Chapter 23 - Mercy

Chapter 23: Mercy

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Ya Qiu’s combat strength was not as good as Shuang Yun’s to begin with. Coupled with his guilty conscience, he was beaten until he could no longer fight back after resisting a few times.

Shuang Yun was extremely ruthless. He punched Ya Qiu again and again.

Everyone present could hear bones breaking.

Yet no one moved to save him.

Because this was a contest between males. Win or lose, life or death, it was their own business. No one else could interfere.

Li Wei was frightened by Shuang Yun’s ferocity.

After all this time, she already knew that Shuang Yun was a ruthless person who could do anything to a female. After he taught Ya Qiu a lesson, it would definitely be her turn.

She wanted to slip away.

In the end, she realized that her escape route had already been blocked by the Rock Wolf Tribe.

She couldn’t get away! Li Wei couldn’t help but feel terrified.

The witch doctor, Lang Zhu, walked in while leaning on his cane. He said slowly, “How dare you bully a female on our rock mountain? It seems you have no respect for the Rock Wolf Tribe. In that case, we don’t have to be polite to you. Arrest all these offenders.”

The beasts of the Rock Wolf Tribe immediately moved to arrest them.

Li Wei cried out in horror, “I’m a female! I’m the daughter of the patriarch of the Black River Wolf Tribe! You can’t do this to me!”

The beasts of the Rock Wolf Tribe had been specially instructed by the old witch doctor on the way here not to show any mercy to this female.

They ignored Li Wei’s struggles and resistance. They captured her and her males, putting them in the dungeon.

Lin Huanhuan, who had been helped up, was still in shock. Her face was pale, and her body was covered in a cold sweat. Her animal hide dress was also messed up, and her back was covered in dirt.

Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt.

Lang Zhu comforted her. “Don’t be afraid. Bai Di and Shuang Yun are back now. No one can bully you anymore.”

Lin Huanhuan grabbed his wrist and asked in surprise, “Bai Di is back too? Where is he now?”

“He’s a little hurt. I’ve put him in my house to rest. I’ll take you to see him later.”

Knowing that Bai Di was safe, Lin Huanhuan could finally put down the weight that had been weighing on her heart.

Ya Qiu was beaten to the ground by Shuang Yun. Seeing that he was about to die, Lang Zhu slowly said, “Alright, don’t really kill him. After all, he’s your cousin. If he dies, your uncle will definitely come and trouble you.”

Shuang Yun grabbed Ya Qiu’s hair and sneered. “My Rock Wolf Tribe doesn’t fear anyone!”

Ya Qiu was covered in blood and already delirious.

The witch doctor of the Black River Wolf Tribe rushed over. When he saw Ya Qiu’s miserable state, he hurriedly stepped forward and begged him. “Patriarch Shuang Yun, please show mercy and spare his life.”

Shuang Yun glanced at him with a cold gaze. “Ma Qing, you came just in time.”

Ma Qing smiled. “I’ve been feeling a little unwell in the past two days. I’ve been resting behind closed doors. I didn’t expect Ya Qiu to do such a thing behind my back. I was very shocked. When I heard the news, I rushed over immediately.”

In a few words, he had removed himself from the incident of bullying a female.

Shuang Yun knew that this witch doctor named Ma Qing was very scheming and treacherous.

He even suspected that Ya Qiu was bold enough to be rough with a female because Ma Qing had instigated it behind his back.

But these were just his speculations. He couldn’t do anything to Ma Qing until he had proof.

Ma Qing was a witch doctor, and witch doctors held a very important position in tribes.

It was fine to kill Ya Qiu, but if he killed a witch doctor, it would definitely attract the wrath of the entire Black River Wolf Tribe.

Of course, Ma Qing knew this very well, which was why he dared to stop Shuang Yun.

However, it was indeed Ya Qiu who was in the wrong this time. If he did not bleed a little, Shuang Yun would definitely not let the matter rest.

Ma Qing took the initiative to show his sincerity. “As long as Patriarch Shuang Yun is willing to spare Ya Qiu’s life, we’re willing to give you half of the water that we brought this time.”

Shuang Yun sneered. “That’s the kind of water that made Bai Di lose control. I won’t—”

Lin Huanhuan quickly interrupted him. “Shuang Yun.”

He looked at her. “What?”

Lin Huanhuan gathered her courage and walked over. She whispered in his ear, “Can you leave this matter to me?”

She leaned close to him. Her warm breath and soft voice made half of Shuang Yun’s body go limp.

His ears flushed involuntarily, but his tone remained cocky. “What a nosy female. Whatever.”

After receiving his permission, Lin Huanhuan looked at Ma Qing with her clear dark eyes. She spoke in a soft voice.

“How much of that… magical water of yours do you have?”

Ma Qing was curious about this female’s sudden interjection. In his impression, most females preferred to indulge in enjoyment. They did not like to manage the trivial matters of the house.

This was the first time Ma Qing had encountered a female who was taking the initiative to interfere in the matters of the tribe.

He said with some interest, “Since we came a long way, we only brought two barrels of water this time.”

“How big is the barrel?”

Ma Qing roughly gestured. “About this big.”

Lin Huanhuan followed his description and quickly made some calculations in her mind. According to the volume, there were at least 50 kilograms of wine.

No more, no less.

She said, “Leave both barrels of water behind. Also, tell us what kind of food this water was brewed from and we’ll write off your bullying incident.”

Ma Qing was a little surprised. He did not give a direct answer but turned his gaze to Shuang Yun.

“Patriarch Shuang Yun, two barrels of water is one thing, but this little female actually wants our formula? She’s too greedy!”

Shuang Yun’s expression was cold. “It’s just a lousy formula. Do you think so highly of yourself?!”

Ma Qing: “…”

After being rebuked, his expression immediately turned ugly.

Lin Huanhuan pulled Shuang Yun’s finger quietly, indicating that he should not speak. She said to Ma Qing, “I don’t need your formula. I just want to know what raw materials you used.”

Ma Qing said, “What difference does it make?”

“Of course, there’s a difference. The recipe includes not only the ingredients but also the method and process of brewing. If you don’t tell me the method and process of brewing, I won’t be able to make that amazing water even if I know what ingredients you used.”

After a moment’s thought, Ma Qing decided that she wasn’t being unreasonable.

His face softened a little. “If you don’t know how to make that kind of water, why ask about the ingredients? What are you going to do with the information?”

Lin Huanhuan said slowly, “This is an internal matter of our Rock Wolf Tribe. We don’t need to explain it to you. You just need to give an answer.”

Would he agree?

Ma Qing glanced at the dying Ya Qiu. Of course, he could only agree to this.

No matter how disappointing he was, he was still the son of the leader of the Black River Wolf Tribe. No matter what, he could not let him die here.

“Alright. You have my word.”

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