Chapter 14 - A Little Hostile

Chapter 14: A Little Hostile

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As soon as Mu Xiang saw Lin Huanhuan, she was attracted by her petite and cute appearance.

She couldn’t help but pinch Lin Huanhuan’s fair face and laugh loudly. “You’re Bai Di’s mate, right? You’re so cute!”

Lin Huanhuan admitted that she was not tall, but she had never felt that she was short either.

Ever since she transmigrated to this world, though, every beast she saw was taller than her. Even the young female in front of her was a full head taller than her.

She was devastated and in a bitter mood.

Winter was approaching, and the male beasts were all busy hunting. Some of the older ones and their young would tan hides and dry animal meat in their homes, lest they rot and spoil while stored.

As for the rare and delicate females, they didn’t have to do anything but lie at home and enjoy the food the males brought to their mouths.

Although Lin Huanhuan also wanted to live the good life of lying in bed every day and waiting for someone to feed her, her heart ached for Bai Di, who was out hunting.

She wished she could take some of the pressure off him.

Embarrassed, she asked, “Sister Mu Xiang, can you tell me how to tan hides?”

Mu Xiang hesitated, then nodded. “Yes, I can. But why do you want to learn this? As a female, you don’t have to do anything. You just have to stay at home and give birth. Someone else will naturally do these menial tasks.”

When Lin Huanhuan heard the words ‘give birth’, her face turned even redder.

Her imagination ran wild. It would be nice to have a child as beautiful as Bai Di…

Ahem! Stop, stop!

Lin Huanhuan slowly covered her blushing face to stop her unrealistic imagination.

She couldn’t bring herself to say something as corny as wanting to share his burden, so she had to come up with an awkward excuse.

“I’m just bored and want something to do.”

Mu Xiang laughed. “Fine. I’m bored anyway. I’ll go with you to tan the hides.”

They carried the hides to the river together.

The process of tanning animal hides was not complicated. Under Mu Xiang’s guidance, Lin Huanhuan would be able to start soon.

While they were happily working, many males were staring at them with burning eyes.

Females were extremely delicate. They rarely went out, and their families usually could not bear to let them go out.

It was rare for two females to appear at the same time today, and they were both quite good-looking, especially the petite one. The males’ gazes were involuntarily drawn to her.

There were a few single young males who couldn’t suppress their desire. They steeled themselves to go forward and strike up a conversation.

However, before they could come close, they were all chased away by Shuang Yun, who had been guarding in the dark.

From the moment Lin Huanhuan walked out of the house, Shuang Yun had been silently following her. He watched from afar as she chatted and laughed with her companion. Her bright smile made his heart beat faster.

He didn’t hesitate to beat up those wolves who wanted to hit on her!

Mu Xiang noticed that a few wolves were fighting not far away and could not help but take a few more glances. She asked curiously, “Are you very familiar with Patriarch Shuang Yun?”

Without looking up, Lin Huanhuan said, “So-so.”

“I realized that the tribe leader has been looking at you.”

“Huh?” Lin Huanhuan looked up in surprise and followed the direction she was pointing.

Lin Huanhuan’s gaze met Shuang Yun’s.

They both looked startled.

Shuang Yun’s ears were red, and his heart was beating faster. The other party had not said anything, but he felt guilty.

He couldn’t help feeling flustered. He pretended to look up calmly and walked toward her.

Lin Huanhuan asked slowly, “Why are you here?”

Shuang Yun’s gaze swept across her face, and his mind involuntarily recalled the scene of her moaning gently last night. His lower body immediately reacted, scaring him so much that he quickly turned sideways to avoid Lin Huanhuan’s gaze.

“I came here for a walk.”

“Oh.” Lin Huanhuan did not suspect anything and continued to work on the animal hides.

But Mu Xiang saw something strange about Shuang Yun and smiled knowingly.

She didn’t expect Patriarch Shuang Yun, who hated females, to have feelings for Lin Huanhuan. This was really rare!

Shuang Yun stood by the river as if admiring the view across the river, but he kept glancing at the female beside him from the corners of his eyes.

She was chatting and laughing with Mu Xiang as she tanned the hides.

The more one looked at her, the more one liked her.

The animal hides became very heavy after getting wet in the water. Lin Huanhuan was weak, and it took her a lot of effort to barely pick up the animal hides.

Suddenly, her hands were free.

Shuang Yun had taken all the hides from her hands.

Just as Lin Huanhuan was about to express her gratitude, she heard him mocking her with disdain.

“You can’t even carry such small things. Females are indeed useless!”

Lin Huanhuan: “…”

The gratitude in her heart instantly vanished.

As long as this guy opened his mouth, the words that came out definitely weren’t pleasant to the ears!

Shuang Yun carried the animal hides and strode forward. Lin Huanhuan quickly followed. “Why are you walking so fast? Wait for me!”

“Am I walking fast? Your legs are obviously too short!”

“I object! That’s a personal attack!”

“Objection overruled!”

Mu Xiang hugged her own animal hides and followed them from a distance.

She couldn’t help but laugh as she watched the tall and short figures in front of her get closer and closer.

What an interesting pair!

Lin Huanhuan dried the animal hides on the mountaintop. When the sun was about to set, she took the animal hides back.

She was preparing dinner when she remembered the soup she had given Shuang Yun last night.

‘If he’s finished the soup, why didn’t he return the bowl to me?!’

She went next door to look for Shuang Yun and extended her right hand. “Give me back the bowl!”

He avoided her gaze. “What bowl?”

“The wooden bowl you got the soup in last night. Bai Di sent it to you. Don’t pretend. Bring out the bowl now.”

Lin Huanhuan glared at him, thinking that this guy was really too evil. After drinking the soup, he still wanted to keep the bowl for himself. He was a cheapskate!

Shuang Yun knew that he could not avoid it. He took out the wooden bowl that he had washed clean and stored away.

It was the only thing the female had given him.

He couldn’t bear to let go of it.

Lin Huanhuan snatched the wooden bowl and ran away.

It was evening when Bai Di returned with his prey.

He carefully placed a hide pouch on the table. “These are the plants you wanted. I got them all for you.”

Lin Huanhuan cheered and ran over to open the pouch. She took out the plants inside and identified them one by one.

There were no mistakes. It was exactly the few plants that she needed!

Lin Huanhuan was very happy. Among them was a white fruit called Lu Fruit. Its juice was salty and could be used in place of salt.

There was another called Red Leaf and it had a spicy fragrance.

Finally, there was the sweet fruit that Lin Huanhuan often ate. It tasted very sweet and could replace sugar.

With these condiments, she happily made two stir-fried dishes and a large pot of soup.

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