slap

Chapter 1820 Slap

Over a million pairs of eyes were all looking up at the Formation screens as the third match of the Quarter Finals was about to start.

Lu Xu and Yao Changying stood at the platform waiting for the teleportation array to start up.

The man was not the least bit tense, showing his faith in Lin Mu. Yao Changying on the other hand looked to be emotionless. Her face was still and she simply kept her eyes closed, as if deep in thought. It didn't seem like she was concerned about the match at all.

Though her right hand was resting on the Sword on her waist, as if ready to draw it at any moment.

It was hard to tell what was truly going through her mind, and she had become an enigma for many people. Even the people that liked her were finding it a bit strange, as her behavior had shifted in the middle of the tournament along with the way she dressed.

"Both contestants ready! ENTER!" The elder overseeing the match finally announced causing Yao Changying to open her eyes.

In the next second, both of the entered the Spatial Plane as the teleportation started.

Back at the Spring Valley Restaurant, Lin Mu was prepared.

"Time to work." He muttered lightly, as his Immortal sense moved to a specific location in the Spatial Plane.

At the same time, Lin Mu's Spatial Perception was active and he could somewhat track where Yao Changying was at the moment. With the Spatial fluctuations, Lin Mu accurately located where she would be arriving.


And the moment she did, Lin Mu's lips started chanting.

Severing Heart Sutra!

At the same time, Lin Mu signaled to Lu Xu with his Immortal sense.

Since the two contestants had arrived at a distance of just a hundred meters from each other, Lu Xu had some time.


Stomping on the ground, Lu Xu rushed to Yao Changying, whose eyes were in the middle of blinking. She had been affected by the Severing Heart Sutra the moment she arrived, thus didn't get the chance to adjust to the location.

'This is for Luo Liqin, Ming Dandan and Ming Aolian!' Lu Xu shouted in his mind while extending his palm.

The bracelet under his sleeves activated and a moment later he struck Yao Changying.


His palm struck Yao Changying right in her solar plexus, delivering a significant impact.

"UGH!" The pain was enough to awaken Yao Changying from her stupor.

But Lu Xu wasn't ready to retreat just yet.

"Profound Shifting Step!" Lu Xu used a movement skill, flitting to the side of Yao Changying.

It put him out of her field of vision and allowed him to strike out once more. Lu Xu spun around and gathered Qi in his left hand <nullb><nulli>~SLAP~

The amplified palm struck Yao Changying right on her face!

before attacking.


The amplified palm struck Yao Changying right on her face!


Thousands of people gasped in utter shock, as a handprint was left on the fair woman's cheek!

"He… he slapped her!" People finally erupted in shouts while Lu Xu retreated.

He could already see the fury in Yao Changying's eyes and her sword that was half drawn. A dangerous amount of Sword Intent was gathered on the Sword and Lu Xu knew, he'll be getting hit soon.

It was at this moment that a wide toothy grin appeared on his face as he spoke, <nullb>"I FORFEIT!" <nulli>~SHUA~

The teleportation which had been improved by the formation masters of the temple due to recent issues activated promptly, teleporting Lu Xu out.


And just as his body disappeared, a large sword imprint struck the area.

It left a kilometer-long gash on the Spatial Plane, that was nearly ten meters deep!

Sword intent lingered in the air, as Yao Changying ground her teeth in anger.

"LU XU!" While Yao Changying had been in many fights before and had sustained many injuries too, she had never been insulted like this.

She could easily figure out that Lu Xu had been intending on doing this from the start, and his grin at the end had all but confirmed that he had come just to insult her.

While she didn't know how Lu Xu had actually managed to catch her off guard, she knew for sure she couldn't let go.


Back at the platform, Lu Xu's reappeared to the shouts of the people.





There was no lack of people that were fans of Yao Changying in the audience that couldn't help but shout out indignantly.

"HAHAHA!" Lu Xu though didn't care at all and simply walked away.

After all, he knew that even if Yao Changying wished to take revenge, Lin Mu would be there to end her before that.

Of course, he also knew that people might follow after him, thus he promptly sped up and disappeared using an illusory talisman. And when he reappeared, he was wearing a mask.

The elder who was overseeing the entire thing was left dumbfounded.

"In my 800 years of overseeing the tournament, no one has been as shameless as this…" he couldn't help but mutter.

And then he realized that he still had work to do.

He hadn't declared the winner yet!

"Yao Changying is the winner!" he finally called out.


With that, the woman was also teleported out, a cold frown on her face. Her right hand was tightly clutched around the sword's handle and a dangerous aura was lingering around her.

All the people who were looking at her, felt chills going down their spine and hurriedly looked away.


They all felt the danger and knew that Yao Changing was not in the right mind.

There was no telling if they would face her wrath later. After all, she was still the heir of a large sect as well as related to the emperors of the Holy Topaz Dynasty!

The target of her ire though was safely back at the Spring Valley restaurant.

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