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Chapter 40 - Plotting Against Jiang Xun

Chapter 40: Plotting Against Jiang Xun

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Jiang Xun felt that a hotel costing 400-500 Yuan per night was still too expensive, so she expanded her search to hotels that would cost less than 200 yuan per night.

This time, her phone showed her small hotels that were privately operated.

Just looking at the pictures, they looked very shabby, and the security seemed to be relatively lax.

Jiang Xun clicked on one of the hotels that were offering a single standard room for 150 yuan per night. It looked okay, so she booked a night and headed there as per the instructions on her phone.

The hotel was in a remote location, and there was a construction site behind it.

Several street lights were broken, casting the area in shadow.

As soon as Jiang Xun entered the lobby, she smelled a faint musty smell, but she didn’t care.? The things she had smelled back in the zombie wasteland smelled infinitely worse than this did.

A middle-aged woman at the front desk was eating melon seeds while watching a drama on her laptop. Jiang Xun was standing in front of her, but she didn’t even react, and she didn’t even lift her face.

“Hello, I’m here to check in,” Jiang Xun reminded her.

The woman raised her head and paused the show, then registered Jiang Xun and gave her a key with the number 305 on it. Nowadays, it was not common to use a key like this to open doors, not even in a small hotel.

As Jiang Xun expected, there was no elevator here, so she climbed the stairs to the third floor, found Room 305, and opened the door with the key.

There was a musty smell in the room. The room was not big and only had a narrow single bed. In front of the bed, there was a table with a missing corner. On the table, there was a television that looked like it was only about 20 inches long.

The television remote control was covered with a thin layer of dust.

Jiang Xun cleaned the space up briefly and then went to sleep.

In the meantime, Jiang Chengye did not expect that Jiang Xun would actually persist outside for three days without any intention of coming back.

But he definitely could not bring himself to contact her, nor did Jiang Xun think of coming back.

She planned to find herself a job and earn the tuition fees, no matter what.

In the middle of the night, Jiang Xun was sleeping when she suddenly heard the sound of a lock being picked. She instantly woke up.

When it came to locks that needed to be opened with a key, they weren’t very secure. Not only that, the door was made of wood, so it wasn’t very effective at deterring thieves.

She quietly put on her shoes before picking up a wooden stick that was placed beside the bed. She’d picked up when she’d passed by the construction site behind the hotel just now.

Jiang Xun did not trust the security of this small hotel. The wooden stick could barely be used as a self-defense weapon.

She held the stick in her hand and walked to the door on tiptoes. She leaned close to the crack of the door and listened to the sounds outside.

The people outside seemed to be afraid of waking her up as they tried to pick the lock. As soon as they made even a small noise, they would pause for a while and only continued when they heard no sound coming from inside her room.

Soon, Jiang Xun heard the sound of the door lock loosening.

She immediately hid behind the door.

Then, the door was slowly pushed open. Because she happened to be behind the door, no one could find her.

There were no lights in the corridor. In the darkness, Jiang Xun recognized a figure of average height, about 175, neither fat nor thin, with no obvious features.

He was stunned when he saw that the bed was empty, but Jiang Xun did not give him time to react as she struck him with the stick.

She controlled her strength and did not knock him unconscious.

She still had some questions to ask him, after all.

The man was stunned when he was smacked to the ground by Jiang Xun’s stick. He tried to scramble back onto his feet, but Jiang Xun was one step ahead of him and slammed her foot onto his back, keeping him down.

“You still dare to move!” Jiang Xun stomped on him and used the wooden stick to poke the switch of the chandelier behind her.

The room suddenly became bright.

Jiang Xun squinted at the sudden light, but quickly grew accustomed to it. However, the man could not open his eyes under the light.

Jiang Xun grabbed the man’s hair and slammed his head on the ground with a bang.

“What were you planning to do by prying open my door?” she questioned in a cold voice.

“No… nothing. I just…I just found the wrong room.” The man didn’t dare to admit that he was plotting against Jiang Xun. “I thought this was my room.”

“Is that so? I didn’t know that you needed to pick the lock to enter your own room. When you find that the key can’t open the door, you’ll know that this isn’t your room.” Jiang Xun knocked the man’s forehead onto the ground again. “Aren’t you going to tell me the truth?”

The Man’s head was dizzy from the knock, and his vision went black.

He was so dizzy that he couldn’t answer Jiang Xun’s question immediately, so Jiang Xun slammed his head into the ground again.

The man was dizzy and in pain from the knock, so he quickly begged for mercy. “Stop hitting me! Give me a moment, please…”

The sound of his head banging against the floor, coupled with Jiang Xun’s deliberately raised voice, soon attracted the attention of the hotel’s night shift receptionist.

There were also a few night owl guests who weren’t asleep in the middle of the night. They ran out in their pajamas to watch the show.

Seeing that they had arrived, Jiang Xun said to the middle-aged woman from the reception counter, “Help me call the police. This person came to break into my room in the middle of the night. He’s not up to anything good.”

“Oh, yes.” The receptionist was also shocked by this sudden incident and quickly called the police.

Not long after, the police arrived.

“Jiang Xun?” The policeman said when he recognized her. “Why are you here?”

Seeing that Jiang Xun was still wearing his pajamas, he asked, “Do you live here?”

“It’s a small matter. It’s not important.” Jiang Xun waved her hand and said carelessly, “This person broke my door lock in the middle of the night. I don’t know what his intentions were.”

The police’s face darkened and he immediately grabbed the man. When he looked again, the man’s head was swollen up like a balloon, to the point where his skin was bruised purple with traces of blood to be seen under it.

The policeman stayed silent at the sight. Jiang Xun’s martial prowess was still so strong!

They had handled many cases like this, so they immediately had an idea as to what the man was planning. Nonetheless, they still interrogated him.

According to the man, he worked at the construction site in the back.

A few days ago, they saw Jiang Xun, a young girl, coming here to live in this small, decrepit hotel. No one else came to see her.

So they had evil intentions, wanting to do something improper to Jiang Xun.

“I… I just saw her living here alone. Those who live here have no money on hand. She has always been alone, so she definitely doesn’t know anyone here,” the man told them honestly, “Besides, she’s not old. As long as I scare her a little, she won’t dare to say anything, let alone… call the police…”

“Have you done this before?” Jiang Xun asked coldly.

If he hadn’t done it before, he wouldn’t be so experienced in such a matter.

“No…No, I haven’t!” The man didn’t dare to admit it.

“Are you not telling the truth?” Jiang Xun slapped the man’s face so fast that even the police couldn’t react, let alone stop her.

Jiang Xun had increased her strength ability just a little, but she was still much stronger now. With just one slap, two of the man’s teeth were knocked out. He spat the teeth and some blood out onto the ground.

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