Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 452 - 452 Mufeng Is Deeply In Love With Me

452 Mufeng Is Deeply In Love With Me

Jingsheng paused for a moment, then smiled again. He nodded and said in a low voice, “That’s right.”

Jingsheng was a singer, so his voice was good to begin with.

At this moment, he lowered his voice and whispered to Qiyao. His voice was very light but seemed to have a penetrating power. When it entered her ear, it was like a feather tickling her heart.

Qiyao’s heart skipped a beat. She didn’t know why, but she didn’t dare to look at Jingsheng. She lowered her eyes and ate her ice cream, her ears turning red.

She felt that her face was hot. Afraid that it would be seen, she quickly pulled her long hair to her cheeks a few times, trying to cover her red face.

The eyes of the cameraman and the crew members lit up!

Although the camera was focused on Jiang Xun and not on Jingsheng and Qiyao, they still could broadcast it on the actual broadcast!

The two of them didn’t look like a couple at all in the last episode.

There were no special scenes that were shot the entire morning, and it finally came this afternoon!

Jiang Xun was still angry with the comments and didn’t notice them.

She saw the comments saying that she and Mufeng were only a contract couple.

Jiang Xun raised her hand and tucked her long hair behind her shoulders. She looked at the negative comments with disdain from the corner of her eyes. “You all say that Qin Mufeng and I are a contract couple. Do I have to say how good Qin Mufeng is to me before you will stop?”

“Ha, you guys can only send your own imagined comments about our bad relationship in the bullet screen.” At this moment, Jiang Xun looked like a villain. She was arrogant and proud, as if she wanted to anger a group of bullet comments to death, which made the antis extremely angry.

The antis sent bullet comments in front of the screen, gritting their teeth, and their fingers that were typing bullet comments were trembling from anger.

[Ha! No wonder you’re always playing the villain. This is your true face, right?]

[You finally stopped pretending? Just because Qin Mufeng isn’t here, you’re showing off your vile and unkind face. Do you dare to say that in front of Qin Mufeng?]

“When have I ever pretended? Qin Mufeng likes me no matter what I look like.” Jiang Xun angered them to death. She threw caution to the wind and said, “No matter what, Qin Mufeng will like me however he likes me. You guys just think that I can’t do anything, so what should I do?”

Qiyao lowered her head to eat her ice cream and smiled.

She knew that Jiang Xun wasn’t someone who would simply swallow her anger.

Qiyao raised her head and was about to say a few words to Jiang Xun when she saw Mufeng coming in from the door.

Qiyao’s seat was facing the door of the shop. Jiang Xun’s back was facing the door, so she couldn’t see him.

Qiyao’s mouth was wide open in surprise and she stopped eating her ice cream.

Jiang Xun saw Qiyao’s reaction from the corner of her eye and didn’t take it seriously.

She thought that Qiyao was surprised by her angry comments.

Just as Qiyao was about to speak, Jiang Xun said to the camera, “Come, have the camera on me. Let the antis in the bullet screen see and hear clearly.”

The cameraman looked at Mufeng. After thinking for a second, he obediently gave Jiang Xun a close-up shot.

Jiang Xun looked at the camera. “I can’t help it. I’m so good-looking. Qin Mufeng is so engrossed in looking at me every day that he can’t get enough of it.”

At this moment, Mufeng had already walked over. Although he was not close, it was enough for him to hear what Jiang Xun said.

Qiyao opened her mouth to remind Jiang Xun, but Mufeng raised his hand with a smile and put his index finger on his lips, telling Qiyao not to speak.

Qiyao: “…”

Qiyao looked apologetically at Jiang Xun, who was bragging to the bullet screen. Mufeng did not allow her to speak, so she did not dare to speak.

Actually… she was more afraid of Mufeng coming over.

𝕿𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝖚𝖕𝖑𝖔𝖆𝖉 𝖋𝖎𝖗𝖘𝖙 𝖆𝖙 𝖓𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑-𝖇𝖎𝖓.𝖈𝖔𝖒

However, looking at Mufeng’s smiling face, he probably didn’t mind Jiang Xun boasting a little.

Qiyao comforted herself and pretended not to see Mufeng.

She lowered her head and emptied her mind.

Although the camera was on Jiang Xun’s face, Mufeng was far away when he entered the door and was captured in the camera.

At this moment, Mufeng walked to stand behind Jiang Xun.

When he was behind Jiang Xun, the camera could only capture his waist and not his face.

[Who said that Great CEO Qin isn’t filming today?]

[Hahahaha, Great CEO Qin is finally here!]

[Great CEO Qin came here to see Jiang Jiang right after he was done with work.]

Unfortunately, Jiang Xun was facing the camera when the fans were talking about this, so she missed it perfectly.

However, the antis saw that Mufeng was here and wanted to let him hear how Jiang Xun bragged.

It would be best if Mufeng could see Jiang Xun’s true colors and break up with her directly!

It would be even better if he tore up his contract with her for the relationship!

Even if it was a contract relationship, Jiang Xun was too easy for being in a contract relationship with Mufeng!

Therefore, an anti in the bullet screen said, [Forget it! Stop boasting. What kind of beauty had Qin Mufeng not seen? At first, he might find it fresh, but as time passes, he’ll be used to it.]

[You can boast as much as you want just because Qin Mufeng isn’t around.]

Jiang Xun glanced at the screen and saw the antis’ comments.

“I would dare to say this even if he was here. He simply likes me. He likes every part of me.” Jiang Xun raised her chin proudly and mimicked the action of the villain, the second female lead, touching her nails. Although she didn’t have long nails and her nails were trimmed so short that they didn’t show any white, it didn’t stop her from doing such an action.

“Qin Mufeng said that he likes it when I’m this arrogant. He also likes it when I’m bad.” Jiang Xun got excited and said, “Besides, he pursued me for a long time. I was kind enough to give him a chance, so I agreed to try it out with him.”

Bullet screen: “…”

[You’re so shameless. This is so exaggerated. Qin Mufeng is pursuing you? You’re lucky to be able to catch up.]

“Hehe, you antis just can’t listen to the truth and can’t even get angry.” Jiang Xun placed her elbow on the table and rested her chin on her palm. She deliberately put on a delicate and pretentious look and said, “You can be jealous all you want. You won’t be able to have him even if you’re so jealous that you’re beyond recognition. On the contrary, he’s still here with me, focusing on pampering me and treating me wholeheartedly. He doesn’t even look at other women.”

“There’s nothing you antis can do even if you’re jealous. Even if you’re really as beautiful as a fairy and better looking than me, he won’t like you.” Jiang Xun said, “He won’t say ‘two’ when I say ‘one.’ He won’t go west when I point east.”

Qiyao: “…”

Jiang Xun was getting more and more arrogant!

Would Mufeng really not settle the score with her?

Qiyao looked at Mufeng again.

Luckily, Mufeng was still smiling. He did not look like he was sneering.

“What contract couple?” Jiang Xun rolled her eyes. “It was so difficult for him to chase me back then. I was still filming on set. He rushed to the set overnight on a working day just to see me and take me to a good meal. After the meal, he left in the middle of the night. If you say that we’re a contract couple, he’ll be mad at you!”

“Qin Mufeng is deeply in love with me. He said that he can’t live without me in this life and only asked me to give him a chance to be with him.”


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