Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 49 - This Stone Is Clearly Fake!

Chapter 49: This Stone Is Clearly Fake!

On the way to the cafeteria, Jiang Xun took a look at the video he posted on the flash drive.

After spending money to promote it, there were indeed many netizens who saw it.

The strange thing was that there were only 267 likes, but there were 5,903 comments.

Daxin and the other two had classes at 9 am, but because Jiang Xun had gotten up early, the four of them went to the cafeteria together.

At that moment, Bingbing ran over to Jiang Xun with his phone in hand. “Boss! Boss, have you seen the comments?” Bingbing showed his phone to her.

Jiang Xun looked at it. It was the video of her breaking a big rock on her chest.

“I was just about to watch it,” she said as she scrolled to the comment section, and so did her roommates.

“What era is it? Why are you making such a crude video?”

“Lmao I like how you can immediately see that the stone’s fake”

“It must be made of lime.”

“The stone’s so fake that anyone could chop it in half with their bare hands lol why bother using hammers at this point”

“Literally anyone can post videos now, huh.”

“She’s a pretty girl and is still so young, yet isn’t making the right decisions.”

“You’re using a fake stone to deceive people. What if the children see it and learn from you?”

“Won’t the platform ban this kind of behavior?”

“If you’re using a real rock, I wouldn’t say anything since it’s your real ability. I wouldn’t be worried about children trying to imitate you. But you’re obviously using a fake rock to fool people. Do you think people are stupid?”

There were even people who had sent private messages to insult her. “Making such a fake video to fool people. Your whole family will ascend to Heaven tonight.”

Jiang Xun was not used to it and replied, “So if the videos I make are real, does that mean that your family will be the ones ascending instead?”

After saying that, she promptly blocked the messenger. There were a multitude of other people who’d DM’d her, but she couldn’t reply to all of them.

“This is too infuriating!” Jiajia was so angry that her chest felt tight. “You obviously used a real stone and even risked your life to make the video. They have no evidence, so how can they say it’s fake so decisively?”

“Boss, what do we do now?” Bingbing looked anxious. “Can we just watch and do nothing?”

So what if Jiang Xun decided to explain herself? No one would believe empty words.

“Let’s go eat first.” Jiang Xun touched her empty stomach. “We’ll discuss this after we eat.”

Bingbing looked at her?with admiration. “Boss, you have a good heart.”

If it was him, he wouldn’t be in the mood to eat.

However, he hadn’t expected this matter to spread so quickly.

In the time it took to eat breakfast, the video had already been forwarded and ridiculed by the Internet. People on various social media platforms, wechat, and other messenger platforms were all ridiculing Jiang Xun.

They treated this matter as a joke.

There were also students from Beijing University who saw that the person in the video was Jiang Xun and even posted it on the school’s forum, where the students expressed their disdain.

“It’s really too embarrassing. If people knew that it was a student from Beijing University, it would be a disgrace to our school.”

“A student from Beijing University made a fake video and pulled such a scam. Isn’t the school going to deal with it?”

As a result, Jiang Xun’s identity as a student from Beijing University was exposed because of this.

“Beijing University? Top student? Why would a good top student lie to others?”

“In an era where clout is king, there are no depths people won’t sink to for the brief taste of fame.”

This matter also alarmed the school.

After breakfast, the three roommates went to class. On the way back to the dormitory, Jiang Xun received a call from the counselor, asking her to go to the dean’s office.

“Boss, I’ll go with you,” Bingbing said worriedly.

“No need. It’s just a small matter; I already have a solution in mind.” Jiang Xun waved her hand. “You should get to class.”

After ushering Bingbing off, Jiang Xun went back to the dormitory to fetch the big hammer that she used last night.

She went to the small garden behind the dormitory, where the stone slab lay in two halves. Jiang Xun carried it with her and went to the dean’s office.

The moment she entered, she saw the university dean—Director Wu—and Instructor Yang.

When the both of them saw Jiang Xun holding a sledgehammer in her left hand and a stone slab in her right, Director Wu and Instructor Yang were tongue-tied.

Director Wu’s mouth trembled as he stammered, “Jiang Xun, what are you doing?”

Did you come here to see the teacher or to smash his office up?

“Director Wu, Instructor Yang, aren’t you looking for me because of the video of me smashing a big rock on my chest?” As she said this, Jiang Xun placed the sledgehammer and stone slab on the ground.

Speaking of this matter, Instructor Yang said, “Jiang Xun, what were you thinking? Why did you run off to shoot such a video? Now that it’s gone viral, the netizens all know that you’re a student of Beijing University. Your fake video has already seriously affected the school’s image.”

Instructor Yang didn’t expect there to be such a difficult student in this batch. Why did she of all people have to deal with this?

“If you damage the school’s image and affect us negatively, the school will punish you,” Director Wu said in a deep voice. “Jiang Xun, your results are not bad; you entered Beijing University with a very high score. You have a bright future ahead of you. Don’t throw it all away for a moment of fame and popularity!”

“That video isn’t fake,” Jiang Xun insisted. “It’s real. If I can prove that it’s real, then does that mean I wouldn’t be damaging the school’s image? Then I wouldn’t need to be punished.”

“Is the video real?” Instructor Yang felt a little dizzy.

Jiang Xun patted the stone slab on the ground. “This is the hammer and stone slab I used to make the video last night. It’s a real stone. I also filmed the video in one shot. If you don’t believe me, you can check it out yourself.”

Hearing her declaration, Director Wu reached out and touched the stone. There was no doubt that it was real.

“But… how will you prove that this stone is from yesterday’s Video?” Instructor Yang’s train of thought had already been taken away by Jiang Xun.

“If I can prove that the video and the rock are real, then it means that I didn’t fake it and cheat people. Does that mean that the school won’t punish me?”

Director Wu was stumped by the question.

After a long while, he said, “Technically speaking, you’re right, but even if you can prove that you didn’t fake it, you can’t just make such a dangerous video.”

After all, what on earth was a student of Beijing University thinking when deciding to smash a rock on her chest?!

“I won’t do it anymore.” Jiang Xun felt that she had indeed gone a little too far, so she decided to film something else next time.

Seeing that she had such a good attitude, Director Wu was speechless.

Jiang Xun took his silence as a cue to continue. “I’ll go and prove it now.” She paused, mentally calculating how much time she would need. “I’ll have some results by this Saturday. Give me some time.”

Both Director Wu and Instructor Yang were a little stunned by Jiang Xun’s words. Before they could react, Jiang Xun turned around, picked up the sledgehammer and stone slab, and walked out of the office.

It wasn’t until she’d disappeared from view that director Wu came back to his senses and asked Instructor Yang in a daze, “Did I just…let her go?”

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