You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 943 (The Crisis of the Voidless Empire)

Chapter 943 (The Crisis of the Voidless Empire)

Luo Hu, feeling helpless, withdrew and was quite perplexed. What should he do in this situation? Perhaps he should seek advice from Wei Chang, the top general under His Excellency. Wei Chang was known to be intelligent and resourceful, likely having a solution to the current issue.

Soon, Luo Hu arrived at Wei Chang's palace.

Upon entering, he saw Tang Wei tending to flowers and seemed to be in a good mood, humming a little tune.

"Oh, Luo Hu, you're here. Is there something you need?" Tang Wei asked curiously.

"I came to see General Wei," Luo Hu replied with a bow.

"Uncle Wei seems to have left the city for some business today," Tang Wei said, holding a watering can.


"Is there something you need?" Tang Wei asked curiously.

Now feeling somewhat powerless, Luo Hu briefly explained the situation to Tang Wei.

"Oh, for this matter, you can ask Mu Ran. General Wei mentioned that Mu Ran is the scriptwriter for this incident," Tang Wei said, having quite a bit of information, given that her pillow companion is Wei Chang.

Luo Hu folded his fan and said, "Alright, I'll go ask."

Saying that, Luo Hu walked towards Mu Ran's palace. Managing such a large city all by himself—what a troublesome situation.

Arriving at Mu Ran's palace, Luo Hu glanced inside and found two figures on the pavilion engaged in...


Luo Hu was stunned!!!

Cang Konghong was actually kissing Mu Ran!!!

'You don't do anything and only know how to kiss girls. I run around every day!!!'

Bai Gu and Kung Sha are also nowhere to be found.

"Cough, cough, cough, cough!!!" Luo Hu immediately coughed.

'You, Cang Konghong, have claimed to love Yue Hua for tens of thousands of years, and yet, you've changed your feelings in just a few years. Moreover, the target is a petite one. Is your taste that peculiar?'

The two people in the pavilion seemed to be lost in the moment and stopped only upon hearing the cough.

Mu Ran looked shy and quickly sat to the side, while Cang Konghong stood up and positioned himself behind Mu Ran, as if nothing had happened. As a proper bodyguard, he must protect Mu Ran well, be it her body or heart.

Luo Hu was puzzled. What does Mu Ran see in Cang Konghong? Is it that face?

It's the kind that will give you nightmares.

"Luo Hu, what are you here for?" Cang Konghong spoke up, his tone a bit unfriendly, as if saying, "You dared to disturb my good time."

Luo Hu felt like vomiting blood. 'How dare you ask me what I'm doing here? I'm damn tired, running around, and you're here playing kissing games with a little girl. If you have the guts, let's switch places.'

"Mu Ran, there's something I need to ask you," Luo Hu disregarded Cang Konghong and directly questioned Mu Ran.

"Mm," Mu Ran blushed. It was embarrassing just now, unexpectedly being caught by someone. It was her first kiss.

Luo Hu explained the situation once again to Mu Ran.

Mu Ran gradually became serious after hearing the story. She had considered such matters before, but she hadn't thought of a solution because it was quite tricky.

"What's the Emperor's opinion?" Mu Ran curiously asked.

Luo Hu sighed, "I just went to see the Emperor, but I couldn't meet him."

"What is the Emperor doing?" Mu Ran felt that the Emperor was still concerned. How could he not meet for such a major event?

Luo Hu didn't know how to explain. Of course, the Emperor was punishing the Empress. On that day, the Empress scolded him countless times as trash. How could the Emperor endure it?

"The Emperor is busy with something too. Anyway, I couldn't meet him. See if there's any other way. If there is, I'll implement it."

Mu Ran stood up and paced while touching her chin. It seemed that she had to figure out a solution herself now.

"By the way, how many support the foreign race?"

"Just those newcomers, not many, less than a thousand."

"That's it? It's indeed a bit difficult." Mu Ran sighed softly. The population of the Voidless Empire is now nearly two hundred thousand, but only a few thousand support the foreign race, which is too few and pitiful.

"So, what should we do now? Many people are hoping for an official response, asking us to execute those who support the foreign race."

"People cannot be executed. It took a lot of effort to get the support of a thousand people," Mu Ran said solemnly, her eyebrows furrowed.

Luo Hu also knew that execution was not an option. Helplessly, he said, "There are protests, and it's not a solution. Some people are even causing trouble in secret, creating chaos."

"Those who cause trouble must be caught and severely punished. As for the leaders on both sides, detain them for a few days. Consider it a stance of the Voidless Empire. Let's not escalate the situation further."

Luo Hu understood Mu Ran's intention. Both sides should be reprimanded to make them behave.

"Alright, this will work for now."

"For now, let's do this. We'll plan more when the Emperor comes out."

"Yeah." Luo Hu left after giving a stern look to Cang Konghong, who was truly a lazy one.

Luo Hu went straight out of the imperial palace and, accompanied by more than ten yellow-armoured soldiers, headed to the west of the city.

Because the west of the city is the place of the riot, and it's getting more and more intense. It seems that this time, some iron-fisted methods will be needed. These people are simply bored with nothing better to do.

Walking into the streets of the west, Luo Hu frowned as the middle of the road was filled with garbage – rotten eggs, vegetable leaves – resembling a recent prisoner parade.

However, not far away, hundreds of people were gathered, smashing shops.

"Fuck! These bastards who speak well of the foreign race, my mother was killed by foreign race!"

"These people don't deserve to be human; they should be sent to hell!"

"That's right, my whole family was killed by foreign race. These trash people, killing them is for justice!"

"Listen, you beasts inside, if you don't open the door, we'll set it on fire!"

Luo Hu walked over with a stern face and shouted, "Stop it all!"

With this shout, everyone's scalp tingle. They turned to look and immediately knelt down, saying, "Greetings, Lord Luo!"

"Are you causing trouble in the Voidless Empire! It's been going on for days, and you won't stop!" Luo Hu had turned a blind eye before because he couldn't resolve it.

"Lord Luo, these people deserve to be punished."

"Yes, Lord Luo, they are all supporting the foreign race!"

"Lord Luo, the Voidless Empire is also going to support the foreign race, right? That's too disheartening."

"The foreign race are the natural enemies of humanity; it's everyone's duty to kill them."

"Lord Luo, please make a decision for us."

Just as Luo Hu was about to say something, the door suddenly opened, and an old man walked out, pointing at everyone and scolding, "You heartless bunch! There are good and bad foreign races, and you, you're the bad people among humans!"

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