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Chapter 262: Conflict 2

Chapter 262: Conflict 2

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“Hehe.. young master Tristan sure grew a lot from the last time I saw you.” Dennis scratched the back of his head like he was embarrassed at being mocked. “May I know your name, good sir? You are quite an intelligent one.” 

Zeke looked emphatic, having uncovered their plot without much effort at all. “I am Zeke from the house of Pediot. Now can the young master be generous enough to reveal your identity?” 

Dennis’s eyes glanced behind Zeke, taking in the face of the woman behind the man. His lecherous glance didn’t go unnoticed, eliciting a frown from the man. “Ahem.. we are waiting for the answers, young lord!” His voice was not as pleasing as it had been previously.

The crown prince’s eyes scanned everyone unhurriedly as a small smile crept on his face. “Glad to meet you, representative of Pediot family. All of you are truly brave souls. Coming to my introduction, you can call me the crown prince of the Thera Empire, Dennis Raymond.” 

For a moment, Zeke was able to respond to the boy. After which he broke into a fit of laughter. “Hahaha.. man you are funny. Didn’t I tell you the showtime was over? Please come up with a satisfactory answer otherwise, we are compelled to restrain all of you and hand you over to the authorities.” 

“You dare..!” Graham has had enough. He was not going to listen to any more blabbering. They had desired to minimize bloodshed in their trip but if someone deliberately seeks death, then he was not shy to send them to their makers. 

Before he could spring into action, Dennis stopped him with a raised hand. “Ohh.. is that so? Then I would love to see how you will restrain us hehe..” Zeke had anticipated this outcome and his sword came out from the sheath almost instantly. 

At the same moment, Dennis had begun casting his spell. The ground around them began to sink in, forcing Zeke and his men to back off and create some distance between them. He can clearly see a violet magic circle reveal itself on the ground. Zeke’s chants also echoed as he and his men prepared to engage the men. 

In the distance, a massive body had begun manifesting behind Dennis. It was a huge spider creature with spindle-like eight legs and a clean torso. At one end the arachnid ended up in a human’s upper body. The summon created a very ghastly sight with a chain of human skulls hung all around her neck. There was a slew of dismembered arms that hid her chest and nether regions. 

The summoned creature had a striking violet hue covering its body, giving out warning that it might be a poisonous creature. Between her front legs, Dennis wetted his lips. “There’s rarely anything more delightful than a one-sided massacre hehe..” 

Just like the creepy smile on his face, the large arachnid behind him had a similar crooked smile on hers as she looked down on the array of men, who had organized themselves to launch an assault. “Let’s have some fun, Lydia.” A screeching response was heard, as the arachnid trained her long finger. “With pleasure… Hehehe..!!” 


It was noon when Ryu found his way back home. A comfortable sleep in Nana’s mind sure helped him a lot to refresh his mind. Walking inside his house, he found almost everyone still in the hall. Naturally, the atmosphere was strained. Their neighbors too had come over to support the family. Looking over the depressed face of the individuals, he walked over to his parent’s room.

Amelia sat beside the bed, caressing Ruby’s face as she slept. “How is she?” He took his seat beside his mother, holding the sleeping girl’s hands and rubbing them lightly. “Just fell asleep. Didn’t eat at all. You need to persuade her to eat something.” 

Ryu’s nodded with his gaze glued to the beautiful visage, that had turned paler. There was nothing he can do for her. With all the help he had access to, he dare to say that he could have saved the man even if she was on the verge of death. Yet, once a soul had departed from this world, there was no remedy for that. 

For better or for worse, Ruby didn’t even get to see James for the last time. “I will marry her once she recovers.” Amelia was shocked at the declaration. From her perspective, Ryu was doing this because he was scared that Ruby will be left lonely for all her life. 

She extended her hand, taking it in her own. “It’s okay, little Ryu. These things can happen to anyone, that doesn’t mean people will stop living their lives. You don’t need to shoulder everything, I am sure Ruby will make a good decision for herself.” 

Ryu didn’t argue with her but in his mind, he had already come to a decision. Since there was going to be a large harem of women around him, it only made sense to include his family who was the closest to him. He will become the strongest person around, such that he should never be at the receiving end of the death reaper’s blade. 

Amelia thought that Ryu had come to an understanding and thus kissed the boy’s forehead. “Your friend Ms. Sophia came to pay a visit along with her master. But since you were not here, they took their leave after checking up on Ruby.” 

“Okay.” It’s been quite some time since he had met up with that silver-haired girl. She too had quickly become one of his sweethearts along with Kira. “Go bring something to eat, I will wake her up.” Amelia was aware of how much these siblings loved each other and hence decided to let Ryu handle her.


