Chapter 586 - 586 Disdain For the Two Great Empires

586 Disdain For the Two Great Empires

Lin Qiye immediately demanded benefits from the two Kings after he revealed his identity.

The two rulers hesitated. After looking at each other, they nodded and said to Lin Qiye, “Lord Holy Infant, we still need to gather and count the resources.”

“There’s no need to be in a hurry. I only want to confirm if you have what I want. If you don’t, pretend I never came.”

Lin Qiye interrupted the two of them.

He knew they would not agree to hand over the supplies simply before they had officially confirmed there was no problem with his identity.

As the Kings, how could the two not know the situation of their national treasury?

The reason why they were wasting time with him here was nothing more than to drag out the time so that they could send someone to investigate.

Lin Qiye wasn’t afraid of their investigation. However, time was of the essence. He didn’t want to waste his time with them.


The two Kings were stunned. Seeing Lin Qiye’s decisiveness and the fact that he only wanted to confirm the resources, the suspicion in their hearts faded by half.

“Alright, please wait a moment, Lord Holy Infant. We’ll list the resources first and let you look at them later.”

Regardless of whether Lin Qiye’s identity was problematic or not, his strength was clear for all to see. The two Kings had to treat him with caution.

Lin Qiye nodded, and the people from the two empires quickly gathered.

Over a hundred people were divided into two groups, intensely discussing the items that needed to be recorded on the list.

They all knew Lin Qiye needed many supplies, but from his tone, it didn’t seem like he wanted everything.

If it weren’t a top-notch treasure, it wouldn’t be able to catch his eye.

“The list of all the treasures in the national treasury is here. We don’t know what Lord Holy Infant wants, so we might as well take them all out and let him choose.”

“That’s the only way. Otherwise, if we don’t have anything he’ll take a fancy to, we’ll lose our last chance.”

“But these treasures were accumulated by His Majesty over a long time and by leading several generations of wise officials. What if Lord Holy Infant wants all of them?”

The ministers all turned to look at their King.

The Kings on both sides were rather magnanimous at this time.

They didn’t even frown and said, “At this point, is there anything more important than life? It doesn’t matter if they’re gone. As long as our inheritance still exists, we can rise again in the future.”

“Your Majesty is wise and open-minded. We swear to follow your Majesty to the death and create a new world of glory together!”

The ministers gave them flattery, and the two Kings were already prepared to be extorted.

However, just as they said, as long as they could keep the inheritance in this world-ending crisis, the lost treasures would eventually be accumulated again.

Very quickly, the people from both empires had each made a thick list and came to Lin Qiye.

“Lord Holy Infant, these are the resources and various treasures we have accumulated over the years.”

The two rulers handed the list to Lin Qiye uneasily.

They were afraid Lin Qiye would look down on those items and give up on helping them.

After all, Lin Qiye could nurture many Golden Core Realm and even higher-level experts.

The treasures in his hands would be several times better than what they had accumulated over the years.

Whether or not he would take a fancy to their inventory really depended on luck.

“That many?”

Lin Qiye’s eyebrows twitched as he looked at the two stacks of documents that almost reached his waist.

“Ahem, Lord Holy Infant, this also includes the list of all the items in our two countries. We thought if there was something you could use was left behind, wouldn’t that be a sin?” The two Kings said with a guilty conscience.

They had no choice. To get Lin Qiye’s help, they had to give up everything they had.

Just as they had said, what if there were some resources Lin Qiye would take a liking to even if it was not that precious to them?

“How thoughtful.”

Lin Qiye looked at the two with a faint smile. He could tell what they were thinking at a glance.

However, he didn’t have any objections to this. On the contrary, he felt that the two men were sensible.

“Tsk, tsk. The two Kings of the secular world are so shameless. What’s the point of living?”

Wan Meng’s disdainful voice resounded in Lin Qiye’s mind.

“What do you know? This is called a wise man who understands the situation. Where there is life, there is hope. If you lose your life, what pride do you have to talk about?”

Lin Qiye replied to her in secret.

“Tsk, before my Master rose to power, he didn’t even show the slightest bit of cowardice when he faced someone several realms higher than him. Even when the strong are weak, they should have a bottom line.”

Wan Meng was disdainful of the Kings of the two empires.

Lin Qiye could tell that Wan Meng was beating around the bush to tell him not to lose his pride.

But at this juncture, he didn’t have the time to chat with her.

“Alright, these two can’t compare to your previous master. You’d better quickly help me filter through this pile of items and see if there’s anything I can use.”

Lin Qiye didn’t know the effects of some local specialties, but Wan Meng was different. She had existed for countless years, and the knowledge in her brain was probably more than the white-bearded elder from the Heavenly God Palace.

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