Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 944 - Chapter 944: Battle To Protect The Wedding Dress

Chapter 944: Battle To Protect The Wedding Dress

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The assistant had a flash of inspiration and quickly looked at the trending searches. “Brother Wu, they announced it themselves.”

Gu wu:

Gu Wu also saw the trending searches. They had not followed them for nothing!

The netizens thought so too.

[Hahahahaha, I’m dying of laughter. Gu Wu worked hard for nothing.]

[Isn’t this a good reminder to the celebrities in the entertainment industry? Be open and transparent when you can, and block the paparazzi’s path, leaving them with no way out. If you make everything public, do you think the paparazzi will still follow you in the future?]

Needless to say, Gu Wu really didn’t want to follow Jingsheng and Qiyao anymore.

However, he wasn’t willing to give up. This time, after following them for half a day, Jingsheng and Qiyao announced it themselves, causing them to waste their effort.

No matter what, he had to have gotten something out of it.

Gu Wu decided to fight with them for a long time.

Regardless of whether Jingsheng and Qiyao were going to break up or get married in the future, he was going to follow up with a big piece of news and be the first to break it.

After Hanbi and Jiang Xun finished their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show, Hanbi gained a lot of fans through the show.

Netizens got to know Hanbi through this program and realized that as the wife of the Qin family, she was completely different from the image of a noble lady that everyone had imagined.

She wasn’t aloof, condescending, or out of touch.

On the contrary, she exuded a natural elegance. Her words were casual and interesting, and she was not pretentious.

It was the kind of elegance that could be seen at a glance, with a certain sense of distance between them.

And that sense of distance was not because she was high and mighty, but because her temperament was so good that people only wanted to admire her from the side and did not have the thought of getting close to her.

As the show ended, Jiang Xun and Mufeng’s wedding date gradually approached.

Mufeng finally agreed to Jiang Xun’s wedding dress after Zigou saw that he was about to be driven crazy by Mufeng and that he would quit if Mufeng went too far.

Zigou hurriedly got someone to make the final changes to Jiang Xun’s wedding dress and rushed it out.

Moreover, after this incident, Zigou had announced that they would have at most three chances to modify wedding dresses according to their relationship. He was really driven to this point by Mufeng.

However, after the final wedding dress was delivered, Mufeng did not get to see the final look of it.

Although it was Mufeng who suggested the changes during the process, Jiang Xun also felt that Mufeng’s suggestions were pretty good.

She was worried that she would trouble Zigou too much, but Mufeng was obviously not worried about that. He was not afraid of troubling Zigou at all.

Mufeng only gave his design opinions. The design drafts and samples were still very different from the final product.

Zigou directly handed the finished wedding dress to Jiang Xun and reminded her not to show it to Mufeng.

Mufeng couldn’t look even if he wanted to.

This was his revenge for Mufeng torturing him for half a year.

He believed that Mufeng must be very anxious to see the final look of the wedding dress, especially the look of Jiang Xun in it.

Although he also knew that Mufeng would see it sooner or later, he wanted to take revenge on Mufeng by letting him see it later.

Seeing Jiang Xun’s questioning gaze, Zigou explained, ‘On the day of the wedding, you will appear on the other end of the red carpet in your wedding

Jiang Xun: ‘

However, she felt that Zigou’s words made sense.

Jiang Xun also knew that Zigou was doing this on purpose to make Mufeng anxious.

However, it didn’t matter. Zigou’s words made sense. She didn’t care if Mufeng was anxious or not. Let him be anxious.

“Alright.” Jiang Xun nodded. “What you said makes sense.”

After getting Jiang Xun’s affirmation, Zigou finally left in satisfaction.

Based on Mufeng’s obedience to Jiang Xun’s words, as long as Jiang Xun made up her mind, Mufeng could forget about seeing her in a wedding dress before the wedding.

However, Zigou didn’t know that Jiang Xun wasn’t very confident in herself either.

Because she really couldn’t resist Mufeng’s charm.

Zigou didn’t know that if Mufeng wanted to use his charm to seduce her… There was no limit to his methods of seducing her.

So Jiang Xun took the wedding dress to Hanbi.

When Hanbi heard Jiang Xun’s intentions, Jiang Xun didn’t hide anything from her. She even told Hanbi that Zigou had come up with this idea.

Hanbi knew that Zigou was up to no good.

However, Hanbi could understand him.

After all, Zigou had been tortured by Mufeng for half a year because of his revisions.

Of course, this satisfying and stunning wedding dress was ultimately for her daughter-in-law.

Hanbi was also very supportive of Mufeng’s strict requirements for Zigou.

However, it did not stop her from sympathizing with Zigou and agreeing. “Leave it to me. I’ll lock the wedding dress in the safe. I guarantee that Mufeng won’t be able to see it before the wedding.”

Jiang Xun nodded and handed the wedding dress to Hanbi. “Mom, I’ll leave it to you.”

Hanbi solemnly took the wedding dress and sent Jiang Xun off. Then, she turned around and asked the chauffeur to drive her to the old mansion. What a joke.

Jiang Xun was afraid that she couldn’t withstand Mufeng’s charm. Hanbi was also worried that she wouldn’t be able to resist Zhenglu. Even though Zhenglu was usually obedient to her,

This man took good care of himself.

He was already middle-aged, but he was still a handsome middle-aged man.

He also had a lot of fans on the Internet.

But in front of Jiang Xun, Hanbi couldn’t admit this, and she still had to save some face.

Therefore, she confidently agreed, turned around and went to look for the old lady.

She could only rely on the old lady for this matter.

The old master was already old and could not use any charm.

Every day, he argued with the old lady at home. Given the old lady’s skills, no matter which way the old master approached, he couldn’t get his hands on the wedding dress.

It was useless for Mufeng to beg anyone.

When the old lady heard Hanbi’s intention, she was much more confident than Hanbi. She agreed immediately and carefully put the wedding dress in the basement safe of the old mansion.

The basement of the old mansion contained the Qin family’s heirloom collection of hundreds of years.

The Qin family’s collection of hundreds of years was really countless, all of which were priceless treasures.

Some of them were even worthy of being called national treasures.

The Qin family donated a portion to the country, and the other portion was the

Qin family’s heirloom, which was carefully stored in the Qin family’s basement.

For the Qin family to be able to put such a precious thing in the basement, the safety level was evident.

That night, Mufeng returned home from work with anticipation written all over his face.

Jiang Xun knew what he was looking forward to, but she didn’t say anything..

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