Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 2059 Lin Mu’s ’Hoard’

Chapter 2059 Lin Mu's 'Hoard'

?Five days had passed since Lin Mu had taken on the initiative of sorting out the items in his ring. N0v3lTr0ve served as the original host for this chapter's release on N0v3l--B1n.

He had made great progress in it, and the layout of the ring had changed quite a bit. If one looked at it from above, they would find a particular pattern to it all.

At the very center of the ring was the Altar which was surrounded by its barrier. Past this, there were six circles that surrounded the boundaries of the altar. Each of these six circles contained items of different types. If one looked closely, they would see that these circles were actually composed of hundreds of shelves organized immaculately.

Among these six circles, one circle was the biggest and it was none other than the one filled with all the books and other documents.

It was actually not a circle but a tower of bookshelves that was about five hundred meters tall!

This was the library section that Lin Mu had made and organized personally.

The circle next to it was smaller than it and was composed of shelves that were filled with Alchemical pills. All of these pills were similarly sorted into different categories, such as Healing Pills, Cultivation pills, Qi restoration pills, supportive pills and more.

They were placed in a descending order too, with those intended for immortals at the top and others at the lower levels. Unlike the Library shelf Tower, this one was just a hundred meters tall.

The third circle next to it was actually wider in diameter, as well as taller in height because it had bigger shelves in it. This was the section that held all the Weapons and tools inside it. And because they were inherently bigger in size compared to books and pills, they took up more space too.

The fourth circle was filled with shelves that all contained various herbs while the fifth circle was intended for fruits. These two were about the same size as the circle of pills but were taller than them, being about a hundred meters tall too.

The Sixth and final circle was special in that it wasn't intended for a specific item type. It was also the smallest circle and had all the items that Lin Mu deemed to not fit in any other categories.

Some of the dangerous and unknown items were also kept here, which Lin Mu intended to study further. Important items like Lin Mu's Immortal weapons, Wonder Seeker, Ocean Raker and Afternoon Pine were also kept here along with things like the Wooden Slip that contained the memoirs of the Lost immortal.

Though at the center of this circle was the most peculiar item. It was this very item that was the reason behind why Lin Mu had made this circle.

"This great sword…" Lin Mu looked at the unique greatsword that was composed entirely out of runes and formations.

It was the same runaway great sword that would not let anyone hold it. Since it was lying here peacefully, Lin Mu simply decided to leave it be and made this circle surrounding it.

'I'm still nowhere close to understating this great sword.' Lin Mu thought to himself as he glanced at the ever changing runes on the weapon.

Even if he could understand the individual runes on it, together they made no sense. They were so complex that even Xukong had a hard time figuring out what the thing was in the first place.

He had described the weapon to be a combination of gibberish runes.

And yet, they were still being held together somehow and were stable. Not just that, but the weapon could respond to external stimuli and didn't let anyone touch it freely.

"It's certainly not a spirit weapon, or an Immortal weapon… it's hard to categorize it into anything. How did it end up in the Xiaofan world?" Lin Mu couldn't help but wonder.

It was one of the questions that had been bothering him for a long time, but he was unable to find an answer to it.

He also didn't wish to test out more with the great sword, as he reckoned it would just run away again and wreck the place.

'I barely finished organizing all this. I don't want the great sword to make a mess of it.' Lin Mu thought to himself and left the strange weapon alone.


Lin Mu flew up and glanced at the result of his hard work.

Beyond the six circles, which Lin Mu had now named as Library tower, pill tower, herb tower, fruit tower, weapon tower and special tower, there were mountains.

These mountains were basically raw resources that hadn't been refined yet such as various ores, metal ingots, crystal, beast materials as well as the Spirit Stones and Immortal stones. There were roughly eight hundred mountains along with over two thousand smaller hills spread in a radial manner, with the altar as the center.

Of course, the more valuable a resource, the closer it was to the center while the lower value materials were in the outer rings.

The surprising part though, was that the biggest mountain in the place was in the outermost ring which was about six thousand meters tall. It was the one with the lowest value and was nothing but a mountain full of dirt.

That's right… Just dirt.

"How did I gather that much dirt?" Lin Mu couldn't figure it out as he glanced at the mountains.

And the dirt mountain wasn't alone, with there being more such mountains composed of different rocks that had no value. Of course, even these mountains were not small, being at least a thousand meters tall or more.

"I guess one can call this a hoard?" Lin Mu said to himself.

Even though the soil and other rocks had no value, Lin Mu didn't think about throwing them away. Since he had an endless amount of space in the ring anyways, he reckoned he may as well keep them here.

"Someday I'll have a use for them." Lin Mu reckoned.

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