**Gore Warning**

*Tap* *Tap* Blood dropped down on the ground. Zooming out, there was a massive area that seemed like a bloody storm had passed through this place. There were many sticks stuck in the ground. The source of the falling blood drops were these sticks that had human torsos placed over them. 

It was a horrible sight with around 20 corpses of men and women alike, stuck on the long spikes for display. Each one of them had breathed out their last breath. And from the horrific expressions on their faces, their deaths had been anything but peaceful. 

Each one of them was missing their limbs, with the pointed end of the spike sticking out of their mouths. Someone had skewered their bodies mercilessly and then left them. Their eyes were still open like they wanted to curse their murderer even in their deaths. 

Sime distance away from the gruesome scene, Dennis got on his feet. “Ahhh.. what a refreshing day, indeed.” Stretching out his limbs he picked up the clothes handed to him by one of his royal guards. “Drain her. I think we are already too late. Let’s hurry the rest of the way. My little maid might escape if she gets a hint that I am coming to welcome her hehe..” 

The guard had his mouth dry as he stared at the back of his crown prince. This was not the first time he had witnessed this side of this young man. ‘I hope our king can last longer in his throne.’ Just imagining a day when this guy can become their king, sent chills down the spine of the man. Hopefully, the other heirs can prove their worth to the current king. Otherwise, a disaster might befall the kingdom as well as its subjects. 

He dare not say his thoughts out loud and peered down at the now lifeless body of the woman. This unfortunate soul tried to stop their path, all of them were just seeking death. Her body had many displaced joints in addition to a 5 feet long spike that had punctured her skull. The sharp end of the spike had come out from the left side of her brain, splattering blood all over the ground. 

The scene was as horrid as it could get but the guard was a battle-hardened soldier after all. What kind of gore and blood he had not witnessed on the battlefields? Taking a deep breath, he used a knife to slit her throat, draining all her blood into a container under her.

Away from there, Dennis had strolled over to Graham. Fetching the towel from him, he wiped his hands and face. “How long for us to reach our destination? I am getting bored. Thankfully, our brothers from Cylon helped in putting on a show for us.” 

Graham had no particular expression on his face. This was a routine business for him. “2 days at minimum, if there are no further obstructions.” His gaze wandered over to the field of dead people. “Ohh.. haha.. don’t worry, they were nobody. I don’t plan to cause a diplomatic disaster for father. That would make me even more unpopular hehe..” 

Laughing creepily, Dennis entered his carriage after which Graham commanded his men to continue on their journey towards the town of Korua, leaving behind the death and destruction. 


At Ryu’s house, the day passed in mourning. In the evening most of the guests had already left. Only Suna remained behind, unwilling to leave the girl alone. His uncle didn’t force the woman. 

“Although it’s a moment of grief, the way little Ryu not only kept himself composed and cared for Ruby, it was so heartwarming.” Both sisters were working in the kitchen for dinner when Suna remarked. 

Amelia had a downcast face but she managed to put on a small smile. “You are right. The boy had matured a lot in these past few months. That takes some weight off my chest. Hopefully, my girl will be able to pull herself together just like him.”

Suna held onto her hands, consoling her. “Everything will be alright big sis. Give her some time, she had always been a charming personality. I am sure she will come out of it. She should be proud of her husband. The guy gave his life to protect his fellow men, that’s a noble cause.” 

She paused for a while, gathering her thoughts and peering out of the window at the moon that had begun to reveal itself in the clear sky. “Who in the world would have thought that we would have to deal with another threat? Like the beastmen didn’t bring enough misfortune to us.” 

This new generation had never witnessed the true horrors the beastmen alliance was capable of. Yet, the abundant lores from the elders always kept the scars of the battles fresh in their minds. “What can commoners like us even do? That’s for the experts of this Empire to handle. I just hope that our children manage to sustain a prosperous life.” Suna was in agreement with her words. 

Ryu lay in bed, holding Ruby tight in his arms. “Does it still hurt?” The redhead knew that the boy was not talking about physical pain. “It does.” Bringing his head down, he kissed her forehead. “It’s okay. I will just have to love you just as much. In time you will get to feel better. Not to mention we have our little girl to take care of.” 

Suddenly Ruby’s eyes regained their focus. “My child, please bring her to me.” Ryu was happy at the response he had received. Getting off the bed, he brought the child and placed the girl in her arms. Having been gone through the situation with Dorothea, he knew the first thing his sister needed was a will to keep going.

The bonds between the couples in this world were way too complex. Almost all of them only chose a partner once in their lives, investing their entire being in the relationship. As a result, the despair of separation was just as pronounced. 

He sat beside Ruby, watching her gently caress the chubby face of the newborn. She undid her blouse, placing her left nipple in her mouth. Despite being in sleep the child began suckling her on instinct. 

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